JavaScript for statement

For statement syntax:for (initialization; Expression post-loop-expression) statementInitialization expression controls expression after loop expressionExample:var count = ten; for (var i = 0; i ) { alert (i);}The above code defines the initial

Javascript----Practice Five

  Javascript----Practice Five

JavaScript data structures and algorithms----queues

ObjectiveThe queue and stack are similar, but with different principles. A queue is an ordered set of items that follow the FIFO principle, and the queue adds new elements at the end, removing elements from the top. The newly added element must be

How JavaScript implements inheritance and the pros and cons of each

ECMAScript only supports the implementation of inheritance, mainly relies on the prototype chain to achieve.The way JavaScript implements inheritance: Class-Type Inheritance Constructor inheritance Combining inheritance

JavaScript Language Essence _ Eighth Chapter

JavaScript contains a small number of standard methods that can be used on standard types.ArrayArray.concat (item ...) it contains a shallow copy of the array and attaches 1 or more parameter item after it.The Array.join (separator) Join method

Error handling for JavaScript

I. Type of errorErrorEvalerrorRangeerrorReferenceerrorSyntaxError syntax errorTypeErrorUrierrorError is a base type, and other error types inherit from the object, so all error types share the same set of properties. This type of error is


There are two ways to access object properties, one is the dot operator ( . ), and the other is the bracket operator ( [] ).When you know the name of the property, use the dot operator.This is an example of using the dot operator to read an object's

Javascript Learning Notes

Javascript NoteChapter one 1.1 values       JS has six basic value types: number,string,boolean,object,function,undifined1.2 The number computer uses a sequence to store data in memory, JS uses a fixed-length bit sequence of 64 to hold numeric

JavaScript prototype mode (enumeration object's properties)

1. Understanding prototype ObjectsfunctionPerson () {} "Nicholas"; Person.prototype.age= 28; Person.prototype.job= "Software Engineer"; Person.prototype.sayName=function() {alert ( This. Name); }; varPerson1 =NewPerson (

Data structure and algorithm JavaScript description--Use of stacks

There are some issues that are especially suitable for stack resolution. This section describes several examples of this.1) Mutual conversion between the numbering unitA stack can be used to convert a number from one to another. The false idea is to

Data structure and algorithm JavaScript description--Using queues

1. Use the queue: Square Dance partner assignment problemAs we mentioned before, we often use queues to simulate people queuing. Below we use the queue to simulate the person who jumps the square dance. When men and women came to the dance floor,

Simple understanding of prototype objects in JavaScript, implementing shared properties and behaviors between pairs

Constructors are provided in JavaScript. The object can be easily created.Typical constructors are as follows:function person (name, age) { = name;  This.age = age; This.say = function () {return + ', ' + this.age;;}You can

JavaScript 30 day Daily effect diagram

JavaScript 30 Day DailyOn GitHub saw a Javascript30-day challenge of the repo, designed to use pure JS to practice, not allow the use of any other libraries and frameworks, the challenge for 30 days, I will be here to reproduce the challenges and

A simple Example about privileged Methods in JavaScript

Douglas Crockford Classified the "class methods" in JavaScript into three types:Private,Privilegedand Public.Public MethodsThe obvious meaning:they can be accessed by the public.Private Methods' Meaning is also clear:they cannot is accessed by the

JavaScript Basics: Closures (closure)

(1)javascript variable characteristics: The function can read the global variables directly, but outside the function cannot read local variables inside the function.When declaring variables inside a function, be sure to use the var command. If not,

JavaScript array de-weight method

Array-heavy operations are often used in JavaScript project development. This is the way to use the JS array to heavy.Demo1:The first: JS array de-re-operation method is to use the traversal of the original array, using the array of indexof ()

The beauty and the chicken of JavaScript

--Summary from: The language of the JavaScript language has its beautiful place and its ribs. Avoid the dross of some language, can reduce the probability of the occurrence of the bug correspondingly.Beautiful Place:A function is a first-class

Scope of JavaScript

After reading a few books some understanding and own ideas.    scopes, the scope of the variables   declarations of variables before ES6   only VAR can declare variables to belong to a scope, and also only global scope and function scope. (variables

JavaScript notes 1

JavaScript is a literal-translation scripting language, which is a dynamic type, a weak type, a prototype-based language, and a built-in support type. Its interpreter, known as the JavaScript engine, is widely used as a scripting language for the

JavaScript Basics-higher-order functions (map and reduce)


1 //Higher order functions: a function can accept another function as a parameter, which is called a higher order function. 2 /*1*/3 functionF (x,y,f) {4 returnF (x) +f (y);5 }6 varSumabs=f ( -6,4,

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