Three ways to use JavaScript in HTML and pros and cons

1. Internal JS: In the page directly in the tag to write JS codeAdvantages: Compared to the use of inline JS, the internal JS code is more centralized, and the page structure of the implementation of the code is less coupling, easier to

"JS Basics" Javascript "Inheritance"

It's time to write "inherit", why quote, because when you finish reading this article, you will know that inheritance is actually inaccurate.First, class1. Classes in the traditional class-oriented language:Class/Inheritance Describes the

JavaScript stacks and heap memory, scope

1. Stack stack "and heap":Simply put, the memory system allocated on the stack is automatically freed, the memory allocated on the heap is not released, and the memory is there even if the program exits. A stack is typically statically allocated

JavaScript Common Word Collation

JS WordPush: Add an array elementDocument: DocumentsPop: Delete the last array elementConsole: ConsolesShift: Delete the first element of an arrayString: StringsConcat combined ArrayUndefined: Not definedtypeof: KeywordsJoin: Convert array to

JavaScript Practice notes Finishing 3-6.25

Welcome to discuss with everyoneBasic Exercises (1):my answer is: function Array_diff (A, b) { if (b = = "") return a ; return a.filter (function (Item,index,array) { var flag = false ; for (var i=0;iif (item!== b[i]) flag = true ;

JavaScript Basics Learning Summary

JavaScript SummaryBasic features of 1 JavaScript Writing HTML outputdocument.write ("this is a heading"); Reacting to Events Click here Changing HTML contentX=document.getelementbyid ("demo")//Find elementsX.innerhtml= "Hello JavaScript"; Change

JavaScript Practice notes Finishing 2-6.24

Codewars Address: to discuss with you allBasic Exercises (1):My answer is:function Isisogram (str) { ifreturntrue; return str.tolowercase (). Split (""). Sort (). Every (function(item,index,array) { return Item!

JavaScript sets the style by ID and name

JavaScript sets the style by ID and name1. Description(1) Returns a reference or node to the element, based on the ID value of the provided elementdocument.getElementById ("tr_th")(2) Returns a reference or node to a set of elements, based on the

Pre-compilation and execution of JavaScript

The JavaScript engine is not an article-by-article execution of JavaScript code, but rather a fragment of code blocks to explain execution. The so-called code block is the code snippet separated by the tag.There are two stages in the entire code

JavaScript Object Properties Additions, deletions, JSON objects and string conversion methods, etc.

1: Adding object properties dynamically var obj = new Object ();Console.log (Obj.username);Obj.username = "haha";Console.log (Obj.username);Undefinedhahadenoted by "[]". Written obj["username"] = "haha";var obj = new Object ();Console.log

Learn some of the memory things of JavaScript

1. VariablesDefine variables using the var keyword,function Test () { var 'one'; } Test (); alert (cc); // error not defined variable If you remove Var, it will pop up 11 ... This example can explain the use of global

Associative arrays in JavaScript

The usual array is implicitly or displays the specified array subscript when it fills, but the array in JS can be assigned a value in the form of a name, which forms an associative array, such as:var arr=New Array (); arr["China"]=

JAVASCRIPT------strings and HTML formats to convert to each other

Reproduced:Http:// converting characters to HTMLfunction encodehtml (str) { var encodedstr = "" ; if return encodedstr; Else { for (var i = 0; i ) {+ = "*" + str.sub

Special case where the variable value is 0 when judging variables in JavaScript

Sometimes we will directly determine the value of the variable in JS, here are a few things: var a = 0; var b = 1; var c = ' In the above case we c,d have no value, so the result is null, but the value of a is 0, the result is also null, here

JavaScript version of HashMap

function HashMap () {var length = 0;var obj = new Object ();This.isempty = function () {return length = = 0;};This.containskey = function (key) {Return (key)? (Key in obj): false;};This.containsvalue = function (value) {for (key in obj) {if (obj[key]

javascript-event bubbling, mouse follow, keyboard follow, keyboard submission

1. Event bubbling        Document            thead" >td*3+tbody> (tr>td*3) *3 -->         2, mouse follow         Document             3, keyboard follow move         Document              4, keyboard event submission         Document            

On the efficiency of JavaScript loop body variable declaration and initialization

For the efficiency of the Declaration and initialization of the loop body variable, the simple test code that will be executed is as follows:functionTest (N) {console.time (' Internally initialized '); for(vari = 0; I ) {Let a=i; } console.timeend (

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

One JavaScript instance per day-tab tag switch

one JavaScript instance per day-tab tag Switch Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 page 1 page 2 page 3 Page 2-1 Page 2-2 page 4 Page 5 One JavaScript instance per day-tab tag switch

Implement apple TV poster parallax effect based on jQuery and CSS3, jquerycss3

Implement apple TV poster parallax effect based on jQuery and CSS3, jquerycss3 Implement it with CSS and jQuery, and try to look the same as the original effect. In this tutorial, I will use CSS, HTML, and jQuery to create a parallax effect similar

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