JavaScript Advanced Programming (1) Introduction

Chapter Content: JavaScript History Review, what JavaScript is, JavaScript vs. ECMAScript, different versions of JavaScriptA complete JavaScript implementation should consist of the following three different parts. Core (Ecmascipt)

JavaScript this comprehensive parsing (2)

Before we understand the binding process of this, we first understand the invocation location (not the declaration location), and most importantly, the call stack is parsed (just to get to all the functions called at the current execution

JavaScript Basics Section

JS BasicsJavaScript is the most popular scripting language in the world, especially now, with computers, mobile phones, tablets and countless H5-based mobile apps, the interactive logic is written in JavaScript.JavaScript is an interpreted type of

JavaScript's dom and BOM

With the programmable object model, JavaScript has the ability to create dynamic HTML. JavaScript can change all HTML elements in a page JavaScript can change all HTML attributes in a page JavaScript can change all CSS styles in a

JavaScript notes (eight)

Custom Inheritance:1. Modify only the parent object of an object:Obj.__proto__=fatherProblem: __proto__ is an internal attribute and cannot be used directly.Solve:Object.setprototypeof (Child,father)Set Child inheritance FatherObject.getprototypeof (

JavaScript Objects-Learning Notes

JavaScript authoritative Guide To learn notes, Forbidden reprint!5. ObjectsThe properties of an object are unordered, and each property has a string key and value,Tags for data properties: Writable, enumerable, configurable, valuetags for accessor

"Turn" a typical JavaScript face question

Issue 1: scope (SCOPE)1 (function() {2 "use strict"; 3 var a = b = 5; 4 })(); 5 Console.log (b);What does the console print?Answer:The above code will print out 5 .The pitfall of this problem is that there are two assignments in the immediate

Seven solutions for JavaScript to exchange values of two variables without a temporary variable

ObjectiveThis article summarizes seven ways to exchange values for variables A and bvar a = 123;var B = 456;Exchange Variable Value scheme oneThe simplest way to do this is to use a temporary variable, but the method of using temporary variables is

[JavaScript] JavaScript implements inheritance.

For inheritance in JavaScript, there is no class-like inheritance in the backend language in JS. Therefore, the inheritance in JS is usually the prototype inheritance (prototype).function P (name) { = Name;this.say = function ()

6 methods of--javascript inheritance for interview programming

6 ways that JavaScript inherits1,原型链继承2,借用构造函数继承3,组合继承(原型+借用构造)4,原型式继承5,寄生式继承6,寄生组合式继承1. prototype chain inheritance.Features: Inherits the template of the parent class and inherits the prototype object of the parent class.Disadvantage: You can only

Function and object in JavaScript

1, first to a section of code:Console.log (Function);//function function () {[native code]}Console.log (Object);//function Object () {[native code]}Console.log (function.prototype);//function () {}Console.log (Object.prototype);//Object

"JavaScript design mode" Reading Notes II (encapsulation and hidden information)

1. Why encapsulation and information hidingFriends who have done programming know the word "coupling". In fact, the effect of encapsulation is to understand the coupling, so that there is not too many links between classes and classes, to prevent

JavaScript implements multiple inheritance

1. Define an empty parent class constructor, and then define the properties and methods for the parent class by prototype2. Define a constructor for an empty subclass, then bind the prototype of the subclass to an instance of the parent class, and

The difference between a function object and an object in JavaScript

function Test (word) { console.log (word);} Test (' Haha, I am a function '), new Test (' Haha, I am the object ');//The above call mode in a more understandable way ("Haha, I am the function"); Equivalent to test ();//equivalent to

JavaScript--tags, break, and Continue statements

The break statement is used to jump out of a loop.The Continue is used to skip an iteration in the loop.Tag reference, the break statement can be used to jump out of any JavaScript code block.DemoDOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8

Usage of console in JavaScript

JavaScript's Console.log () usage//variablesvar i = ' I am a string ';Console.log (' variable: ', i);Arrayvar arr = [1,2,3,4,5];Console.log (' array: ', arr);Objectvar obj1 = {Key1: ' value1 ',Key2: ' value2 ',Key3: ' Value3 '};var obj2 = {Key6: '

Understanding and examples of JavaScript closures

The so-called closures, which are worthy of the lexical representation of functions that include variables that do not have to be computed, that is, the function can use variables defined outside the function.By the way, please note:Lexical scope:

The shortest, most flexible JavaScript date-to-string tool function I've ever seen

We know that JavaScript's date object does not provide a date format function. Converting a Date object to a format such as "2015-7-02 20:35:11" is another non-frequent requirement in the project. Recently in our project saw a piece of code, very

Using argument objects to implement overloading in JavaScript (overload)

Some concepts:Overload (Overload):What is: the same function name, a number of different parameter list functions, when called, according to the different parameters, automatically select the corresponding function call!Why: Lighten the burden of

Learning notes: JavaScript body common events

Window Event PropertiesEvents triggered for the Window object (applied to tags): Properties value Description Onafterprint Script A script that runs after the document is printed.

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