JavaScript implements multiple inheritance

1. Define an empty parent class constructor, and then define the properties and methods for the parent class by prototype2. Define a constructor for an empty subclass, then bind the prototype of the subclass to an instance of the parent class, and

The difference between a function object and an object in JavaScript

function Test (word) { console.log (word);} Test (' Haha, I am a function '), new Test (' Haha, I am the object ');//The above call mode in a more understandable way ("Haha, I am the function"); Equivalent to test ();//equivalent to

JavaScript--tags, break, and Continue statements

The break statement is used to jump out of a loop.The Continue is used to skip an iteration in the loop.Tag reference, the break statement can be used to jump out of any JavaScript code block.DemoDOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8

Usage of console in JavaScript

JavaScript's Console.log () usage//variablesvar i = ' I am a string ';Console.log (' variable: ', i);Arrayvar arr = [1,2,3,4,5];Console.log (' array: ', arr);Objectvar obj1 = {Key1: ' value1 ',Key2: ' value2 ',Key3: ' Value3 '};var obj2 = {Key6: '

Understanding and examples of JavaScript closures

The so-called closures, which are worthy of the lexical representation of functions that include variables that do not have to be computed, that is, the function can use variables defined outside the function.By the way, please note:Lexical scope:

The shortest, most flexible JavaScript date-to-string tool function I've ever seen

We know that JavaScript's date object does not provide a date format function. Converting a Date object to a format such as "2015-7-02 20:35:11" is another non-frequent requirement in the project. Recently in our project saw a piece of code, very

Using argument objects to implement overloading in JavaScript (overload)

Some concepts:Overload (Overload):What is: the same function name, a number of different parameter list functions, when called, according to the different parameters, automatically select the corresponding function call!Why: Lighten the burden of

Learning notes: JavaScript body common events

Window Event PropertiesEvents triggered for the Window object (applied to tags): Properties value Description Onafterprint Script A script that runs after the document is printed.

Study NOTES: javascript-Advanced article

1. Two-dimensional array Representation of a two-dimensional array: myarray[[]var myarr=new Array (); Declare one dimension firstfor (Var i=0;iMyarr[i]=new Array (); Re-declare two-dimensionalfor (Var j=0;jMyarr[i][j]=i+j; Assignment, the value

JavaScript oop-->>> [__proto__ and prototype/prototype chain/prototype properties and Prototyping methods/for-in loops]

Objective Oop __proto__ and prototype/prototype chain/prototype properties and Prototyping methods/for-in loops in JavaScript's OOP 1 __proto__ and prototype/prototype chain     1. prototype (prototype of

"Learning Notes" JavaScript Basics (ii)

"The learning process has encountered questions and extended reading"SummarizeArray of variablescode block, judging branch execution, judging loop executionFlexible use of nested branches and nested loopsBranch type-if,elseif,switch caseLoop

Slice,splice and split three functions that are not easy to distinguish in JavaScript

1.slice (Array)Usage: Array.slice (start,end)Explanation: This method is a partial intercept of an array, and returns a copy of the arrays; The parameter start is a truncated start array index, and the end parameter equals the position value of the

Proficient in JavaScript's this keyword _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces the this keyword of JavaScript, which helps you master this keyword. interested colleagues can refer to this keyword in JS to confuse many new and old JS developers. This article will fully elaborate on this keyword.

Details about the combined use of jQuery, Ajax, and JSONP in JavaScript

This article mainly introduces the combined use of jQuery, Ajax and JSONP in JavaScript. the asynchronous structure of jQuery library and Ajax and JSON data transmission are also the most commonly used in JS routine programming, for more information,

Basic knowledge of Generator _ in JavaScriptES6

This article mainly introduces the Generator in JavaScriptES6. JS of ES6 brings many simplified improvements. For more information, see the new features discussed today, this feature is the most amazing feature in es6. What does "magic" mean here?

Fully Understand object-oriented JavaScript (from ibm) _ javascript tips-js tutorial

To master JavaScript, first of all, we must discard the interference of some other advanced languages such as Java, C #, and other class-oriented Object-oriented thinking, fully understand the features of the original type of JavaScript

Using the glob module in Python to find file paths _ basic knowledge

This article mainly introduces how to use the glob module in Python to find the file path. It is very simple to use the iglob method in the module, if you need it, refer to the glob module, which is one of the simplest modules with very little

Cookie operations in JavaScript _ basic knowledge-js tutorial

This article describes how to operate cookies in JavaScript, this article describes what are cookies, basic Cookie knowledge, common Cookie problems, two methods for clearing cookies, basic Cookie usage, and advanced cookie usage. For more

Conversion functions of JavaScript Date and Time Stamps _ javascript tips-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces the conversion functions of JavaScript datetime and timestamp. This article provides two functions for conversion between datetime and timestamp, if you want to convert the current time to a timestamp, you can directly

Node. js module mechanism learning note _ node. js

This article mainly introduces Node. module mechanism learning notes in js. This article describes CommonJS module specifications, Node module implementation process, module call stack, packages, and NPM. For more information, see Javascript, no one

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