Javascript Strict Mode detailed

I. OverviewIn addition to the normal operating mode, ECMAscript 5 adds a second mode of operation: "Strict mode" (strict). As the name implies, this mode allows JavaScript to run under stricter conditions.The purpose of setting up a "strict mode" is

JavaScript basic information

JavaScript Tags:Two ways to introduce JS:1.2.JS is either written between the head or written between the body.Data type:Variable declaration: var variable name = value;var can omit variable name = value;Type: NULL, Boolean, Integer, floating point (

JavaScript gets the actual width and height of the HTML element

One, JavaScript get HTML element width high1. The width and height are written in the style table, such as #div1{width:120px;}. In this case, the width can not be obtained by, but by #div1.offsetwidth.2. Width and height are

Personal understanding of JavaScript precompilation

What is JS pre-compilationImmediately to find a job, before learning JS are very basic fur, as the most fiery language, I must be research, but just contact with the pre-compilation I was going crazy, for a brain does not work really too round,

The first chapter of the JavaScript Learning guide Hello javascript! Getting started with the most basic JavaScript

JavaScript Learning Guide NotesFirst chapter Hello javascript!Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript belongs to the scripting language on the network side . JavaScript is used by millions of of pages to improve design, verify forms,

Deep understanding of JavaScript data types

The data types in JavaScript fall into two categories: primitive and Object types. The primitive types include undefined, Null, Boolean, number, and string, except for those types of objects.NULL typeNull is a keyword in the JavaScript language that

jquery, JavaScript implementation (GET, post two ways) cross-domain solution

First, implement get method cross-domain Request dataBrowser-sideScript>$ (document). Ready (function() {$.ajax ({URL:"", type:"Get", DataType:"Jsonp", //Specifies the type of data returned by the

How JavaScript shows tens of thousands of data at once

Online to see an interview question: "If the background to the front tens of thousands of data, how to render the front end to the page?" "And how to answer?" So the office boiling, colleagues discussed open, you say a word I speak my plan. Some say

HTML5 Study Notes (26): JavaScript error handling

Error-related debugging and processing is a particularly important skill in development.Try-catchLet's look at the following scenario:1 // Nonefunc This method does not exist 2 Window.nonefunc (); 3 // JS Error after the termination of the operation

JavaScript objects, classes, and methods

1. Concepts of classes and objects:1. All things are an object, and a class is a collection of things that have the same properties and behavior methods2. The purpose of building objects in JavaScript is to integrate all code that behaves with the

JavaScript Event Object

HTML eventsOnClick---Click event onchange---Value Change event (when drop-down list value is changed) onfocus---get focusonblur---lose focus [[email protected]] onmouseover---mouse over onumoseout---mouse move outOnMouseMove---Mouse move

The way JavaScript creates objects

How JavaScript creates objects

JavaScript uses relationships to find tags

Head>Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8" />title>Untitled Documenttitle>Head>Body>inputtype= "text"ID= "UserName"/>imgsrc= "User.png" /> Body>Scripttype= "Text/javascript">/*Find tags by relationship (parent-child

XMLHttpRequest and Webapi in JavaScript

XMLHttpRequest and Webapi in JavaScript it's just a client-to-server relationship. The XMLHttpRequest in JavaScript is responsible for initiating requests on the client side, and the Web API is responsible for returning the response on the

JavaScript DOM Operations

In the HTML DOM (Document Object model), each section is a node: The document itself is a document node All HTML elements are elements node nodetype:1 element All HTML attributes are attribute nodes Nodetype:2 Attribute Text

Summary of JavaScript Regular expressions

Why use regular expressionsRegular Expressions use a text template consisting of ordinary and special characters to complete the validation, search, and substitution of strings. It's like this in JavaScript. /^1\d{10}$/ Copy CodeThe

JavaScript parsing Excel files

Recently done background projects encountered the need to parse the user uploaded Excel file, and export the data in the file needs; In the process of doing this, I felt that my big JavaScript is omnipotent, can read the content in the Excel file by

Re-recognize the objects created in JavaScript (i)

First, the orderObject-oriented has a flag, that is, they all have the concept of a class, and through a class can create any number of objects with the same properties and methods. ECMA-262 defines an object as a collection of unordered properties

An example of a deep copy of JavaScript--implementation of recursive functions

Today, I learned JS's example of deep copy and shallow copy, some experience.In JavaScript, there are two copies of a variable, one is a copy of a value, and one is a copy of a memory address, meaning that when assigning to a variable is just a

On JavaScript anonymous function and closure

one, anonymous function  //common function definition://individual anonymous function is unable to Run. Even if it is running, it cannot be called because there is no name. Such as: function () {            Alert (' 123 ');         }                 

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