Making continuous scrolling captions using JavaScript

We generally use marquee tags to control the scrolling of elements. But one-way marquee scrolling is discontinuous, and every time a scene is rolled, a blank appears. The scrolling in the following description is continuous, uninterrupted. Below

JavaScript controls methods, properties, and events for various browser full-screen modes

  Browser Full screen mode of the start function Requestfullscreen still need to be accompanied by the browser's JS dialect prefix, I believe that the following code requires you to spend a lot of search to gather together: Code as

3 JavaScript Questions to note during an interview

JavaScript is the official language of all modern browsers. As a result, JavaScript problems are encountered in all language developers ' interviews.This article does not talk about the latest JavaScript libraries, general development practices, or

A brief talk on Tostirng () and () methods in JavaScript

Brief discussion on TOSTIRNG () and () methodWhat is the method of toString ()? It is a way to convert a value into a string. But how does it convert a value from one type to a string type?With the following examples,

0 Basic JavaScript encoding (i)

Mission Purpose JavaScript Beginner Experience Initial understanding of JavaScript's simple basic syntax, such as variables, functions What is the initial understanding of JavaScript events? Get a basic idea of what DOM is in

"Experience" JavaScript

Tag: let blink key const target relative off ToString Read1.function Closewin () { (', ' _self ');Window.opener=null; (location, ' _self '). Close ();Window.close ();}This is a closed window code that is compatible with the

javascript.01--JavaScript basics

Javascript Basics1 talk about Javascript1.1 The historical source of Javascript94 Netscape developed the world's first browser. The birth of Sun 's java languageNetscape works with Sun . Java+script ===> JavaScript1.2 Specifications ? structure

ArcGIS API for javascript--query, and then click the Show Information window

DescribeThis example shows how to configure a workflow for a sample query task:1. The user clicks on a feature to highlight the display.2. Once again, the user clicks on the feature to see the Infowindow of the attribute information.This example

JavaScript Again (i): Effect of function invocation pattern on this

Recently, I learned a little bit about JavaScript, and read the chapter on functions to clarify the direction of this in JavaScript in different invocation modes.1. Function call Mode: function is a reference type of JavaScript and has four

JavaScript-related knowledge

New concept of scopes and closuresHow to differentiate where data is stored in memory in a heap, stack, or pool1. see Var or function must be in the stack, the result of TypeOf is function2.typeof results if it's not an object, it's in the

JavaScript Set element Iteration

Examplejavascript setThis article is from the "Yan" blog, please be sure to keep this source JavaScript set element iteration

"JavaScript advanced Programming" reading notes (iv)

Because there is no block-level scope in ECMAScript , variables defined inside the loop can also be accessed externally to the// For example: var count = ten; for (var i = 0; i //For-in StatementsThe for-in statement is a precise iterative

Several methods of JavaScript cross-domain

The following examples contain files that are for , with , to be done from a.html the data obtained in b.html the1.JSONPjsonpis to use the script attribute with no cross-domain

JavaScript code specification and performance grooming

Performance JS in the performance of a number of places to note: Avoid global lookups JS Performance optimization The most important thing is to pay attention to global lookup, because the scope of the lookup is to find the local

Data types in JavaScript

JavaScript contains five basic data types (raw data types), namely: Undefined, NULL, number, Boolean, string; and a reference type Object, the reference type contains a special class: the function type. Number, Boolean, String three basic types for

Related properties of node in JavaScript

1,childnodesThe ChildNodes property returns an array that contains the entire child elements of the given element node.Retrieves the first child node of a BODY element:var body_element=document.getelementbytagname ("Body") [0];The BODY element has

JavaScript level boost

Learn JavaScript in several stages, not getting started, beginners beginner, intermediate level, advanced level, PPT level.1, how to learn without getting started?I was first to learn jquery, CSS and HTML basis, there is a CSS basis to see the

This point in the JavaScript timer

Using the timer in JS (setinterval,settimeout), it is easy to encounter this point of the problem.Directly on the example:1 varname = ' My name is window ';2 varobj = {3Name: ' My name is obj ',4Fn:function () {5 varTimer =NULL;6

JavaScript Custom text Box Cursor--beginner version

The cursor of the text box (input or Textarea) cannot modify the style (except to modify the cursor color by color). But I want the individual to create their own website when the text box cursor has its own style. so, try to simulate the cursor of

"summarize" JavaScript Learning summary-tips, methods, Details

Variable conversionsvar myVar = "3.14159", str = "" "+ myVar,// String type int / /number type float // number type bool // Boolean type array // Array typehowever, the conversion date (new date (myVar)) and the regular expression (new

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