JavaScript implementation 2048 Game example

This article mainly introduced the JavaScript implementation 2048 game example, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under Native JavaScript code written in 2048 games. It is recommended to run under Google Browser. 2048.html The code is

Use JavaScript to detect CPU usage Write yourself

  This article mainly introduces a way to use JavaScript to detect CPU usage, and need friends to refer to the following Previously in Yuber GitHub issues saw the use of JS detection of CPU usage, feel very good. A special implementation of its

JavaScript Displays the date and time code

  Untitled document  

The parsing execution order of JavaScript is different in each browser

The  javascript is an interpreted language, and its execution is top-down. Because each browser has a different understanding of it, so we need to understand the order of the JS implementation of the sequence Introduction JavaScript is an

JavaScript simple implementation of namespace effects

This article mainly introduces the JavaScript simple method to realize the namespace effect. Need friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you JavaScript native does not support namespaces and needs to be implemented in a workaround.

Probe into the event agent in JavaScript

  This article only plays a role in giving you an idea of how the event agent works, and that the live and delegate implementations in jquery are much more complex Events are always one of the most powerful objects in JavaScript. JavaScript

Example of typeof operator usage in JavaScript

  in Web front-end development, we often need to judge the data type of a variable. Since ECMAScript is loosely typed, there is a need to have a means to detect the data type of a given variable--typeof is the operator responsible for providing this

JavaScript makes collapsible pop-up menus

  pop-up Menu I think we have seen the page, the article is to introduce you to the foldable pop-up menu, if you are interested can refer to the following Code as follows:

There are several different uses of the For loop in JavaScript

For loops are available in most languages. There are several different uses of the For loop in JavaScript, as described belowLoop statements are often used in program implementations, where for loops are available in most languages.    There are

JavaScript modifies the SRC problem for an IMG tag

JavaScript Modify the IMG tag src, in the IE6 below the picture to modify the normal, but in IE7 and Firefox below but do not refresh, there is a solution, we can refer to the following1. When clicked a button, the picture domain picture changes the

JavaScript digital and string conversion applications

This article mainly introduces JavaScript digital and string conversion applications, the need for friends can refer to the following 1. Convert numbers to Strings A. To convert a number to a string, simply add an empty string to it: The code

How to speed up the JavaScript of IE

  We know that JavaScript executes scripts from inside to outside at run time, so the global object farthest from our script is likely to be accessed across several layers of scope. However, in IE, from the most to the outermost layer of time to

JavaScript + jquery Implementation timed change article title

Use a timer written by Javascript+jquery to change the title of the article regularly. Code as follows:

JavaScript Debugging Techniques Console.log () detailed

  for debugging JavaScript programs, using Console.log () is a better approach than alert () because the alert () function blocks the execution of JavaScript programs, causing side effects , and Console.log () prints the relevant information only in

Deep understanding of JavaScript constructors and prototype objects

Common types of object creation patterns Create using the New keywordThe most basic way to create an object is to say the same as most other languages: no object, you new one! 1 2 3 4 5 6 var GF = new Object (); = "Tangwei";

JavaScript to determine whether a function is a native code

I always encounter situations where it is necessary to check whether a function is native--a very important part of the functional test: The function is supported by the browser, or is modeled by a Third-party class library. The easiest way to

Making continuous scrolling captions using JavaScript

We generally use marquee tags to control the scrolling of elements. But one-way marquee scrolling is discontinuous, and every time a scene is rolled, a blank appears. The scrolling in the following description is continuous, uninterrupted. Below

JavaScript controls methods, properties, and events for various browser full-screen modes

  Browser Full screen mode of the start function Requestfullscreen still need to be accompanied by the browser's JS dialect prefix, I believe that the following code requires you to spend a lot of search to gather together: Code as

This point in the JavaScript timer

Using the timer in JS (setinterval,settimeout), it is easy to encounter this point of the problem.Directly on the example:1 varname = ' My name is window ';2 varobj = {3Name: ' My name is obj ',4Fn:function () {5 varTimer =NULL;6

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