Relive JavaScript (i)

Work with JavaScript, a group of review notes.Some views 1. Think of the most commonly used JavaScript host environment, browser or server V8, are single-threaded, so do not think too much concurrency problem, if it is to implement

JavaScript array de-weight

functionUnique (arr) {varresult = [], hash = {}; for(vari = 0, elem; (Elem = Arr[i])! =NULL; i++) {//Loop arr Array if(!hash[elem]) {//Hash Array function: Determine whether the current element existsResult.push (Elem);//does not exist:

JavaScript data structures and algorithms--chapter three stacks

Stack: LIFO. Stack top at the end, bottom of the stack in the front. The newly added element and the element to be deleted are saved at the end of the stack.Create a stack:functionStack () {varitems = [];/*Save the elements in the stack with an

"In-depth understanding of JavaScript" closures

1. Scope"JavaScript does not have block-level scopes ." The so-called "block" is the statement in the middle of the curly brace "{}". For example, if statement:Another example is the FOR statement:So, when we write the code, do not declare the

Objects in JavaScript

  JavaScript objectsJavaScript objects are one of the basic data types and are composite data;Almost everything in JavaScript is an object;JavaScript objects are data that has properties and methods;Objects in JavaScript can be simply interpreted as

The This scope in JavaScript

The This scope in JavaScriptThe difference between this scope Java in JavaScript is that this in Java is determined in the compilation,The This in JavaScript is determined at run time, with different invocation methods, which determines that this in

One way to get URL parameters with JavaScript

If the Address bar URL is: abc.html?m=tomms&c=allsearchlist&pageno=1&pagenum=20&text=11Note: When the URL is in Chinese, the Chinese parameters will be garbled!One way to get URL parameters with JavaScript

JavaScript interview knowledge points and development skills summary

1.bind related usageFun.bind (obj) passes obj into the fun as its scopeFun.bind will return a new function address, fun.bind (obj)!=fun.bind (obj)Repeated bind only works for the first timeTruth in 2.js0, "", null, Undefined, false, Nan to Boolean

JavaScript---loops and closures

Loops and closuresFirst Look at a demoDOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>Documenttitle>Head>Body> Script> for(varI= 0; I 5; I++) {setTimeout (functiontimer () {console.log (i); }, I* +); }

Implementation of JavaScript Pop-up window class

JS print output is by Doucument.write (), the implementation of the document.write () can write variables, text text needs to be added "".JS There are two ways to insert into the HTML page 1: write JS code This tag is placed in and two tags

JavaScript Tip summary: Standard library

1. Object when used as a constructor, you can accept a parameter. If the argument is an object, the object is returned directly, and if it is a value of the original type, the wrapper object for that value is returned.2. All constructors have a

A preliminary study of JavaScript

name global variables DOM element initial food name: Little Practice Digital 1 digital 2 Dombom Little apple Small durian Pumpkin Small husky

The difference between jquery and JavaScript (reproduced from the script house)

jquery is an extension of JavaScript, encapsulation, is to make JavaScript better use, more simple, in order to illustrate the difference, below to share with you the next JavaScript and jquery common methods comparisonjquery is an extension of

JavaScript event (ix) event type touch and gesture events

First, touch events Touchstart: Triggered when the finger touches the screen, even if a finger has been placed on the screen. Touchmove: Triggers continuously when the finger is sliding on the screen. During this world, calling

JavaScript type and type judgment

JS in the type:Standard type: number, String, Boolean, Null, UndefinedBuilt-in object types: Function, Array, Date, RegExp, Math, JSON ...Type identification:1, typeof: Can identify the standard type (except Null, undefined), cannot judge the object,

Easy to understand JavaScript closures

SummaryThe closure mechanism is the key and difficult point of JavaScript, this article hopes to help everyone to learn the closure easilyOne, what is closures?Closures are functions that can access variables in another function scope.The following

JavaScript Data types

One, data typeThe following is based on ES5 (ES6 introduces a new primitive data type, symbol, which represents a unique value. It is the seventh data type of the JavaScript language. )JavaScript is a weakly typed dynamic language, and it is

function definition of JavaScript

One of the basics of javascript---functionDefinition of Function:1. Direct definitionFunction Test () {content, the logic that you want to handle}2. Variable typevar demo = function () {content, the logic that you want to handle};3. Use functionvar

The difference between valueof and ToString in JavaScript

Questions:There are two methods in the JS data type Object.prototype.valueOf and Object.prototype.toString, what is the difference between the instance and the two?We perform the following example Steps:Case 1. var test={age

Object-oriented Programming Ideas (prequel)-javascript you must know (reproduced)

Original Address: Catalogue What is duck type object-oriented JavaScript Packaging Inherited Polymorphic Prototype This point Pager Apply Band The

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