Two ways to access JavaScript object properties

Two ways to access JavaScript object propertiesObject.attributeObject["attribute"]For example:var employees = [{"FirstName": "Bill", "LastName": "Gates"},{"FirstName": "George", "LastName": "Bush"},{"FirstName": "T Homas "," LastName ":" Carter

JavaScript object-oriented programming record notes

The following is the JavaScript Advanced programming sixth chapter object-oriented program design reading notes records.There are two properties for an object: Data property/Accessor property.Data properties include four values: configurable: The

This explanation of JavaScript

Recently studied JavaScript, read "you Don T Know JS" This book, think is this JavaScript superior heart, have certain JavaScript basic friends must see (not recommended for children to see. Fear of being possessed).The author is knowledgeable and

The problem of "this confusion in JavaScript

functioncountdown (seconds) { This. _seconds =seconds;} Countdown.prototype._step=function() {Console.log ( This. _seconds); if( This. _seconds > 0) { This. _seconds-= 1; } Else{clearinterval ( This. _timer); }};

Write a calculator in JavaScript

I novice, if there is any shortage of places, hope can get guidanceTry writing a calculator with JavaScript todayFirst, the Calculator button is made, with the button is done, so that you can not set too many styles7Follow the 0-9-digit buttons

A few big sort ideas (written by JavaScript)

Hello! I'm super meow. Two ~ ~ ~ Today practiced a few interview questions, suddenly feel for a long time did not well summed up the sorting algorithm. Used to write a sort of c/java, this time with JS to summarize the next five sorting algorithm it:

JavaScript jquery infers the way objects are empty

Java there are a lot of empty pointers to the problem, it is necessary to do the prevention and inference, if not, the console has annoying anomalies, so that the confidence has been hit, the early knock code when no experience, can not be based on

JavaScript Asynchronous Programming--async/await vs Promise

compatibilityTo remind you, Node now supports async/await from version 7.6. And just a few days ago, Node 8 has been officially released and you can use it with confidence.If you haven't tried it yet, here's a bunch of examples of reasons why you

2-javascript Array Object (array)

JavaScript Array Object1. Array creation:(1) using the array constructor(2) array literal notation2. Array Method:Here are a few important array prototyping methods:1) Join ()Join (Separator): Sets the element group of the array as a string,

JavaScript Basics (i)

The composition of javascript:ECMAScriptBOM: Browser Object modelDOM: Document Object ModelSyntax for javascript:JavaScript is a weakly typed language with no explicit data type, and when declaring a variable, you do not need to specify the type of

JavaScript Interview Topics

1. What data types are returned by JavaScript typeofReturns the six-type number string object function undefinedExample:typeof 37=== ' number ' typeof "str" = = = ' String 'typeof true=== ' Boolean ' ; typeof undefined=== ' undefined 'typeof {a:1}===

JavaScript for Fading

css Animation Fade   JavaScript for Fading

Event object in JavaScript

Event object, whenever an event is triggered, an event object is produced, which includes the basic properties of the event, the event type type (click, Dbclick equivalent), the target element targets (I understand the event source object, That is,

JavaScript a collection of operations classes

The output is in the console:JavaScript a collection of operations classes

Usage of Document.execcommand () in JavaScript Document.execcommand () method handles HTML data often in the following syntax format:Document.execcommand (scommand[, interactive mode, dynamic parameter])Where: Scommand is the instruction

JavaScript a simple enumeration type implements poker

JavaScript a simple enumeration type implements poker

12 very useful JavaScript tips, must-see!

Tip: This article is to organize other people's articles, the author is more, it is difficult to tell who the original author.1) Use!! Convert a variable to a Boolean typeSometimes, we need to check that some variables exist, or whether it has valid

Unary operators in JavaScript

The topics are as follows:varS1 = "01";varS2 = "1.1";varS3 = "Z";varb =false;varF = 1.1;var={valueOf:function() { return-1; }};S1=-S1;//-1s2 =-s2;//-1.1s3 =-S3;//NaNb =-C;//0f =-F;//-1.1o =-O;//1Explain:When a unary plus operator is applied

The difference between export and export default in JavaScript ES6

The original address of this article link:, not allowed to reprint without Bo master.I believe many people have used export, export default, import, but what is the difference between

JavaScript prototype prototype

As mentioned in the article on JavaScript creation objects: One problem with creating objects with constructors is that the same method for different instances of the same constructor is not the same, so we use prototypes to extract the public

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