Share My Learning JS process author Aircy javascript Learning tutorial 1th/3 Page _ Basics

Objective: Contact with JS since, has not been a good study of a JS book; From today onwards, I will start to learn, organize and share My learning process JS code. In the future published code does not mean that all belong to the original, but many

JavaScript IE and Firefox compatibility Assembly (ZZ) _ Basics

1. Document.form.item question (1) Existing problems: There are many Document.formName.item ("itemname") statements in existing code that cannot be run under MF (2) Solution: Switch to document.formname.elements["ElementName"] (3) Other See also 2

JavaScript refers to an object's method _ basics

51js ============= Reference methods within the same page: 1. Use ID: Link1.href 2. Use name: Document.all.link1.href 3, the use of Sourseindex: document.all (4). href/note, the front also has HTML, head, title and body, so it is 4 4, use

[Js]javascript interacts with the clipboard _mssql

1. How to operate the Clipboard, so as to achieve copy, cut and paste? and also to determine if the data inside the Clipboard is text? if (! Isclipboardformatavailable (Cf_text)) Return if (! OpenClipboard (Hwndmain)) Return HGLB = GetClipboardData

Using JavaScript script to implement Web page information Interactive _javascript skill

To implement dynamic interaction, you must have more sophisticated knowledge about form objects (form) and Frame objects (Frames). Basic knowledge of forms Form objects enable designers to interact with client users with different elements of a

The technique of simulating scroll bar _javascript in JavaScript animation series

Front. Scroll bars appear when element content overflows the element size range. But because the scroll bar in each browser performance is different, the compatibility is not good. Therefore, the simulation scroll bar is also a very common

Example analysis in the browser "JavaScript parser" working principle _javascript skills

When the browser reads the HTML file, it wakes up the so-called "JavaScript parser" when it encounters the After this code is run, the browser will complain. Cause: because the JavaScript parser does not find any of the Var, function,

JavaScript version of the classic game of the minesweeper game complete Example "with demo source download" _javascript Tips

This example describes the JavaScript minesweeper game. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Turn out the game posted at the beginning of the year, mine clearance I believe that we have played, the first figure: Source:

JavaScript uses regular expressions to replace content in strings _javascript tips

Don't say much, please see the specific implementation code There ' is ' in the string ' is ': ' The Var str= ' is ' is ' ; var substr=new RegExp (' is ');//Create Regular Expression object var result=str.replace (subStr, "");//replace ' is '

_javascript Skill of shopping mall commodity Countdown example based on JavaScript implementation

Words do not say, following the small series together to see the example code bar Js: /** * Author:black_jay Astrid * Downcount: Time Conversion Countdown * * (function ($) {$.fn.downcount = function (options, callback) { var settings =

JavaScript how to get server time in detail _javascript tips

The example in this article describes how JavaScript obtains server time. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: JavaScript is run on the client script, we generally use new Date () to get the current time, but get the client

JavaScript Regular Expressions Basic Text _ regular expressions

Regular expression: syntax:/expression/, slash indicates starting positionHow to create: 1, var regobj = new RegExp ("pattern", [, "flags"]);Pattern: Required option, regular expression string;Flags: Optional, some combinations of flags.2, var

JavaScript Array Array Basics Introduction _ Basics

Javascript is a magical language, and its array is just as unique. We should go to its dross, take its essence, summed up the common best practice. If there are errors, please point out. A JavaScript array is an object of an array of classes that

Illustration of instance object and prototype object _ basics in JavaScript

Declare first: Each object in JavaScript has a constructor property and a prototype attribute. Constructor points to an object's constructor, prototype a prototype object that uses the object instance created with the constructor. function

JavaScript Event Binding Learning Essentials _ Basics

There are two kinds of event bindings: Traditional event binding (inline model, script model), and modern event binding (DOM2 level model). Modern event bindings provide more powerful and convenient functionality on traditional bindings. A problem

JavaScript {} statement block detailed _ Basics

Learning to parse the JSON string today, using an eval () method, why do I need parentheses when parsing a string? I can't touch my head. The original JavaScript {} statement block is ambiguous, without parentheses there will be errors,

JavaScript basic knowledge sharing and the basics of functional _

1. The object is suitable for collecting and managing data, so it is easy to form a tree-shaped structure. JavaScript includes a prototype chain attribute that allows an object to inherit the properties of another object. Using it correctly can

JavaScript Regular expression Packet matching detailed _ basics

Group The following regular expressions can match kidkidkid: /kidkidkid/ And another more elegant way to do this is: /(Kid) {3}/ Here a small whole of the parentheses parcel is called grouping. Candidate In a group,

Implement high performance JavaScript implementation and load _ basics

The browser handles HTML page rendering and JavaScript script execution in a single process, so when the browser encounters the This load of multiple JS files, the browser will be downloaded after the implementation of JS code and

3 ways to implement inheritance in JavaScript _ basics

Implementing class inheritance with Object.create Here is an example of the official website Shape-superclass function Shape () { this.x = 0; This.y = 0; } Shape.prototype.move = function (x, y) { this.x = x; This.y = y;

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