"JavaScript advanced Programming" Reading notes (iii)

operatorincrement and decrement operators var num1 = 2; var num2 = 20; var num3 =--num1 + num2; // equals var num4 = num1 + num2; // equals var num1 = 2; var num2 = 20; var num3 = num1--+ num2; // var num4 = num1 + num2; // equals

Break and continue in JavaScript

1. BreakThe break statement immediately exits the loop, forcing the statement after the loop to executevar num = 0; for (var i=1;i) { if(i%5 = = 0) {break; } Num+ +;} alert (num); // returns 42, continueContinue exits the secondary

Javascript-indexof function

12345678 the *Javascript-indexof function

javascript-Data Reference type Object

12345678 at -javascript-Data Reference type Object

Three tips in JavaScript functions "three"

Tip Three:"Function Binding"  In JavaScript interaction with DOM, it is often necessary to use a function binding, define a function and then bind it to a specific DOM element or a collection of an event trigger, binding functions are often used

JavaScript Error/exception handling

JavaScript Try ... Catch statementDescription: The Try...carch statement in JavaScript acts in the same way as the Try...catch statement in C #,is to catch and handle exceptions.Grammar:           try{ //Run code here} catch(err) { //handling

JAVASCRIPT in the for (VAR I in DATA) loop array item

Today, when we changed the code, I found that many loops of code were written in the for (var i-in data), and I usually use the for (Var i=0;iJust looked at, the original two are different, can not be equated with the use.We see a () will pop up

My JavaScript learning route (keep up to date)

What is JavaScript?JavaScript is a powerful and weak type of scripting language, its own use of Google V8 engine to be known all over the world, but also created the birth of later Nodejs. JavaScript is not called JavaScript, why do you say so?

How JavaScript writes to TXT and reads txt files


This article mainly introduced the JavaScript writes the TXT and reads the TXT file the method, needs the friend can refer to the next1. WriteFileSystemObject can translate files into a file stream.The first step:Cases:Copy the code code as

JavaScript DOM Programming Art-Learning notes (chapters fifth, sixth)

The Fifth chapter:1. digression: First shouting, "JS Innocence", guilty of abusing JS of those people. JS Father Brandon-Ike, originally in order to cope with work, 10 days to drive out of this JS, after the fact that someone else JS is C language

The problem of variable elevation in JavaScript

function declaration Variable PromotionA function declaration has an issue with variable elevation, so it can be accessed before the function is declared.The statement in else is equivalent to overriding the function in if, so regardless of the flag

Learning to get started with JavaScript (iii)

2016.12.6 10:30 Complete the second chapter of JavaScript study, read the beginning of the third chapter of the general statement, all say that the original JS every knowledge point can be divided into minutes to give up, and I am trying to explore.

The bind principle comes with some of your own understanding (quoted in JavaScript design pattern and with view practice)

Function.prototype.bind = function () {//this points to all functions generated by the function constructorvar self = This,//save original function//[] is equivalent to Array.prototype (use the Shift method on the array constructor prototype to take

Array manipulation of JavaScript

1 , creation of arrays var New Array (); // Create an array var New Array ([size]); // Create an array and specify the length, note not the upper limit, is the length var New Array ([element0[, element1[, ... [, ELEMENTN]]]); Create an array and

A detailed description of this in JavaScript

The this in JavaScript is always confusing and should be one of JS's well known pits. Personally also think that JS in this is not a good design, due to this late binding characteristics, it can be a global object, the current object, or ... Some

JavaScript DOM Programming Art-Learning Notes (chapter III, fourth)

Chapter III:1.js objects are divided into three types: ① user-defined object ② built-in object (JS provided object) ③ host object (JS hosted environment-Browser, provided object)2. A document is a collection of nodes, the DOM tree, an HTML element

A list of data structures-javascript implementation

Record of learning data structureA list is a finite sequence of data items, that is, a set of data items arranged in a certain linear order, the basic operations on such a data structure include the lookup of elements, the insertion, and the

Beginner JavaScript variables and basic data types

1.1 first, Learn to use the Firebug console. Set the configuration options in Firefox to make JavaScript warnings more restrictive in the console ... To make it easier for us to find unnecessary bugs in the Program.1. Enter About:config in the

Timer object for JavaScript

1,JavaScript Timers , we can execute the code after the set interval, not immediately after the function is Called.Timer type:1) one-time timer: fires only once after the specified delay Time.2) interval trigger timer: fires once every time interval

How to Write compatible pages and write compatible pages

How to Write compatible pages and write compatible pages Before writing a good page, you should first learn HTML4 and html5. then CSS and CSS3 can also be mastered.Generally, different types of websites have a certain degree of knowledge about the

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