JavaScript input Type=file File upload

In JS, input type=file is commonly used in the file upload API, but feel that the network is not very clear, at the same time the online information is also more chaotic.As a result of development, so the Web site intends to use less third-party

How do we know how the JavaScript engine works

How do we know how the JavaScript engine works JavaScript Quest: The importance of writing maintainable code JavaScript Quest: Use global variables with caution JavaScript Quest: Var pre-parsing and side effects JavaScript Quest: For Loop

JavaScript Object-oriented essentials (i)

Several features of traditional object-oriented languages: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, not applicable in JavaScript. JavaScript's weak-type features allow you to accomplish the same tasks with less code than in other languages. No need

Another angle to look at this in JavaScript

Tag: Parameter Targe also has the Execute on () name of this call. comThis article tries to avoid the conceptual explanation, which is too abstractSo here are some simple examples, from easy to difficult to summarize the usage of this1. The This in

JavaScript: Talking about the global variables and local variables of JS

Original link: the company an internship little sister asked me two sections of the difference JS code:[JavaScript]View PlainCopy [JavaScript]View PlainCopy

Inheritance in JavaScript

First, the prototype chain (default)function person () {};function Student () {};Student.prototype = new Person ();Student.prototype.constructor = Student;Cons: 1, how to do the argument? 2. The instance property of new person is the prototype

An explanation of the operators in JavaScript 1

Long time no writing, according to Bo Master's technology, still write a little JavaScript starter article, next we explore JavaScript operators.First, prefaceThere are many operators in JavaScript, but many beginners do not understand or

JavaScript garbage collection and memory management

JavaScript has an automatic garbage collection mechanism (Gc:garbage collecation), which means that the execution environment is responsible for managing the memory used during code execution. In languages such as C and C + +, a basic task for

JavaScript regular Expressions (REGEXP) Overview

First of all, let's consider the following two scenarios We use the Windows operating system, sometimes need to find a file, just good this file I do not know where to go, this time we should do? When we use Word to write a paper, we

javascript-a small window never to be reached.

12345 implement small squares that are not visible within the current display area 6 One A - - the the About thejavascript-a small window never to be reached.

JavaScript array elements are all arranged

Multiple arrays (indefinite number)For example, three arrays {A, b} {.} {D}After arranging the combination forA,1,dA,2,dB,1,dB,2,dis the JS algorithm OHvararr = [["a","b"],["1","2"],["d"]];varsarr = [[]];for(vari = 0; i     vartarr = [];    for(varj 

"JavaScript advanced Programming" Reading notes (iii)

operatorincrement and decrement operators var num1 = 2; var num2 = 20; var num3 =--num1 + num2; // equals var num4 = num1 + num2; // equals var num1 = 2; var num2 = 20; var num3 = num1--+ num2; // var num4 = num1 + num2; // equals

Break and continue in JavaScript

1. BreakThe break statement immediately exits the loop, forcing the statement after the loop to executevar num = 0; for (var i=1;i) { if(i%5 = = 0) {break; } Num+ +;} alert (num); // returns 42, continueContinue exits the secondary

Javascript-indexof function

12345678 the *Javascript-indexof function

javascript-Data Reference type Object

12345678 at -javascript-Data Reference type Object

Three tips in JavaScript functions "three"

Tip Three:"Function Binding"  In JavaScript interaction with DOM, it is often necessary to use a function binding, define a function and then bind it to a specific DOM element or a collection of an event trigger, binding functions are often used

JavaScript Error/exception handling

JavaScript Try ... Catch statementDescription: The Try...carch statement in JavaScript acts in the same way as the Try...catch statement in C #,is to catch and handle exceptions.Grammar:           try{ //Run code here} catch(err) { //handling

Beginner JavaScript variables and basic data types

1.1 first, Learn to use the Firebug console. Set the configuration options in Firefox to make JavaScript warnings more restrictive in the console ... To make it easier for us to find unnecessary bugs in the Program.1. Enter About:config in the

The This in JavaScript

Here are some simple examples to summarize some of the uses of This:1. The This in the method points to the object that is currently executing the method, such as:var name = "window"var tom = { name: "tom"; Show:function () {alert (this//Tom 2

Type conversions in JavaScript

1. Implicit type conversion①== if the two variables of the equality operation are not of the same type, then the equality operator attempts some type conversions: If one is null , One is undefined , They ; Span style= "font-family:"

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