JavaScript substr and SUBSTRING usage compare _javascript techniques

Both the SUBSTR function and the SUBSTRING function are functions used to extract a "substring" from a "parent string". But the usage is somewhat different, the following is introduced separately substr Method Definitions and usage The Substr

Learn JavaScript (ii) _jquery through the jquery source code

Ingenious 1: function Functions are a rare talent in JavaScript code. ♥ It can decorating code snippets and encapsulate relatively independent functionality. ♥ It can also implement classes and inject oop ideas. jquery is a function, you can also

Discussion on the scope of variables in JavaScript callback functions _javascript tips

1. Background JavaScript in the callback function, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, the most obvious example is to do the AJAX request, provided by the callback function, In fact, the event-handling method (Onclick,ondblclick, etc.) of the

Full understanding of JavaScript object Advanced _javascript Techniques

To understand JavaScript objects, we can start with object creation, property manipulation, object methods. To sum up, include the following modules: 1. Creating objects 1.1 Object Direct Quantity Object Direct volume is the simplest way to

JavaScript String Split method misoperation _javascript Tips

Split definition and usage The split () method is used to split a string into an array of strings. Grammar Stringobject.split (separator, howmany) parameter description Separator required. A string or regular expression that splits the Stringobject

JavaScript array method Encyclopedia (recommended) _javascript tips

Array in the written test will often appear in the face test, JavaScript in the array and other languages of the array is somewhat different, in order to facilitate the study of the array method, the following small series for everyone to organize

JavaScript data store Cookie _javascript tips

1. What is a cookie? A: Cookies are used to store session information on the client. part of the 2.cookie?① Name: A name that uniquely determines the cookie. It is recommended that the case be case-sensitive. The name of the cookie must be URL-coded.

JavaScript variable scopes Deep understanding of _javascript techniques

Before learning the variable scope of JavaScript, we should be clear on a few points: A, JavaScript's variable scope is based on its specific scope chain. b, JavaScript does not have block-level scopes. C, variables declared in a function are

Efficiency test _javascript techniques for global variables, function variables, and constant expressions in JavaScript

[Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Note: In IE, you need to change the "Maximum number of script steps" for IE in this test: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet

Boolean Boolean type of JavaScript type system detailed _javascript techniques

Front. Boolean booleans may be the simplest of three wrapper objects number, String, and Boolean. Numbers and string objects have a large number of instance properties and methods, but few Boolean. In a sense, for the computer design program is to

JavaScript detects raw values, reference values, attributes _javascript tips

In JavaScript, we often see this code: A comparison of a variable with a null (which is problematic) to determine whether a variable is given a reasonable value. Like what: var Controller = { process:function (items) { if (items!== null)

"Experience Summary" 14 rules to follow when writing JavaScript code _javascript tips

This article describes the 14 rules you should follow to write JavaScript code. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. Always use ' var ' In JavaScript, a variable is not a global scope is a function range, the use of "var"

JavaScript object and function use _javascript techniques

Today's JavaScript is no longer a fancy script that has been used as a toy to run on a Web page. JavaScript has become more standardized and widely used as a real programming language for Web development. As a result, more and more people are

JavaScript arguments,caller,callee,call,apply Examples and understanding _javascript skills

Before you mention the above concepts, first of all, let's talk about the implied parameters of functions in javascript: arguments Arguments The object represents the function being executed and the arguments of the function that called

JavaScript Learning Skills _javascript Skills

converts to Boolean type All values in JavaScript can be implicitly converted to a Boolean type, such as: 0 = false;//True 1 = true;//true ' = = false/true NULL = = False//True But these values are not Boolean types. So when we compare

JavaScript implementation of the TEXTAREA Run box effect code do not specify the ID batch _javascript tips

Just learned the operation methods and properties of the DOM node tree, while trying to write a not manually set the ID and double-click the event example, toss the n long time finally made a touch of the sample, the code is as follows: (Note:

JavaScript DOM Operating Basics Summary _javascript Tips

Dom adding elements, using node properties dom add elements, using node properties item 1 [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] First, Dom Basics 1. Nodes (node)

JavaScript nested functions (scope chain) _javascript tips

Nested functions (Scope chain) When you are nesting a function, be aware that the actual scope chain is changing, which may not seem intuitive. You can put the following code into the Firebug monitoring value changes. Copy Code code as

Use JavaScript switch case alternative writing _javascript tips

Accustomed to C # syntax, encountered multiple branch calls, in addition to the simplest if-else, then is switch-case, so the use of JavaScript is very easy to write the following code: Copy Code code as follows: JScript Source Code The

JavaScript saves array to cookie code _javascript tips

In JavaScript, arrays are not stored directly as cookies (PHP can), and that is to dump the array into a string, and then save it in a cookie, and we can use either ToString () or join directly on the simple one-dimensional array: The ToString

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