JavaScript Remove whitespace method set _javascript tips

Achieve 1 Copy Code code as follows: String.prototype.trim = function () { return this. Replace (/^\s\s*/, '). Replace (/\s\s*$/, '); } It does not look very good, using two of regular replacements, the actual speed is

Javascript string string manipulation package _javascript Tips

Core code: Copy Code code as follows: /** * Jscript.string Package * This package contains utility functions for working with strings. */ if (typeof JScript = = ' undefined ') { JScript = function () {} } jscript.string =

In.js a lightweight JavaScript granular modular loading and dependency management solution _javascript Tips

Foreign like based on jquery Requirejs,yui Loader,labjs,runjs, the domestic also has the seajs of Taobao, watercress Dojs, these are some very good module loader. But this article will introduce you to a new open source lightweight "multi-threaded"

JavaScript compatibility Summary for IE and Firefox [recommended collection]_javascript Tips

JavaScript compatibility has long been a major problem for Web developers. The differences between formal norms, factual standards and various implementations make many developers suffer day and night. To this end, mainly from the following aspects

Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (12) Variable object (Variable object) _javascript Tips

JavaScript programming always avoids the inevitable declaration of functions and variables to successfully build our system, but how and where do the interpreters look for these functions and variables? What exactly happened when we quoted these

JavaScript algorithm title for any one 1-9-bit not repeated n-digit number in the combination of the size of the sequence number _javascript tips

The specific topic is this: Select n numbers from the 1--9, make up the number of n digits that are not duplicated, numbering from small to large, and when you enter any number m, you can find the number corresponding The number. such as n=3,m=213.

JavaScript control of Select label (option option/select) _javascript tips

The select label in HTML, also the Asp:dropdownlist control in How JavaScript operates on them first, the basic understanding Copy Code code as follows: var e = document.getElementById ("Selectid"); E. options= new

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes (20) JS error handling _javascript Techniques

I. Classification of Errors 1, syntax error: Also known as parsing errors, occurs in the traditional language of the compilation, in JavaScript occurs in the interpretation. These errors are caused directly by unexpected characters in the code,

Interesting ways to manipulate JavaScript strings string and array _javascript tips

strings and arrays are common types in program writing, so program languages use string and array as basic types and provide many strings and arrays of methods to simplify manipulation of strings. JavaScript also provides string types and array

JavaScript boolean operator parsing && | | ! _javascript Tips

1. Logical Non- Logic is not used! Indicates that a value of any type can be applied to the ECMAScript, and the logical non operation returns a Boolean value (True/false). The operator first converts its operand to a Boolean value, and then it is

Deep understanding of the JavaScript Series (14) Scope Chain Introduction (Scope Chain) _javascript tips

ObjectiveIn the 12th chapter, in the description of variable objects, we already know that the data (variables, function declarations, and function parameters) of an execution context are stored as attributes in the variable object. We also know

Delete in JavaScript using the _javascript tips

In this article, the author starts with the error about delete in the JavaScript object-oriented Programming Guide, detailing the implementation of the delete operation, limitations, and performance in different browsers and Plug-ins (refer to

JavaScript Object-oriented wrapper class encapsulation Class library profiling _javascript Tips

JavaScript is a very low entry threshold language, and even a technician who has never had access to JavaScript, can write a simple and useful program code within hours. But if so you're jumping to conclusions: JavaScript is a simple language. Then

javascript-Simple Calendar Implementation and Date object syntax Introduction (drawings) _javascript tips

Knowledge Points: is primarily used for date objects. (The following information is from the network) to create the syntax for a Date object: var mydate=new Date () The Date object automatically saves the current date and time as its initial

JavaScript-implemented date control specific code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Date Automatic input control Birthday: * HTML page in the order of the JS execution:1 The first execution within the head tag2 execution within the body tag3 when the body tag added the

Variable scope and variable elevation in javascript detail _javascript tips

Variable scope"The scope of a variable represents the context in which the variable exists. It specifies which variables you can access and whether you have permission to access a variable. ” Variable scopes are divided into local scope and global

JavaScript Array detailed _javascript tips

The importance of arrays in programming languages is self-evident, and in JavaScript, arrays are one of the most commonly used objects, arrays are ordered collections of values, and because of the weak type, the arrays in JavaScript are flexible and

JavaScript 32-bit integer unsigned operation example _javascript tips

In JavaScript, all integer numeric variables are signed by default, what does that mean? A signed integer uses a 31-bit numeric value that represents an integer, a symbol with a 32nd digit integer, 0 for a positive number, and a 1 for negative

JavaScript how to avoid the error of digital calculation Precision _javascript Tips

If I ask you 0.1 + 0.2 equals how many? You may send me a supercilious eye, 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.3 Ah, that still ask? Even the kindergarten children will answer such a childish question. But you know, the same problem is in the programming language, maybe

A brief analysis of the application of JavaScript bitwise-Operator _JAVASCRIPT Skills

Most languages provide bitwise operators, which are widely used in languages such as c,c++, while there are not many application examples in scripting languages such as Js,as, and the appropriate use of bitwise operators can be a good result.Below

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