JavaScript Tutorial: A method for optimizing if shorthand statements _javascript tips

UGLIFYJS is a tool for compressing and beautifying JavaScript, and in its documentation, I've seen several ways to optimize if statements. Although I have not used it to do some experimental testing, but from here I can see that it does make JS a

JavaScript random shuffle algorithm for in-depth analysis of _javascript skills

Shuffle algorithm is our common random problem, in playing games, random sorting often encounter. It can be abstracted like this: get an array of random sequences of all the natural numbers within a m. In Baidu search "Shuffle Algorithm", the first

JavaScript _javascript tips for capturing and judging browser windows, screens, Web pages, height, width, etc.

html Precise positioning attribute:scrollleft,scrollwidth,clientwidth,offsetwidthScrollHeight: Gets the scrolling height of the object.ScrollLeft: Sets or gets the left distance between the left edge of an object and the current visible content in

JavaScript access path design Source _javascript Tips

1. Design Source Copy Code code as follows: javascript Get Path 2. Design result (1) When initializing (2) Get the current URL (3) Get the directory after the host address (4)

JavaScript Learning notes 10 native skills _javascript Skills

1, native JavaScript implementation string length intercept Copy Code code as follows: function Cutstr (str, len) { var temp; var icount = 0; var patrn =/[^\x00-\xff]/; var Strre = ""; for (var i = 0; i if (Icount temp = Str.substr

JavaScript Inheritance Basics (prototype chain, borrowed constructor, mixed mode, prototype inheritance, parasitic inheritance, parasitic modular inheritance) _javascript skills

Agreed to explain the JavaScript inheritance, but delayed to now explain. No more nonsense, go straight to the point. Since you want to understand the inheritance, prove that you have a certain understanding of JavaScript-oriented objects, such as

A very comprehensive JavaScript URL parsing function and piecewise URL parsing method _javascript tips

First, URL parsing function Copy Code code as follows: Second, JS segmentation URL Analysis URL: Uniform Resource Locator (uniform Resource Locator, URL)The complete URL is composed of these parts:

Implementation of object inheritance in javascript: A small example _javascript skills

Copy Code code as follows: insert title here

JavaScript read and write JSON sample _javascript tips

JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a simple data format that is lighter than XML. JSON is the native format of JavaScript, which means that processing JSON data in JavaScript does not require any special APIs or toolkits.The rule of JSON is simple:

Using the bitwise XOR operator in JavaScript introduction _javascript Tips

The bitwise XOR operator (^) performs a bitwise XOR on two expressions. How to use: Copy Code code as follows: result = expression1 ^ expression2 Where result is any variable. Expression1 is any expression. Expression2 is any

Native JavaScript implements tab tab switch function _javascript tips

Analyze the individual uses native JS to get the code of the class name element: Copy Code code as follows: Getbyclassname:function (classname,parent) { var elem = [], node = parent!=

TypeOf Usage Summary _javascript techniques in JavaScript

In JS used in the array, such as multiple names of the same () input, if the dynamic generation (of), the submission of the need to determine whether it is an array. if (document.mylist.length!= "undefined") {} This usage is incorrect.Correct () is

The difference between local variables and global variables in JavaScript _javascript tips

JavaScript has two variables: local variables and global variables. Of course, our article is to help you really distinguish between these two variables. First, local variables are called only within functions declared by this variable. A variable

Using Object.create () to create objects in JavaScript introduce _javascript tips

In addition to the use of literal and new operators for object creation, Object.create () can also be used in the ECMAScript 5 standard. The Object.create () function accepts 2 objects as arguments: The first object is required, represents the

Introduction to mathematical operations in JavaScript _javascript tips

In JavaScript, mathematical operations can be implemented in two different ways: 1.+ 、-、 *,/,% and other operators.2. Use the Math object's calculation function. For example, use Math.pow (2,3) to calculate 2 of the 3-time side. Unlike Java,

On _javascript skills of JavaScript math and number objects

1. Math Object 1.1 Introduction The Math object, which is a mathematical object, provides a mathematical calculation of the data, such as acquiring absolute value, rounding up, and so on. No constructors, cannot be initialized, provides only

Math () function considerations in JavaScript _javascript tips

1. You cannot explicitly create a math object and use it directly; 2.Math objects cannot store data, unlike String,date objects; 3. Before you know the parseint () function will make a decimal integer (so 24.999 becomes 24) by eliminating

JavaScript Date time and timestamp conversion function sharing _javascript tips

If you simply convert the current time to a timestamp, you can use the new date (). GetTime ()/1000, but if you turn a specific time or date into a Unix timestamp, IE does not support a method with parameters like new date ("2013-1-1") and returns

9 ways to realize JavaScript's inheritance _javascript skills

Unlike class-based programming languages, such as C + + and Java,javascript, inheritance is based on prototypes. At the same time, because JavaScript is a very flexible language, its implementation of inheritance is also very many ways. The first

On the _javascript skills of JavaScript grammar and timing function

First, JavaScript basic syntax. (i) Data type and variable type. Integer, Decimal, Layout, string, date time, array cast: parseint () parsefloat () isNaN () (ii) array var array name = new Array ([length]); "Counterfeit" array a.length-length

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