Linux 15th week

1. Summarize the detailed usage of SED and awk;Sedsed is essentially an editor, but it is non-interactive, and it is a character stream oriented, and the input character stream is output after sed processing. SED itself is a pipeline command, can be

The logger of Linux commands

Logger is used to write logs to the system, he provides a shell command interface to the Syslog system module, and can write a line of information directly to the system log file from the command line, and the default log is saved

A brief introduction to Linux and the introduction of common commands

A brief introduction to Linux and the introduction of common commandsThis note takes the Ubuntu system as an exampleUbuntu system installation Self-Baidu, or reference to

Linux kernel configuration, compilation, and Makefile overview

Hi, hello, everyone! I'm crazycatjack. Recently learning the Linux kernel configuration, compiling and makefile files. Today to summarize the results of learning, share to everyone ^_^1. Decompression PatchingThe first is to decompress the Linux

How Linux servers set read and write permissions for files and folders

Ways to modify a file's read-write propertiesFor example: Modify the index.htm file to a writable, readable executable:chmod 777 index.htmTo modify all the file properties under the directory writable readable executable:chmod 777 * *You can use *

Linux system memory consumption more than 90%?

Problem:[[email protected] zx_epp_db]# free-m Total used free shared buffers cachedmem: 15953 14706 1246 0 12687-/+ buffers/cache: 1979 13973Swap: 8015 27 7988--

Linux Basic article -19,w who whoami last Lastb lastlog basename

W who whoami last Lastb lastlog basename sleep hostname mail################################################W.H.O.WhoAmILast: Displays the/var/log/wtmp file, showing the user login history and System restart historyLastb:/var/log/btmp file that

Usage of the Linux Date command

In Linux shell programming, adding and subtraction operations that are often used for dates are previously calculated by using the expr function, which is cumbersome. In fact, the date command itself provides a convenient addition and subtraction of

3rd Linux Common Commands (1) _ File Processing command

1. file processing commands1.1 command format: command [-option] [arguments], such as Ls–la/etc(1) Individual command use does not follow this format(2) When there are multiple options, can be written together, such as the above-la(3) simplified

Linux Basic Learning (16) DNS server-related configuration

DNS CacheWhat is a DNS cache?The dns  server can cache  DNS  records received from other  DNS  servers.   can also use caching in  DNS  customer service as a way to cache information cached by the  DNS  client during the most recent query.   Overall

Unzip more than 4GB zip file in Linux environment

Today, in the Linux server to extract a zip compression package, the following error message: [Email protected] zip_bcsa_courses]#Unzipbcsa_medias_bak_20161118.ZipError:zipfileToo big (greater than4294959102bytes)

Writing the Linux/unix daemon

Original: daemon is widely used in the Linux/unix system. Sometimes, developers also want to turn their programs into daemons. When creating a daemon, you are exposed to a number

Linux Syslog Learning

Most of the things that have been related to watching lighttpd facgi. See the following sample code on the LIGHTTPD website.#include #include #include #include #include #define Listensock_fileno 0#define listensock_flags 0int Main (int argc,

RPM: Linux Disk expansion

from: to increase the size of a Linux LVM by expanding the virtual machine diskPosted by Jarrod on December, + Leave a comment (181) Go to

Linux Learning Notes (ii) file and directory management

1, absolute path "must be the root directory/write"; The relative path "is not/write".2. Special catalogue has.,..,-,~,~account, need attention.3, directory-related commands have cd,mkdir,rmdir,pwd and other important commands.4, rmdir can only

Linux DHCP sends an AC address to the H3C AP via OPTION43

for DHCP services, settings can be made on many platforms. So here we will focus on the Linux DHCP server via option 43 implementation of the H3C AP automatically contact the relevant content of the AC registration. The original DHCP server was

Linux Settings sftp service user directory permissions

We sometimes encounter the need to restrict a Linux user to add, modify, delete only in the specified directory, and only use SFTP to log on to the server, not SSH operation. These can be implemented by configuring the SFTP service.There are vsftpd

Linux view the size of folders and files in the current directory

The file parameter is actually a directory that reports all the files in that directory. If the file parameter is not provided, the DU command uses the files in the current directory.If the file parameter is a directory, then the number of reported

Linux view the current system load situation

UptimeThe Linux uptime command is primarily used to obtain information such as host uptime and query Linux system uptime02:03:50 up 126 days, 12:57, 2 users, load average:0.08, 0.03, 0.0510:19:04 up 257 days, 18:56, users, load average:2.10,

Linux command (IN): Tar command-archive tool


Tar command Function descriptionTAR is an acronym for Tape archive, a frequently used archive tool under Linux, often seeing files with the file names ending in. tar and tgz, which are files that are archived with the normal TAR commands and

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