[Linux]ubuntu Installation of Rmysql package


One Linux command per day (4): mkdir

1. Introduction to Commandsmkdir (Make directory creates a directory): Creates a directory if the specified directory does not exist. When you create a directory, you are asked to write permissions for the user who created the directory, and you

TI Processor SDK Linux am335x EVM setup.sh hacking

#!/bin/SH# # TI processor SDK Linux am335x EVM setup.SHhacking# Description: # This article mainly explains the setup.sh script in TI's SDK, in order to understand its working mechanism. # The main time in the file is to invoke the script under bin.

TI Processor SDK Linux am335x evm/bin/setup-minicom.sh hacking

#!/bin/sh## ti Processor SDK Linux am335x EVM/bin/setup-minicom.sh hacking# Description: # This article mainly on the TI SDK in the setup-The minicom.sh script is interpreted in order to understand # its working mechanism. ##

"Linux kernel Design and implementation" chapter fourth

The scheduler is responsible for deciding which process to run, when to run, and how long it will run. Only through the dispatch program reasonable scheduling, system resources to maximize the role, multi-process will have the effect of concurrent

Analysis and research of real-time Linux based on Xenomai

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/cyberlabs/article/details/6967192 introductionWith the rapid development of embedded devices, the function and flexibility of embedded devices are more and more high, and many embedded devices start to use the

Linux upgrade OpenSSL

1. Current system version[Plain] View Plain Copy  -sh-4.1$ Cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Release 6.5 (Final) -sh-4.1$ uname-m x86_64 -sh-4.1$ Uname-r 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64 2. SSL version Information[Plain] View Plain Copy  #

"Linux kernel design and implementation" Reading notes of the fourth chapter

The 4th chapter of the process scheduling more than 4.1 tasksMulti-tasking system can be divided into: non-preemptive multi-task and preemptive multi-task.Linux provides preemptive multi-tasking mode. In preemptive multitasking mode,

Linux Common Commands 1

Ls List is used to display target lists Grammar ls [Options ...] [Arguments ...] Options -A all displays all files and directories (including hidden files that begin with.) and the directory itself. and the parent directory. ) -A shows all hidden

The cacti of Linux monitoring

DirectoryFirst, common monitoring softwareIi. Overview of CactiThree, cacti working principleIv. installation of cactiV. Configure cacti Monitor the machineNote: All software in this document is installed with YumI. Overview of common monitoring

Simple method of processing BOM head and ^m under Linux

Linux has a large share of Web servers and embedded devices, and Microsoft windows has a large share of desktop operating systems, so a lot of people like to use Windows to control the operation of Linux.Since the use of Windows to control Linux, it

Linux egrep file content search tool and extended regular expression detailed

Linux egrep file content search tool and extended regular expression detailedegrep Command : Search for text based on patterns (matching criteria for text characters and extended Regular expression meta-character combinations)and displays the line

Linux device-driven firmware loading

As a driver author, you may find that you face a device that must download the firmware into it before it can support work. The competition in many parts of the hardware market is so strong that even a bit of the cost of the EEPROM used for device

Create, copy, cut, rename, empty, and delete commands for folders under Linux

In the home directory there is a wwwroot directory, wwwroot under the Sinozzz directory, that is/home/wwwroot/sinozzzFirst, Directory creationCreate a new sinozzz123 folder under the/home/wwwroot directoryMkdir/home/wwwroot/sinozzz123Second,

Linux Scripting Technology---8


first, what is a scriptA script is an executable (777) text file that contains a series of command sequences. When the script file is run, the sequence of commands contained in the file will be automatically executed. Second, script

View file encoding and modification code under Linux

View File EncodingThere are several ways to view file encodings in Linux:1. The file encoding can be viewed directly in Vim: Set fileencodingYou can display the file encoding format. If you just want to see other encoded files or if you want to

Linux Kernel analysis-executable program loading

Linked process First, run the C preprocessor CPP and translate the C source program (A.C) into an ASCII intermediate file (A.I) Then C compiler CCL, translate A.I into ASCII assembly language file A.s Then run assembler as to

Under the Linux platform, set the core dump file properties (location, size, file name, etc.)

Under the Linux platform, set the method for the core dump file generation:1) Enter ULIMIT-C in the terminal if the result is 0, the system does not generate a core dump when the program crashes.2) Use the Ulimit-c Unlimited command to turn on the

Experiment Seven: How the Linux kernel loads and starts an executable program

Experiment Seven: How the Linux kernel loads and starts an executable programName: Wang ZhaoxianStudy No.: 20135114Note: Original works reproduced please specify the source + "Linux kernel analysis" MOOC course http://mooc.study.163.com/course/USTC-1

Linux Kernel Analysis: Experiment seven--linux kernel how to load and start an executable program

Liu Chang Original works reproduced please indicate the source "Linux kernel Analysis" MOOC course http://mooc.study.163.com/course/USTC-1000029000write in frontThis experiment focuses on the process of loading and starting an executable program in

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