IOS Universal links (Universal link)

The company's operations, found that a large number of recent requests/.well-known/apple-app-site-association this file, resulting in a large number of 404, but who requested it?In fact, Apple has changed the path of the generic link's request file

About iOS navigation controller hide and show a return key is invalid, navigation bar title animation exception

Recently did the demo bug appeared, I think this bug appeared very classic so post it to everyone to see,The Bug demo is: Clicking the Back button fails with the following GIF illustrationWhy will appear so wonderful bug, the system's return key

Android animated Images

In Android, animated images are much more vivid and cool than static images, and because of this visual effect, you should find that most of the app's navigation pages in our phones are also displayed using animated images. Animated pictures are

iOS large file multipart upload and breakpoint continuation

Summarize the problem of large file multipart upload and breakpoint continuation. Because the file is too large (such as 1G or more), you must consider the upload process network interruption. HTTP network request itself already has the multipart

iOS Development multithreaded article---atomic nonatomic differences

SummaryThe atomic and nonatomic differences are used to determine whether the getter and setter generated by the compiler are atomic operations. Atomic provides multithreading security, is to describe whether the variable supports multi-threaded

Preview the android XML layout file hint This version of the rendering library are more recent than your version of ADT plug-in. Please update ADT plug-in,

When Eclipse creates an Android project, you are prompted when previewing the Layout.xml file: This version of the rendering library was more recent than your version of ADT plug- In. Please update ADT plug-in, resulting in the inability to preview

An explanation of XML tools properties in Android

First PartIn Android development, when writing layout code, the IDE can see the layout Preview.However, some effects must be run before they can be seen, like this: TextView does not set any characters in the XML, but instead sets the text in the

linux_ files and folders [create] [copy] [move] [delete] [rename]

One, File/folder creation1, the creation of the file touch, Vi/vim/nano, ...SyntaxTouch [-acfm][-d ][-r ][-t Supplemental Note: Use the touch command to change the date and time of a file or directory, including access time and change Getting Started: Xamarin uses webserver and HTML interaction

First, IntroductionToday, ANDROID+HTML5 development has become the most popular development model.Android can be implemented by WebView and JS Interaction, in the program to invoke the JS code, only need to set the WebView control's support JS

Some questions about Apple in-app purchases (IAP) and those pits

Recently in the study of Apple purchase function, so, on the Internet to find some information, to learn. However, the internal purchase function in the process of implementation, there are many pits, I really met a lot of ah, the following is their

Android App performance Optimization series view article--svg image version compatibility and performance optimization solutions

SVG vectors are far superior to PNG bitmaps in terms of image expressiveness, and are much more convenient for maintainability and modification than bitmaps. Although Android introduced the SVG image solution in version 5.0: Vector. However,

iOS Fury Trail (START)---learning route summary

I. Learning route planningAndroid and iOS are the two biggest platforms on the move today, but who can guarantee that the two platforms will thrive for a lifetime? Nobody can guarantee that one will become the second Nokia in the next few years, so

Fix h5 video tag, Android, ipad client playback is normal, iphone client cannot play

After inserting a video playback tag in the HTML5, the Android and ipad clients play normally when the test is done, except that the iphone comes with a browser that does not play.Workaround:When the user uses the client to access the H5 page when

Android Systemproperties System Properties Detailed

Systemproperties class in the Android.os, but this class is hidden, the upper program development can not be used directly, with the Java reflection mechanism can be.Java code to create and modify Android properties with Systemproperties.set (name,

iOS Development Basics-Fragmentation 48

1:assertion Failure in Dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:forindexpath:Static @" Cell " *cell = [TableView dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier:cellidentifier Forindexpath:indexpath];The above is under the IOS9 has

Android Get Pictures EXIF info

Use the Android API to read EXIF information for picturesLayout code:LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://"Xmlns:tools= "Http://"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height=

Android Activity: Four boot modes, Intent flags and task stacks (transfer from others blog)

Every interface in Android is an activity, and switching interface operations is actually an instantiation of multiple different activity. How does the individual page jump relationship decide? If you start the ABCD Activiy in sequence, how do I get

Fade Animation of Android graphics

Realized an interesting little thing: with a custom view drawing, draw lines, and the lines fade until they disappear. The effect is as follows:Using a property animation or a gradient fill (Shader) can be a stroke of change, but to a gradient (the

iOS click cell to view larger image, click the large image to restore the small image

First, the project needsShow a lot of photos with CollectionView, click on a photo, and view the picture in a full-screen scrollview infinite loop.Click on the enlarged image to reduce the image to its original size. Gif1.gif, click the

An analysis of the asynctask mechanism of Android Learning notes

I. Related BASIC 1 uses Used to quickly open asynchronous tasks and handle time-consuming operations. Processes asynchronous tasks in a thread pool, and submits progress and processing results to the main thread processing. 2 asynctask

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