IOS Get User-agent

The first of these methodsUIWebView *webview = [[UIWebView alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectzero];NSString *useragent = [WebView stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring:@ "navigator.useragent"];NSLog (@ "-----------------%@", useragent);The second method

Ios,plist file, PCH file

1. Using PCH Files2. Configure the URL in Info.plist schemes3.plist configuration Camera interface, copy, paste and other menu display language display in ChinesePCH files can be used to store shared information* Store some global macros (macros

Abstract classes and abstract functions of java4android Basic Learning

1. Abstract classes and abstract functions1) The definition of an abstract class, plus the keyword abstract before the class, such as:Abstract class test{}2) The definition of an abstract function, with the keyword abstract before the function, such

App message push (Aurora push)

App message push, use of third party platform is Aurora pushSimple case (take thinkphp as an example):1, download Download phpsdk2, the PHPSDK directory under the Jpush-api-php-client-3.5.1\src\jpush,jpush all the files copied to the project:

Android Asyntask processing return data and asyntask using Get,post request

Android is a single-threaded model, the Android interface (UI) drawing can only be done in the main thread, if the main thread in the time-consuming operation, it will affect the drawing of the UI and the response of the event. So on Android, it is

When iOS Layoutsubviews and DrawRect methods are called

The layoutsubviews is called in the following cases:1. Init initialization does not trigger layoutsubviews.2, Addsubview will trigger layoutsubviews.3, set the frame of the view will trigger Layoutsubviews, of course, if the frame value has changed

Android Learning Notice (Notification)

Wirelessly creating a notification requires the use of Notificationmanager to manage notifications. Can be obtained by invoking the Getssystemservice () method of the context. The Getssystemservice () method receives a parameter, which is a string

Apply and call simple usage and judge the pits of arrays

1 typeof and Instanceofvar array = [];Usually if you determine whether an object is an array, you might use the typeof array, but the output is "object".typeof generally can only return the following

Native method for manual touch scrolling on the mobile side

var isscrolling, startpos, Endpos; var slider = {//Determine if the device supports touch Event touch: (' ontouchstart ' in window) | | window. Documenttouch && document Instanceof Documenttouch, slider:document.getElementById ('

iOS Development Knowledge Point Supplement

One: The difference between self class,self superclass super class Super SuperclassNew Subperson inherits person, which is printed in Subperson as follows:NSLog (@ "%@%@%@%@", [Self-class], [self-superclass], [Super class], [Super superclass]),

Android day1_ Quick Start

---1--------------------------------------------------Mobile phone format 3G, 4G g:generation1g: Cellular   Call is locked in a certain frequency of 2g:gsm, CDMA and other digital phones   stable call quality, Internet WAP, etc.         gsm:2g    G 

Android Studio Point 9 figure

On Eclipse. 9 figure can be used normally, but to the Androidstudio on the error can not be quoted, the hint is not found. 9 diagram problem. Solution: Androidstudio A more rigorous definition of the. 9 diagram, 1. If a picture is not. 9, the suffix

Android 7.0 Behavioral changes-developers should focus on (official website simultaneous translation)

Android 7.0 Behavioral changes-developers should focus on (official website simultaneous translation) Copyright NOTICE: Reprint must indicate this article transferred from Zhangjie's blog: If you want to

iOS Aurora push jumps to the specified page

To initialize the SDK first, the official document has[Jpushservice registerforremotenotificationtypes: (Uiusernotificationtypebadge | Uiusernotificationtypesound | Uiusernotificationtypealert) Categories:nil];[Jpushservice

BIOS explanation: What is the BIOS? What is the role of BIOS? CMOS and its relationship to the BIOS?

1. What is the BIOS ?The BIOS is an abbreviation for the English basic input output system, and the Chinese name is the basic input and output systems after translation. Its full name should be Rom-bios, meaning read-only memory basic input/output

JS picture front-End compression multi-image upload (rotation is actually good, but the phone side has a problem to first compression and then rotation)

var filechooser = document.getElementById ("choose"); Canvas var canvas for compressing pictures = document.createelement ("Canvas"); var ctx = Canvas.getcontext (' 2d '); Tile canvas var Tcanvas = document.createelement ("Canvas"); var tctx =

"ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android Development note"-off-line integration technology: Offline vector data synchronization

1. PrefaceIn the previous article, we realized the editing operation of offline elements, this article mainly introduces the synchronization function of the offline data in the last part of the online integration technology, through the data upload,

iOS Development Tips (Series 18: Extended Uicolor, hex color settings supported)

Create a new category named Uicolor+hex, which indicates that the Uicolor supports hex hex color settings.Uicolor+hex.h file,#import#define Rgba_color (R, G, B, A) [Uicolor colorwithred: ((r)/255.0f) Green: ((G)/255.0f) Blue: ((B)/255.0f)

"iOS Interview Series-2" the logical relationship between synchronous, asynchronous, and serial, parallel in multi-threading (required, must be mastered)


One, synchronous, asynchronous and serial, parallelTask serial execution means that only one task is executed at a time, and the concurrent execution of the task is that multiple tasks can be executed at the same moment.a synchronization function is

Android Development Issue Notes

1, Toolbar problem: Minimum version 15, must use support, in order to use Toolbar,toobar is 5.0 introduced2, bottomtab: this with tablayout solved3, the backend API is best to use a mature framework to do,RESTful django-rest-framework, for example,

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