Mobile Safari picture Upload vertical change horizontal processing

In the mobile phone safari upload pictures, vertical photos will become a horizontal photo, the following program fragment using the picture EXIF information to rotate the picture back, code copied from official website.

jquery uses regular expressions to verify phone numbers, mailboxes, ID cards (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Oneself to the regular verification also did not system used, this time to do a demo, all of a sudden put these all use, next time need to take directly.The following code is used in the page to verify the use of jquery, but also in the background

React native Components ScrollView and StatusBar and Tabbarios

The component ScrollView in React native is similar to Uiscrollview in iOS, and its basic usage and familiarity are as follows:/** * Sample React Native App * * Week less stop ScrollView Common Properties * 20

iOS multithreading gcd detailed


We are here to review the GCD.1. What is GCD?GCD full name Grand Central Dispatch, our popular translation is called the Center dispatch.2. What do we do with GCD?With GCD, developers no longer have to deal directly with threads, just add code

[Li Jingshan php] every day tp5-20161212| App.php-2

Public static function run (request  $request  = null) {// thinkphp after   Automatic loading, error takeover, configuration file presets, and finally began to execute.     //  First step: Get request Parameters     is_null ($request)  && $ Request =

The mysterious applicationpoolidentity no longer need mom to worry about the program pool is safe.

In IIS 7 and IIS 7.5, we can set a special identity (user ID) for the application pool: applicationpoolidentity. So what exactly does this logo mean? What is it exactly? I'll tell you the answer to that.This identity setting will dynamically

[Original]java Web Learning Note 81:hibernate Learning Path---Object relational mapping file (. hbm.xml): hibernate-mapping node, class node, ID node (primary key generation policy), property node

The purpose of this blog: ① summary of their own learning process, equivalent to study notes ② to share their own experience to everyone, learn from each other, communication, not commercialcontent inevitably appear problems, welcome to correct,

iOS Learning Notes (01)-Generics

decided to open a new hole in the continuous learning while sharing their learning process to everyone, not only the record of their own learning, but also hope to provide you with a bit of help.  This article mainly introduces the meaning of

Time in animation for iOS development

OverviewIn the animation, we specify the duration of the animation. For examplescaleAnimation.duration = self.config.appearDurationSo what is the definition of this time? Does it mean the absolute time?Hierarchical time structureThe layer's display

iOS Development UI Chapter-Program startup principle and UIApplication

1.UIApplication is the symbol of the application, a UIApplication object represents an application2. Each application has its own UIApplication object, and it is a singleton3. This singleton object can be obtained by [UIApplication Sharedapplication]

iOS Tutorial: Detailed caching mechanism for iOS multi-image downloads

iOS tutorials, iOS dry has been too late for everyone to share, the small part is also always busy Ah! Today, we offer iOS: A detailed explanation of the caching mechanism of iOS multi-image download1. What is the demand point?The multi-image

Runtime (IOS)

Runtime (IOS) First, what is the runtime (runtime)? Runtime is the pure C-language development library provided by Apple (Runtime is a very good, often used in the development of the underlying technology) Second, the role of the run

File operations under C # WPF application

Well, the computer sucks, spend a lot of time every day waiting for computer reaction.No money to buy a new computer, not even a group of desktops. Oh, good.Oh, ah, what the hell is the file operation??? C + + I am ignorant, C # a lot of things to

Move the mouse over the past to become bigger and greener

Original codeHTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8"> Metaname= "Generator"content= "HTML Tidy for HTML5 (experimental) for Windows" /> title>Mouse move Past zoom colortitle> style>#div1{width:200px;

Iosoc immutable dictionaries and mutable dictionaries

Both key and value belong to the (ID) object typeKey commonly used string nsstring to representStore numeric type generally available nsstringint age->@ (age)[Dic[name] intvalue];@ ()-Turn into NSNumber typeIntvalueValue can make any object

All actions for iOS immutable groups

#pragma mark to create an array1. Creating an array from an object methodNsarray * array = [[Nsarray alloc]initwithobjects:@ "one", @ "one", @ "three", @ "four", @ "Five", nil];NSLog (@ "%@", array);Nil means null, the essence is 0, if the

Understanding Memory management for IOS

The story of the ancient timesPeople who have experienced manual management of the Memory (MRC) era must remember memory management in IOS development. At that time about 2010, the domestic IOS development has just emerged, Tinyfool uncle's name has

Week2 Bing Dictionary android client case study

First, software researchOperating platform: Android 4.4.4Bing Version: 5.2.21. Bug Discovery1.1Bug Title: Word Challenge failed to load and refreshBug Detailed Description: The learning interface of the word Challenge module, after the Click does

The----of Android system explains the service invocation mechanism of AMS remote and the activation process of activity

First, why this article does not introduce the hook system AMS serviceIn a previous article that has been explained in the Android Hook system service, as well as the ability to intercept specific methods, according to the process this article

Android multi-channel packaging details

Android multi-channel packaging detailsIn the interview, if the interviewer suddenly asked: "How did you play the channel bag?" If you say it is compiled with Gradle one, and then he despises that this efficiency is too low, you have written what

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