iOS offline packaging

Preparation environment iOS development environment, Mac OS, XCode version 7.2 or above; Download Hbuilder offline packaged iOS SDK (5+ SDK download). SDK Directory Description

The pixel and DPR of mobile web development

[1] definition [2] classification [3] scaling [4]DPR[5]API front wordsPixels are used almost every day in web development, but what exactly is a pixel, is there a difference between the pixel on the mobile and the desktop, and how does scaling

Fast automatic generation of model, mapper and other files using mybatis-generator combined with ant script in MyBatis

Students who have used MyBatis know that the database tables used in each project need to establish their corresponding database additions and deletions to xxxmapper.xml files, The entity class file and other classes are used to invoke the

Multi-Threading Technology for iOS development (Nsthread, Operationqueue, GCD)


In the previous blog if the use of asynchronous requests, but also used to third-party things, there is no serious used in iOS multi-threaded things. In fact, multi-threaded things are still very important, if for the previous learning of the

Three elements of the mobile Web development screen

xTable of Contents [1] screen size [2] resolution [3] pixel density in front of the wordsIn fact, no one has ever mentioned that the word "three elements" of the screen is the term that I summarize in the relevant sections of the mobile Web

The so-called Address Book in iOS (a) (self-made simplified view version)

In iOS, there are two frames to access the user's contacts Addressbookui.framework Contact List interface, contact details interface, add contact interface, etc. are provided

iOS development: Running in the background and keeping programs running in the background for a long time

First Part1. First talk about the iOS app 5 states:Stop running-the application has terminated or has not started.Inactive-The application is in the foreground but no longer receives the event (for example, the user has locked the device while the

Android Dex Sub-package scheme

when an app becomes more complex, with more and more code, one day you may suddenly encounterThe following phenomena:1. Generated APK before 2.3 machine cannot install, prompt install_failed_dexopt2. The number of methods is too large, error at

iOS remote push principle and implementation process

? More technical Dry please poke: Listen to the Cloud blogPush notifications are an essential feature of today's apps. So how do we implement remote push in IOS? What is the remote push principle of IOS? When we do IOS remote push, we encounter a

IOS Interview encyclopedia from Simple to complex (simple article

Part One people ask you what you feel like this is what you say. Basic question 1. UIWindow and UIView and the calayer of the relationship and difference?A: UIView is the base class for the view, Uiviewcontroller is the base class for the view

Error grooming in iOS development (best project, indicator location) set control dimensions and point coordinates, set dimensions first, then set point coordinates

The previous settings for the control's dimensions and point coordinates have always been to think about what to write and never care about the order. And then there was the lesson of this blood!!!!! The following is the error, set the center

Regular match: Email password strength ID Phone number date etc.

regular expressions, a very old and powerful text processing tool, can quickly implement a very complex business logic by simply using a very short expression statement. Mastering regular expressions skillfully can make your development efficiency

Android--A tentative approach to MVP mode

1, I believe you are very familiar with the MVP model, m-model-model, v-view-view, c-controller-Controller. The MVP evolved as an MVC version, similar to the meaning of MVC: The m-model-model, the v-view-view, the p-presenter-representation. From

Android Universal Pop frame Daquan

1. Caching name Description Disklrucache Java implementation of LRU-based disk caching 2. Image loading name Description Android

Getbuiltprojectoutputrecursive Error running Xamarin Forms IOS on Visual Studio

Seems like I get this weird problem while running Xamarin.ios on Visual Studio. This happened after I updated to the latest Xamarin (today).I have connected to my Mac though. I tried to Google it, no answer ..."Error msb4057:the Target"

IOS Project Debugging

IOS common bug Debugging Method common operation3The basic breakpoint operation is as followsFigure 4Click on the Black column to create a breakpoint, click again to temporarily cancel the breakpoint (but do not delete), long press the breakpoint

The OnCreate of Android development

Recently saw some developers do the app development, although all achieve a relatively perfect function, but many places is very far-fetched! I think: As a qualified software engineer, the most important thing is not how much code you write, but how

Several methods of data persistence in iOS development--nsuserdefaults

Several methods of data persistence in iOS development--nsuserdefaultsIOS development, often encounter the need to keep some data in the local situation, then we have the following options to choose:First, the use of Nsuserdefault is the simplest

Event distribution mechanism in Android--viewgroup event distribution

OverviewThe event distribution mechanism in Android is the distribution and processing of events between view and ViewGroup. The interior of ViewGroup contains many view, and ViewGroup inherits from view, so ViewGroup itself is also a view. The

IOS Source Control Tool SVN

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