60.Android Universal Popular Framework Daquan

reprint: 1190000005073746Android Universal Pop frame Daquan 1. Caching name Description Disklrucache Java implementation of LRU-based disk caching 2. Image loading

Solutions to data standards and quality AppScan (test) security issues

1. SQL injection file write (user authentication required)Workaround: Through the establishment of a filter method, all user input information to clean up filtering. Filtering the dangerous characters contained by user input can prevent malicious

iOS Development Database Chapter---fmdatabasequeue Database queue security Operations

#import "FMDB.h"@interface Czviewcontroller ()-(ibaction) Insertonclick;-(ibaction) Deleteonclick;-(ibaction) Updateonclick;-(ibaction) Queryonclick;@property (nonatomic, strong) Fmdatabase *db;@property (nonatomic, strong) Fmdatabasequeue

Android okhttp Full parsing It's time to get to know okhttp.

Reprinted from:Android okhttp Full parsing It's time to get to know okhttp.I. OverviewRecently in the group heard a variety of discussion okhttp topic, it can be seen okhttp reputation is quite good. Plus Google seems to have deleted the HttpClient

Use of Android--sqlite

1, familiar with the general use of SQLite, in the actual development, in order to better manage and maintain the database, we will encapsulate a inherit from the Sqliteopenhelper class database operation class, and then based on this class, and

IOS system time is converted to the current timezone time

-(NSDate *) Getnowdatefromatandate: (NSDate *) anydate{Set source date Time zonenstimezone* Sourcetimezone = [Nstimezone timezonewithabbreviation:@ "UTC"];//or GMTSet the target date time zone after conversionnstimezone* destinationTimeZone =

Android Monkey Stress Test Introduction

Monkey is a command-line tool provided by the Android SDK that can be easily and easily run on any version of the Android emulator and physical device. Monkey will send a pseudo-random user event stream for stress testing of the appRead

iOS Network Development Basics-How to send data to the server

There are three ways to send data to the server: nsurlrequest,nsmutableurlrequest,nsurlconnectionNsurlrequest sending a synchronous or asynchronous request to the serverExample: How to send a GET Request* The default is GET Request1.URLNsurl *url =

Arithmetic APPNABCD model

Team:Guo Zhihao: http://www.cnblogs.com/gzh13692021053/Yang Zikian: http://www.cnblogs.com/yzj666/Liu Xingsong: http://www.cnblogs.com/lssh/Tan Yusen: http://www.cnblogs.com/dalaotan/1) N (need demand) 1. Arithmetic is mainly in the field of

SB in iOS and Xib's past life

Today, let's introduce three kinds of commonly used application writing methods in Apple development: pure code creation, using Storyboard/xib. as we all know, the code-writing mode is suitable for large-scale projects, and it is good for versioning,

Android Get storage space

Package com.example.getMem;Import Java.io.File;Import Android.os.Build;Import Android.os.Bundle;Import android.os.Environment;Import Android.os.StatFs;Import Android.text.format.Formatter;Import Android.widget.TextView;Import

Get Android SHA1 and package

The SHA1 values under development mode (Debug) and Release mode (release) are different, and when releasing the APK, you need to reconfigure key according to the KeyStore of the release apk, and get the method of SHA1 in the release mode refer to

An implementation of encrypting TLS encrypted data (mobile end +pc side)

The last time to share the idea of cracking the mobile phone encryption data, is to use the intermediary agent to crack, network security call this practice called Man-in-the-middle, today talk about how to achieve.Coincidentally, on March 2, 2016, 3

iOS Development learning Note-Data Persistence database (Sqlite.swift)

Data Persistence SQLite database (Sqlite.swift use )First, introductionSQLite is a lightweight embedded database, it occupies a very low resource, in the embedded device, may only need hundreds of K of memory is sufficient. Its processing speed is

Android Official auto-Pull refresh feature

Recently want to write down the refresh function, the Internet to find the third-party framework of the most famous Pulltorefresh also stopped maintenance in 2013, accidentally found that Google has already launched its own drop-down refresh

The Android client interacts with the server for data (two, login client)

ProfileThe Android client is divided into four sections of user,httputil,httpcallbacklistener,mainactivity. The user model is the same as the server, on the one hand, the storage model for local user information, and the same key used to construct

Android Guide Pack causes java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

The total number of SDK methods cannot exceed 65k. Whether other three-party libraries are also introduced, resulting in a total exceeding the limit. Exceeding the limit causes some classes not to be found and raises Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

UIWindow in IOS

When you create a new project with xcode, Xcode automatically creates a new file with Appdelegate.h,appdelegate.m,viewcontroller.h,viewcontroller.m,main.storyboard. One of the objects in AppDelegate.h is uiwindow, and the code is as

iOS multithreading gcd detailed


Today we are here to learn about GCD1. What is gcd?GCD full name Grand Central Dispatch, our popular translation is called the Center Dispatch.2. What do we do with gcd?With GCD, developers no longer have to deal directly with threads, just add code

Acquisition of local picture resources and video recording resources in Android

Often used to the local image acquisition, as well as recording and so on, so a little tidy up a bit, the pattern is almost, we can refer to.Here write the code piece package com.ly.day72_camera;Import android.content.Intent;Import

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