Android Learning route Summary, Absolute Dry

First, prefaceUnconsciously I have been doing a few years of development, by remembering just came out of work when I feel I can be a good, now think back up feeling well ignorant. The more you know, the less you will find.If your knowledge is a

iOS Hot update-jspatch Implementation principle +patch onsite Recovery

About HotfixpatchIn the area of iOS development, because of Apple's stringent auditing standards and inefficiencies, iOS apps are extremely slow to release, with a slightly larger version of the app almost one months old, so code hot Update

Parameters of interfaces in mybatis and mapping relationships in mapper files

There are several situations: A parameter Do not use annotations 1. The parameter is the base type or package type.            Parameter comment: #{any character}2. The parameter is an object.            Parameter

iOS Development--APNs

Objective:The APNs agreement was changed two times in the last two years of the WWDC, and the new revolutionary features were introduced on December 17, 2015.Body:The APNs of the tankAPNs is the abbreviation for Apple Push Notification Service (note

Android Picture trim Frame ucrop usage

1 Ucrop IntroductionThe recent project used the picture clipping function, so Baidu a bit, found ucrop this frame, the frame of the star number, decided to use this framework Ucrop's github address: Https://

Android Development Note (88) Sync and lock

Synchronous synchronized synchronization method synchronized can be used to lock a method or block of code, and when it modifies a method or a block of code, at most one thread at a time executes the code. This means that when two concurrent threads

An explanation of the "go" iOS cache mechanism

Demon 77: should I have a cacheThe main reason the application needs to work offline is to improve the performance that the application shows. Caching your app's content can support offline. We can use two different

iOS development data Persistence, archiving method

1. Convert the data to be displayed into a model, archive the object, and then parse the stored object to use2. Can be packaged to facilitate the use of packaging methods deposited in the Baidu Cloud, need to leave a message/** Archive Method

Parallax Mapping (Parallax Mapping) and steep parallax mapping (steep palallax Mapping)


Parallax Mapping (Parallax Mapping)Demo Downloadparallax mapping has been widely used, only need to increase the depth of a model surface texture information, you can approximate the simulation model of the bump, in the case of no need for light, no

"BZOJ-3757" apple tree block tree + tree on the MO team

3757: Apple tree time limit:20 Sec Memory limit:256 MB submit:1305 solved:503 [Submit] [Status] [Discuss] DescriptionGod Ben an apple tree at the door of his house. The apple tree, as a tree, is of course a tree-like structure, with each

Android Hook with xposed

The main thing is to use two more important methods in xposed, Handleloadpackage get the callback of the package load and get the corresponding Classloader;findandhookmethod to hook the method of the specified class./*** Callback when package is

Setting cookies in IOS network requests

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Directory (?) [+]1. ASIHTTPRequestASIHTTPRequest is an extremely robust HTTP access to open source project. Let the simple API complete

iOS Edge Learning-multithreading, nsthread, thread safety, and communication between threads

One, multi-threading in iOS Multithreading principle (before multithreading this piece did not learn, before the understanding of multithreading is also wrong, here to correct, study this piece) There are several ways to

Scrapy Crawl information about home rental and generate mobile app (i)

Let's start by documenting a small example of what I did with scrapy.Version of software used: Python 2.7.11, Scrapy 1.0.51. Operating procedures commonly used by Scrapy: Ur2imURL, Request, Response, Items, more URLs. You can use the following

Android Tween Animation XML Grooming

Objective:Tween animation is a transformation process that shows rotation, gradient, movement, and scaling, that is, motion tweens. There are two ways to define Tween animations: XML form, encoded form. This time, the main way to comb XML is to

Android Monkey (i)

Monkey is mainly divided into general class, event class, constraint class, debugging classThe general classes are:-H Help-V prints out log informationThe event classes are:-f Example: adb shell Monkey path 1 Number 1 refers to the number of

The Asynctask principle of Android

As you can tell by name, Asynctask is primarily used to handle asynchronous tasks in Android. But through the source code, we can see that its implementation is still dependent on the handler asynchronous message processing mechanism. Now let's

Android Access Webapi, passing JSON

public static string Sendhttprequestbypost (final String address,string encode,matterreflectdto dto) {String result = "";Defaulthttpclient defaulthttpclient = new Defaulthttpclient ();HttpPost HttpPost = new HttpPost (address);String jsonstring =

The difference between the append of jquery and Appendto, and the appendchild usage in JS

The difference between the append of jquery and AppendtoAppend () is preceded by the object to be selected, followed by the element content to be inserted inside the objectAppendTo () is preceded by the content of the element to be inserted and is a

iOS application architecture Talk (ii): view layer organization and invocation scenarios (middle)

The iOS client application architecture looks simple, but there are many things to Consider. The author of this article will be a series of articles to answer the questions in the iOS application architecture, This article is the second one, mainly

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