IOS Data Persistence

One, plist file storageGet filesNSString *path =*filename = [path stringbyappendingpathcomponent:@ "123.plist"];Storing dataNsarray *array = @[@"123"@"456"@ "789 " ]; [Array writetofile:filename atomically:yes];Reading dataNsarray *result = [Nsarray

Android--oncreate () method detailed

OnCreate () Method of Android developmentThe OnCreate () method is one of the most common methods of Android applications, so what should we pay attention to when using the OnCreate () method?First look at Google Android developers online

Apply to convert an array into a parameter list

Apply can convert an array by default to a list of arguments ([param1,param2,param3] to PARAM1,PARAM2,PARAM3) This is if we use a program to implement each item of the array, to replace the list of parameters.1.math.max gets the largest item in the

How to locate your phone/computer

There are four main methods: according to the accuracy of high and low, followed by GPS positioning, WiFi location, base station positioning, IP location. In fact, if there is offline data in the local, that does not network can also be located, see

Unity3d Voice Access for PC, iOS, Android

Voice AccessConsidering the mix between PC and iOS and Android, all recording formats are stored in the MP3 format and are the recommended audio files for unity.Premise: At present the more mature speech module by the Iflytek platform provides, at

Android (v) Animation animation

The first type: code format:

"Turn" Android Development Learning Summary (i)--build the latest version of the Android development environment

Recently, due to work in the development of an Android app, before the development of Javaweb, Android development, although some understand, but has not built a development environment to learn, Android update speed is faster, Android1.0 was

Get Mobile Info

Some commonly used mobile phone information access methods:[[Nsprocessinfo ProcessInfo] hostName]//globallyuniquestring Unique identifier, each call will be different, can be used as some temporary cache file name [[Nsprocessinfo ProcessInfo]

The base class mapper and the base class in 024_mapreduce reducer

Content Outline1) The base class Mapper class in MapReduce, customizing the parent class of the Mapper class.2) The base class reducer class in MapReduce, customizing the parent class of the Reducer class.1, Mapper ClassAPI documentation1)

List of properties for iOS data storage understanding

List of properties for iOS data storage understandingIntroduction to data storageData storage, or data persistence, refers to the way in which the application's data is saved.My understanding is that once an application has been developed, the

Actual network connection Status detection under iOS: realreachability


PrefaceNetwork connectivity Status detection is a very common requirement for our iOS app development. For a better user experience, we will show local or cached content when there is no network, and prompt the user appropriately. For the vast

After the program is sent to the background, borrow time from IOS to complete long-term tasks-prepare

12.2.2. ProgrammeUse UIApplication's Beginbackgroundtaskwithexpirationhandler: Instance method. After you complete the task, call UIApplication's Endbackgroundtask: method.12.2.3. DiscussionWhen an iOS app is sent to the background, its main thread

Enhance the user experience of H5 mobile pages with a simple picture preload component

In doing H5 mobile page, I believe you must have encountered the page has been opened, but the picture has not been loaded out of the situation, although this problem does not affect the function of the page, but not conducive to user experience.

Php5apache2_2.dll was APPACEH httpd.conf loading error The requested operation has failed

PHP5.4 Apache Mysql collocation and multi-site configuration in detail when the operation occurs such a problemis to change the Apacehe HTTP Server2.2 Program Configuration conf folder under the httpd.conf load LoadModule php5_module

Mobile-specific Database Realm introduction

We currently have a swift IOS app that uses realm for data storage, discarding CoreData and SQLite.Project Address Https:// is an alternative to the mobile database, SQLite and ORM framework that runs directly on mobile, tablet,

Android error MediaPlayer usage of media Player called in State *,androidmediaplayer

With Media Player, there are a few questions, rememberUsage is not said, when using the best reference to the MediaPlayer of this pictureThe first error is Media Player called in State 8This is because there was no prepare before calling start,

Linux RM changed to mobile data to recycle Bin

Transform RM commands under Linux to move files to the Recycle BinRM is a Linux file deletion command, it is a very powerful and very dangerous Linux under the command, especially RM-RF sometimes strong enough to make you cry without tears, when you

IOS Core Animation Advanced techniques-Implicit animation

On six chapters: Layer Tree Layer's Homestay Map Layer geometry Layer Visual effects Layer transformations Dedicated layers This essay focuses on implicit animation of layers.Implicit animations: No

Reduce the size of your iOS app

Reduce the size of your iOS appThis article was translated from: reducing the size of my AppQ: how can I make my program install a little bit smaller, so that the program downloads and installs faster?A: This article collects some tips for reducing

iOS development: get city, province and other information through latitude and longitude

iOS system with the positioning, with Cllocationmanager can easily achieve the positioning of the operation, obtained is a set of latitude and longitude, of course, you can also obtain the corresponding provinces, cities, streets and other

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