The corresponding relationship between Android system name, version, API level

Transferred from: Code name Version API Level Lollipop 5.1 API level 22 Lollipop 5.0 API level 21

Linux Learning Note: Installing the diagram plugin PnP 0.6.25 for Nagios 4.1.1

The deployment installation of Nagios 4.1.1 can be referenced Nagios client defaults to a plugin that has no self-drawing, and requires additional installation, which describes the most common

android--string and 16 binary conversion (solve Chinese garbled);/*** Created by Administrator on 2016/2/2. *-----------16 binary and string mutual transfer---------*------------solve the problem of Chinese garbled---------*/ Public classStringtosixthutils {Private StaticString

MD5 encryption of iOS development practices

What is MD5:Full name is Message Digest Algorithm 5 , translated into " Message digest Algorithm section 5 version "effect: Generates unique input information for the - bit hash value ( + characters)MD5 Features of:Input two different plaintext

Android dynamically set layout with Java (add Delete to modify layout)

XML is very convenient for developers, not only easy to use, but also able to debug in a timely manner, after modifying the interface to see the effect immediately.The Java Setup layout does not have this advantage. But Java can dynamically

Android HAL Module implementation

The android HAL (Hardware abstract layer) is designed to protect the intellectual property of some hardware providers in order to avoid the GPL of Linux. The idea is to put the control hardware action into the Android HAL, and Linux driver just do

Read "Android from getting Started to mastering" (20)--Image view

Picture View (ImageView)The ImageView class belongs to Android. The Widget package is also inherited from the Android.widget.View class, which derives subclasses such as ImageButton and Zoombutton, and is used primarily for processing images. You

Android App Development Basics (6)-----Service

Link Address: OverviewWe know that service is one of the four components of Android. In my opinion, services can be understood as a service running in the background, but it is not run

Get and post requests for iOS development practices

Get and post requests for iOS development practicesGet and post requests are the most common way of HTTP requests. Familiarize yourself with the HTTP communication process before you say the request method:Request1. Request line: Request method,

iOS tools class obtains device unique identification (compatible with ios5,6,7)

Uidevice+identifieraddition.h:#import @interface Uidevice (identifieraddition)-(NSString *) uniquedeviceidentifier ; @endUidevice+identifieraddition.m#import "Uidevice+identifieraddition.h" #import "nsstring+md5.h" #import "EnvConstant.h" #include

In-depth study javascript:apply method (turn)--very good

Excerpt from: saw in the beginning of the JavaScript function apply and call, very vague, see also do not understand, recently saw some articles on the Web on the Apply method and some

Trapping Rain Water (Bar Height)--Leetcode

Given n non-negative integers representing an elevation map where the width of each bar are 1, compute how much WA ter It is the able to trap after raining.For example,Given [0,1,0,2,1,0,1,3,2,1,2,1] , return 6 .The above elevation map is

Android Monkey scripting and checking for memory leaks

One, monkey script to write 1.Monkey script format Scripting Benefits: Simple and fast, no need to touch any tools, only need a Notepad file Scripting Disadvantages: Corresponding steps for basic operations such as

iOS multithreaded Development (ii)---Thread management

Thread ManagementThread management consists of creating, configuring, and exiting three parts. This includes the cost of creating threads, thread creation, thread property configuration, thread principal entry function writing, thread interruption,

Android Class Reference---Fragment

Public Final Boolean isadded ()If the fragment object is added to its activity, it returns true, otherwise it returns false.Public Final Boolean isdetached ()If the fragment has been explicitly detached from the UI, then it returns true. In other

iOS development: data transfer between controllers

There are two main cases of data transfer between controllers encountered in iOS development: transitive and inverse. Transitive means that the direction of data transmission is the same as the direction of the controller's jump (1), and the inverse

Android app clears Data/data, clears cache, super verbose

Clear the data, clear the cache, in fact, in the Android native setting has this function.The requirement is to put this function into its own app and calculate the size of the cache and data.So refer to the source of setting. See how this function

The application of MVP mode in Android development

I. Introduction of the MVPAs UI creation technology becomes more and more powerful, the UI layer is performing more and more Responsibilities. To better subdivide the functionality of the view and model, The view focuses on visualizing the data and

These years are android-university

remember, The first time I saw Xiao Zhou was on the playground of a Freshman.She is standing in the teaching building, a white powder with a casual blouse with lake Blue jeans, wearing a pair of very ordinary sandals, holding the same year's Nokia 31

Android Monkey Test Tips

Monkeytest Test Flow1. Common Command parameter descriptions: - sSeed value, The main function of setting this parameter is that the programmer can execute the command repeatedly, and the seed value is the same as the monkey test sequence.-P

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