iOS plugin----Clangformat (code format Management plugin) (2016.1.12 Wang Bin)

iOS plugin detailed----clangformat (code format Management) (2016.1.12 Wang Bin)Although in the early stages of project creation and team building, we have set the public agreement and some specifications, and since our code is version control

Mobile Web-Note finishing

Directory Meta Basics > H5 page window automatically adjusts to device width and prevents users from zooming the page > Prevent numbers in a page from being recognized as phone numbers > prohibit the identification of email

Android Digital Signature Parsing (ii)

in the Android Digital Signature Resolution (a), the two ways of signing Android are described, and when signed with a key pair, the Java library is Signapk.jar. Here we look at the signapk signature implementation process, signapk

Based on PHP code to determine whether the client mobile phone access

function IsMobile () {If you have http_x_wap_profile, it must be a mobile device.if (Isset ($_server[' http_x_wap_profile '))return true;This article is excerpted from the TPM Smart Switch template engine for TPM developmentif (Isset ($_server['

IOS Advanced 13th Day (0414)

0414 the second method of drawing lines, circles and arcs5 Method Draw Rectangle:The second method of drawing graphics:The previous method is to cache the elements to be drawn into the graphics context Cgconteextref, and now the second method is

Some summary of iOS

1?? Dictionary Turn modelA) There is a case of a model1, see if the root node of the plist file is a nsarray type;2, if it is: according to the dictionary elements in the file, create a corresponding model class, the property in the class is every

Android Open Source project source code analysis (phase II)

Android Open Source project source code analysis (phase II)Read Catalogue Android-ultra-pull-to-refresh Source parsing dynamicloadapk source parsing nineoldanimations source parsing Slidingmenu Source parsing

Android Scan files or folders

We may often encounter this situation, obviously saved the picture, but when you open the picture, but did not find the picture, the phone restarts before you can see. This is because the SD card is not re-mounted, the library can not be loaded into

IOS: Enumeration Type Enum,ns_enum,ns_options

In general, we use the C-style enum keyword to define enumeration types.[CPP]View Plaincopy enum{ Uiviewanimationtransitionnone, Uiviewanimationtransitionflipfromleft, Uiviewanimationtransitionflipfromright,

Further excavation of the Nrpe module function of Nagios

The main purpose of the blog is to facilitate the sharing of some time to avoid cramming everywhere to find things. The previous period of time on the open source monitoring software Nagios is very interested, also did in the production environment

Android Development Learning Summary (i)--build the latest version of the Android development environment "Go"

Recently, due to work in the development of an Android app, before the development of Javaweb, Android development, although some understand, but has not built a development environment to learn, Android update speed is faster, Android1.0 was

To enter the international market fully? Cool mobile Phone "ambition" to take what to achieve

January 7 The world-famous CES in the United States Las Vegas held, all the field giants are present, China's domestic smartphone manufacturers are full-on. In these teams with significant Chinese elements, the team of cool executives is

Can delete Super & multi-effect card view (transform from Cardsui-for-android Open source project), provide demo download

Reprint Please indicate this article from Big Corn's blog ( ). Thank you for your support! Example demo at the end of this articleBrief introductionThis demo mainly uses the Cardsui-for-android open source project, and

Mobile Ad's Computer to the PowerShell script for the corresponding OU

#//*************************************************************#//editor: #//edit unit: #//edit function: move computer to the corresponding OU #// Compilation Time: 2016.01.05#//*************************************************************#********

Mobile Touch touch screen swipe event, swipe touch screen event monitoring!

first, Touch Eventsontouchstart, ontouchmove, ontouchend, OntouchcancelCurrently mobile browsers support these 4 touch events, including Ie. Because the touchscreen also supports mouseevent, their order is important to note:

Android_ through the bugtags platform, to facilitate the testing staff to submit bugs and the entire bug system management

What is bugtags? Bugtags is a defect discovery and management Tool. When your app integrates the Bugtags SDK, testers can see the resulting commit Bug directly in the app. The SDK automatically screenshots and synchronizes data with

"heavy" Mobile network Performance Disclosure (next)--network protocol and Performance Improvement practice

Performance of network protocolsNow it's our turn to actually control things.The performance of network processing is not proportional to the addition of delay Time. This is because the intrinsic operation of most network protocols is bidirectional

IOS 9 Universal Links General links using the introduction

first, General Links introducedApple launches a universal link: a convenient way to launch apps via traditional HTTP links, using the same URLs to open websites and apps.When your app supports universal links, iOS9, users can click on a link to jump

IOS: extended uicolor, support hex color settings

From Reprint: you can set the color of the control directly using hexadecimal without having to convert by dividing by 255.0#define Uicolor Category UibarbuttonitemCreate a new category named

iOS next day {function}

//Main.mday3-1.6 work: Project knocked 4 times/* job: time limit code 3 minutesPrompts the user to enter an integer (within 100) from the Keyboard. If the number entered is not a multiple of 7 and does not contain 7 (bits and 10 digits do not

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