The practice of confusing and protecting Android resources in US

ObjectiveAPK security has been criticized in Android applications, the market is flooded with a variety of cracked or Chinese application, the cracker can be very simple through the hack tool can be anti-compilation, cracking, Chinese and so on, so

Android with ADB pull or push copy phone files to the computer, copy the phone database to the computer, copy the computer database to the phone

First, the ADB command configuration, if you encounter ADB is not an internal or external command, it is not a running program or a batch file. Configuration under Environment variables1. ADB is not an internal or external command, nor is it a

Android Plus Shell native implementation

This example only runs through the Android2.3 virtual machine, if you want to adapt to other models, please self-study, here is just a point.0x00In the Android apk reinforcement (shell) principle analysis and implementation, a article in the

RAC Mobile OCR

1. See if there is an OCR backup# Ocrconfig-showbackupIf not, back up one copy.# ocrconfig-export/oracle/bak/ocr/ocr_11291433_exp.ocr-s Online2. View current configuration[Email protected] ocr]# OcrcheckStatus of Oracle Cluster Registry is as

Summary of methods of inheritance in JS (apply,call,prototype)

One, JS in object inheritanceThere are three ways of inheriting in JS1.js Prototype (prototype) Implementation inheritanceThe code is as follows:> 2. Constructor implementation inheritanceThe code is as follows:, apply implementation

IOS Development Learning User Interface (1) APP life cycle

One, APP life cycleOC Learning under the Fundation framework, the UI phase of learning is under the Uikit framework (COCOA: OS X and iOS operating environment) under the touch layer (Cocoa touch layers).Application Portal * * *Main function:int

Responder's not a mystery. ———— iOS user responder chain complete anatomy

The main thrust of this article to share with you is the various scenarios in which iOS captures user events, as well as some special events in the internal encapsulation.We start from the UIButton, UIButton everyone use too much, his special place

My Android Advanced tour------>android about httpsurlconnection an HTTPS request tool class that ignores the correct HTTPS certificate

Below is an Android httpsurlconnection HTTPS request tool class that ignores the correct HTTPS certificate and does not need to verify that the server-side certificate is correct Import;import;import

Android Survival Guide: Eclipse shortcut keys

everyday use of things, may be too accustomed to it. Always forget to learn how to use it efficiently. It is said that the sharpening does not mistake the chopping power, find time to grind the knife well. There are advantages to people. More

iOS plugin----Clangformat (code format Management plugin) (2016.1.12 Wang Bin)

iOS plugin detailed----clangformat (code format Management) (2016.1.12 Wang Bin)Although in the early stages of project creation and team building, we have set the public agreement and some specifications, and since our code is version control

Agg::ellipse Method Approximation_scale ()

Excerpt from: the previous sections we have seen agg::p ath_storage object. While the This object was very flexible and can be used to describe all kind of geometric shapes there was a few other

Android Digital Signature Parsing (ii)

in the Android Digital Signature Resolution (a), the two ways of signing Android are described, and when signed with a key pair, the Java library is Signapk.jar. Here we look at the signapk signature implementation process, signapk

Based on PHP code to determine whether the client mobile phone access

function IsMobile () {If you have http_x_wap_profile, it must be a mobile device.if (Isset ($_server[' http_x_wap_profile '))return true;This article is excerpted from the TPM Smart Switch template engine for TPM developmentif (Isset ($_server['

Today's website background login page needs to generate a QR code, and then scan the QR code on the mobile app to achieve the website login effect and the following solutions

To realize the two-dimensional code login, need to solve 2 technology, 1, the need for JS WebSocket and background PHP to achieve long-connection technology2, realize the two-dimensional code generation technologyTo achieve this function the second

Android Scan files or folders

We may often encounter this situation, obviously saved the picture, but when you open the picture, but did not find the picture, the phone restarts before you can see. This is because the SD card is not re-mounted, the library can not be loaded into

IOS 9 Universal Links General links using the introduction

first, General Links introducedApple launches a universal link: a convenient way to launch apps via traditional HTTP links, using the same URLs to open websites and apps.When your app supports universal links, iOS9, users can click on a link to jump

IOS: extended uicolor, support hex color settings

From Reprint: you can set the color of the control directly using hexadecimal without having to convert by dividing by 255.0#define Uicolor Category UibarbuttonitemCreate a new category named

iOS next day {function}

//Main.mday3-1.6 work: Project knocked 4 times/* job: time limit code 3 minutesPrompts the user to enter an integer (within 100) from the Keyboard. If the number entered is not a multiple of 7 and does not contain 7 (bits and 10 digits do not

An approach to the implementation of camera real-time filter on Android platform (11)--real-time Beauty Filter


The previous chapter completed the processing of the image, the simple algorithm process optimization, can achieve a fast speed, but not for real-time Beauty. After the experiment, if only to deal with the Y signal scheme, the radius limit is about 5

iOS network-afnetworking basic use, file download, upload

Send a GET request-(void)Get{ //1. Create a Session ManagerAfhttpsessionmanager *manager =[afhttpsessionmanager manager]; Nsdictionary*DICTM = @{ @"username":@"520it", @"pwd":@"520it",

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