Further excavation of the Nrpe module function of Nagios

The main purpose of the blog is to facilitate the sharing of some time to avoid cramming everywhere to find things. The previous period of time on the open source monitoring software Nagios is very interested, also did in the production environment

[Reprint]--android JNI Knowledge Point

The Java Native Interface (JNI) standard is part of the Java platform that allows Java code to interact with code written in other languages. JNI is a local programming interface that enables Java code running inside a Java Virtual machine (VM) to

An explanation of XML tools properties in Android

First PartIn Android development, when writing layout code, the IDE can see the layout Preview.However, some effects must be run before they can be seen, like this: TextView does not set any characters in the XML, but instead sets the text in the

IOS---take integers

Objective-c expands C, and naturally many usages are consistent with C. For example, the floating-point number is converted into integers, there are four cases.1. Simple and rough, direct conversionfloat f = 1.5; int a; a = (int)f; NSLog("a = %d",a);

Organize the Unity Export Android project using Ant for Multi-channel batch packaging APK

Unity-derived Android works with Ant for multi-channel cycle batch PackagingOne: Set the Java environment variableDo Android Development Configuration this is the foundation.Configure the Java environment variable under Win7, here is the

Ruby Environment installation under IOS Mac system

A series of questions elicited by Easyios: the previous Cocoapods installation and use tutorial in the reprint explains why you should use Cocoapods, but to install cocoapods requires a ruby environment, Installing the ruby environment first

Android gets other process loaded module base address

Gets the target process module (. So) load address is parsed /proc/[pid]/maps .Can be obtained manually through the ADB shell:①. First view the PID of the process through the PS command②. Cat/proc/[pid]/mapsUse the program to implement the following

Crazy Android Android self-study notes

Developer-required self-learning tools:Google search: Www.yundou.infoAndroid Original Development document (English) Doc http://www.phoned.cn/docs/reference/android/view/View.htmlAndroid Original Development document (English) Doc

Android:sqlitedatabase Study Summary

Today, just after learning the basics of SQLite database, and then the learned things recorded, so that later review, the following is their own summary of the SQLite database:1.Sqlite IntroductionSQLite is a lightweight database, it is contained in

The OnCreate method and the Onupgrade method in the application of SQLite in Android--

Original: http://blog.csdn.net/jiangwei0910410003/article/details/46536329Today in the database upgrade, encountered a problem, is the OnCreate method and the implementation of the Onupgrade method of the timing of the problem, this time in

Mobile "Banquet know how much

Reprint (http://adt.aicai.com/index.php/archives/179/)The project has been a long time, not like other enterprises, can have a project team to complete, basically is a blind attempt, sometimes web, sometimes web App. Stupefied over this period of

One of the most detailed Android Studio series tutorials in history--Download and install

Link Address: Http://segmentfault.com/a/1190000002401964#articleHeader4 Original link: http://stormzhang.com/devtools/2014/11/25/android-studio-tutorial1/ BackgroundI believe you are no stranger to Android studio, Android Studio is

Android Development Bindservice () listens for service internal status

Based on the Bindservice () Communication of Android development , the Bindservice () method is implemented to listen for service internal state.Implements the listening service internal state, using a callback mechanism1. First implement an

The difference between the JQ function after, append, appendto

1. After functionDefinition and Usage:The After () method inserts the specified content after the selected element.Grammar:$ (selector). After (content)Instance code:jquery after function instance-ke keeper The results are as follows: Collayi, this

Uitextfield full solution for cat and cat learning of iOS

Cat Share, must boutiqueOriginal articles, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: Sanayu's BlogAddress: http://blog.csdn.net/u013357243Here in code form to share to everyone, refer to Ios-textfield know how much of the blog, here Cat mainly use

iOS Open source project (new)

Beginners have some foundation, read the source code is very good learning and advanced way, but must choose the source code, choose Good Source code. Just also in a community angry spray others to share the rotten resources fraught, share some two

Apple Instruments/shark Performance Tuning Tool overview

On Mac OS x you can use UNIX tools such as gprof to test program Performance. Of course, Apple also has its own profiling Tools, with more Shark. 10.5 also introduced a dtrace-based program called Instruments.InstrumentsSince Xcode 3.0, Apple has

Rxandroid and Rxjava's information sharing

Recently the Reactivex programming model began to develop slowly, and for Android developers, RxJava was a hard-to-get library because it had too many unfamiliar concepts for Android developers, but it was really bull. The core of Rxandroid is async,

Deep copy and shallow copy of IOS development

The difference between copy and retain:Copy is to create a new object, retain is to create a pointer to reference the object Count Plus 1. The Copy property represents the same contents as two objects, the new object retain to 1, independent of the

Android uses the pull parser to parse an XML file

Learn About:1 public classMainactivityextendsActivity {2 3Listcitylist;4 @Override5 protected voidonCreate (Bundle Savedinstancestate) {6 Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate);7 Setcontentview (r.layout.activity_main);8 }9 Ten

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