Source installation Nagios (CENTOS7)

I. About Nagios1, an open-source computer system and network monitoring tools, can effectively monitor the Windows, Linux and UNIX host status, switches, routers, and other network settings. When the system or service status is abnormal, email or

IOS7 Automatic layout Getting Started –auto layout

So far, even if your interface design is within reasonable complexity, you have to write a lot of code to adapt to the changing layout. Now I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that this will not happen-for iphone and ipad IOS6 has brought a very

cocos2d iOS Tour: How to write a gopher game (a): HD screen display and Uikit

Panda Pig • Patty original or translated works. Welcome reprint, Reprint please indicate the source.If you feel that the writing is not good please tell me, if you feel good please support a lot of praise. Thank you! Hopy;) Disclaimer:

IOS9 3DTouch (2)--pop/peek

2. In the app, select a content, you can use PEEK (TAP) to preview or use Pop (re-press) switch controller, ians full contentPeek: Tap, preview. 3 different states:Peek is available, and the other is blurred by the middle grid.Peek, you can quickly

iOS development-use storyboard for interface jump and value transfer

Apple officially recommends that we use storyboard to build all the UI, and storyboard is a very mature tool. Using storyboard to build all the interface, we can quickly build a complex interface, which means that we can save a lot of time. We can

Android third party resource use Imagecache

Reprint please indicate the source: Wang 亟亟 's way of DanielThe original author of the reference Library Git: a lot of the view that needs to be presented is used in the H5 and WebView, and some use the traditional

Record Android Baidu Map API use problems encountered

Tossing for two or three nights, finally realized the Baidu map on the android side of the display:Here the main summary of the Baidu map API in the win 10 under the use of Android Studio encountered problems:1. View SHA1 values for native Android

Lao Li share: Android performance optimized memory leak 2

This way of creating handler causes a memory leak, because Mhandler is an instance of the handler non-static anonymous inner class, so it holds a reference to the external class activity, and we know that Message Queuing is constantly polling for

Android Custom button button display style

About the ListView and button to change the background of the original Android control, on the Internet to find some information is not very full, so now summarize the use of Android selector.First of all, Android selector is configured in

App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and paths

App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and pathsSketch is a vector software, lift the vector software, then we will certainly think of various paths, think of the path, there are nodes, think of the node, there is a Bezier curve, and then there will

IOS runtime Dynamic Runtime two

There are compile-time polymorphic and run-time polymorphism in C #, Java, and only runtime polymorphism in OC, which is related to its operating mechanism. In OC, the invocation of a method is done through the delivery of the message. In the iOS

Neglected optimization points for Android performance optimization

For performance optimization This knowledge point, is too broad, the blogger himself has been very concerned about this aspect of learning, and for performance optimization It includes very very very many aspects, such as: I/O optimization, network

App runs in the background

There are three states of the app:1. Death status (app not open);2. Foreground running status (open state);3. Background pause status (stop all animations, timers, multi-media networking, etc.)4. Background running status (background running); ------

iOS Development--Project Combat Summary & Data Persistence analysis

Data Persistence analysis plist file (attribute list) Preference (preference setting) Nskeyedarchiver (archive) SQLite 3 CoreData What do you do when you store large chunks of data?You have many options, such as:

IOS 25 performance optimization/memory optimization common methods

1. Managing Memory with ArcARC (Automatic referencecounting, auto reference count) is released with IOS5, which avoids the most common memory leaks that are often caused by our forgetting to release memory. It automatically manages the retain and

Mobile Report Usage Tutorial-How to add a server

1. DescriptionMany people in the report development will face how to add the server this problem, then how to implement the mobile side to add the server to view the report? Based on my own experience of developing reports, do a detailed

[Turn] 7 steps to complete a PC website jump to the mobile device!

1 Allow Web page width to be adjusted automaticallyHow does "adaptive Web Design" work? It's not that hard actually.First, in the header of the page code, add a row of viewport meta tags.Viewport is the default width and height of the page, which

Analysis of the implementation of Android4.0-fragment framework (I.)

  Directory (?) [+]After repeated study and comparison, individuals feel that learning knowledge with problems is the most effective way of learning, so the text on the way to ask questions to tell the fragment framework implementation way.1. What

Android111 calling C code in Java

Mainactivity:Package Com.itheima.helloworld1;import android.os.bundle;import;import Android.view.View; Import Android.widget.Toast; Public classMainactivity extends Activity {Static{ //load the packaged so class

Add tag design in app

App design add tag design summary during video/image/Text Publishingtags, mainly to the user upload content to add tags, such tags mainly have a few functions:1. Easy to find similar tag friends, improve product social properties;2. Easy to

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