Functional verification of Android activity startup mode

have been watching someone else write the startup mode, found that most of the online content is plagiarism to plagiarism, until recently saw the development of art this book, found before the start of the understanding of the mode is too simple, a

10 useful Android UI Tools library

Mobile app UI design is like Damocles Sword, on the one hand, a visual, interactive, well-experienced UI can enhance the application in the user's mind image and recognition. On the other hand, a poorly experienced UI design not only allows users to

Send mail in APP

 two ways to send email to iOSCategory: iOS send mail 2012-08-28 12:32 9575 people read reviews (1) favorite reports Emailios Encryption Programming File frameworkDirectory (?) [+]The iOS system framework provides two ways to send email: OpenURL

Ext: ios-Generate Bundle Package-introduce bundle-use bundle

When we use a third-party framework, we often see xxx.bundle files. We find the file, show the package content, and see a lot of resource files: Pictures, configuration text, xib files ...What is a bundle file? A simple understanding is a resource

Mobile Access to PC local server

Home router Internet, computers and mobile phones are connected to the same router.Apache-built static server on the computer, normal access pageBut the phone can't be accessed with来 because is a "local loopback address"

Go: How to convert Android packaging with JKS format KeyStore Certificate P12 certificate for air in PKCS12 format

Turn from: How to convert Android packaging with JKS format KeyStore certificate for Air P12 certificate in PKCS12 format June 11, 2013 | Posted by K-resInspired by Flash's advanced stage3d technology and the

Home Car Wash App---androidclient introduction of network Framework package (i)

Introduction to the Home Car wash app---Android Client Development Network Framework package (i)the previous article gives you a brief introduction to some of the business. Home Car Wash App---Android client development preface and Business Brief

One-click, Global Conference-app

Application Introduction:Can say app is a professional conference phone software, can achieve multi-party calls and instant Messaging, one-click to initiate multiparty calls, not only to meet your build group and group chat function of the app, but

Small Ant Learning App Interface Development (end)--app Error log Interface development

The app may be facing error issues:1. App back 2.    Data load failed 3. App potential issues and moreError log table for logging of error messages sent overCREATE TABLE IF not EXISTS ' error_log ' (' ID ' mediumint (9) Not NULL auto_increment

Local parsing of iOS GCD


What is GCD: (Grand [Great] central [center] dispatch[Dispatch])GCD also known as "the Great Central dispatcher", he was iOS4 after the introduction of a multithreaded technology. The developer simply defines the task to be executed to append to the

[GO] Mobile Web HTML header information interpretation and viewport meta tag interpretation

MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" />Linkrel= "shortcut icon"href= "Favicon.ico"type= "Image/" />Metaname= "Generator"content= "lixiphp (" />Metaname= "Viewport"content= "Width=device-width, initial-scale=1">Metaname=

iOS Development 2-parsing XML data with sax

XML data structure and parsing1.1XMLData Structurexml  is an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language (Extensible markup language), where the   tag (Markup) is a critical part. You can create content and then mark it with qualifying tags, making

View Android source code in eclipse

Wrote a class Mainacvitivity extends activity, press F12 (I changed the switch to the definition of F12 shortcut), go to the Activity definition, pop up the following interfaceThat means no Android source is found, then use SDK Manager to download

"Android" TextView set individual font styles

1 spannablestring MSP = new spannablestring ("Test" +xm+ "replacement of the current number will be sent from the phone with a regular text message to verify"); 2 Msp.setspan (New Foregroundcolorspan ( Color.Blue), 2, Xm.length () +2,

The basic use of the iOS development multithreaded article-GCD


First, the home row introductionMain queue: is the queue associated with the main line threads, the home row is a special serial queue of GCD, the task placed in the main queue, will be placed in the main thread to execute. Tip: If you put the task

Consider the choice of scenarios when building an iOS stable application architecture, mainly related to engineering structure, data flow idea and code specification

Structural reconstruction of engineering structure, reduction of coupling confusion and large transformation of control requirementsI'm going to use information flow as a top-down, two-tiered structure of the base layer and presentation layer. The

What is the block callback function in iOS

1. callback function similar to notification, delegate2, callback function declaration, implementation, callback can be in a class, you can also write the callback to another class3, declare a function in a class, in the implementation function, to

iOS development: xctest Unit test (with A single sample test code Attached)

Test-driven development is not a very fresh concept. When I first learned how to write a program, my favorite thing to do was to write a piece of code and run the observation results correctly. I learned the first language is c, the most used is in

Property Resources vs. Android namespaces

Update: for custom attribute resource, now not practical form, Unified with "" The Android application encapsulates all of the static resources in the APK file and generates

Go: "ios Development Daily Small notes (11)" iOS8 update left "pit" nsattributedstring Set underline Nsunderlinestyleattributename property must be NSNumber

This article is a piece of my "ios development daily small notes" series, which is recorded in the development work today, can be explained with a short article or a small demo demo small Tips. They may give the user experience, the code efficiency

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