Third day of iOS (@property and @synthesize usage)

First, @property and @synthesize Basic specification usage[Email protected]When the compiler encounters @property, it is automatically expanded into getter and setter declarations#import@interfaceStudent:nsobject {int_age; int_no;

Your Android phone has saved WiFi Password View assistant (open source)

First, demand analysisRecently the computer needs to connect WiFi, but found the WiFi password to forget. And the phone has saved the WiFi password, but in the phone's settings screen can not see.Although there are already some apps that can see the

Core technology: JSON parsing of network programming

  Preface: Good time did not write a blog, said recently very busy, feel like an excuse, every day or the same 24 hours, every day or the same 5:30 on time to work, every night there is a lot of free time ... The most immediate reason is that the

How big is happybks obsessive-compulsive disorder--biginteger?

Now everything's going to be big data. Even an int has become a biginteger. In some scenarios it seems that you have to use it.Then someone said, "How big is this day?" ”No, it should be "how big is this BigInteger?" ”Let's take a look at the

IOS-->> Add links to Uitextview

Now it's easier to add your own Twitter account on iOS, now you can add a link to a nsattributedstring and then invoke a custom action when it's clicked. First, create a nsattributedstring and then add a nslinkattributename attribute to it, see the

Use Android Rapid development framework Afinal FINALDB to manipulate Android database

Original address: to introduce you to the next #afinal# to operate the Android database SQLite.#afinal # is an ORM, IOC rapid development framework that contains four functions: the ID binding and

Android Learning Guide 38: Android gesture manipulation programming [go]

Gesture manipulation offers a different experience in the process of using smart devices. Programming for gesture manipulation is inevitable in Android development. So what is the principle of it? How do we program with gesture manipulation?gesture


A table layout means that the container is a table where the control is positioned at some point in the table.which TableRow is to cooperate with Tablelayout used in order to make Tablelayout generate multiple columns, otherwise Tablelayout There

Use of search box Uisearchbar and search methods in iOS

The search box can be uisearchbar, and proxy uisearchbardelegate can be set.1-(void) addsearchbar{2CGRect Searchbarrect = CGRectMake (0,0, Self.view.frame.size.width, -);3Uisearchbar *searchbar =[[Uisearchbar

Android Studio shortcut keys

Rename: Shift + F6Delete a single line: CTRL + XAndroid Studio is Google's Android development tool based on IntelliJ idea, a bit like Eclipse adt,android Studio that provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging, based

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cells

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cellsFirst, the realization of the effect and descriptionDescription: Observe the above display effect, you can find the entire interface is a tableview to show, the above data are

iOS Instant Messaging client development-mac install MySQL on

First, installationDownload MySQL installable DMG version to MySQL official online example:Mac OS X ver. 10.9 (x86, 64-bit), DMG ArchiveThe downloaded files are: mysql-5.6.26-osx10.9-x86_64.dmg1. Click,

IOS WebView The answer to the question you need

UIWebView you can load and display a Web page for a URL, or you can display a local HTML-based page or some Web page:A. Load URL WebView = [[UIWebView alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 44, 320, 400)]; nsstring *path = @"";

iOS Development written interview-the principle of runtime (i)

First of all, a brief book author's blog, the introduction of the runtime is clear enough. Objective-c language uses object-oriented features and message-forwarding mechanisms.One: Data structure of

Mobile front-end development to add some WebKit-specific HTML5 header tags, help the browser to better parse the HTML code, better to the mobile Web front-end page display. This article organizes some of the commonly used meta tags

" title This article by the front-end development blog All rights reservedOriginal link ( front-end development to add some WebKit-specific HTML5 header tags, help the browser to better parse the

Web tools to quickly improve Android development efficiency

With Google's vast support, native tools for the easy development of Android programs abound. In fact, the scope of Android development is not small, some web tools can sometimes bring a multiplier effect. Some are not even available to some native

iOS Picture Slimming Summary

ObjectiveRecently, a small program was written in the company to slim down the images in an iOS app, reducing the size of the app and decreasing the amount of traffic the user downloads.Slimming is done in a website specifically designed to slim

Customize iOS navigation bar background, title and Back button text color---reproduced from gyz413977349

Under IOS7, the default navigation bar background, color is like this, then we have to customize, if you just change the background and color, the code is very simple, do not need a very complex custom view to replace LeftbaritemChange the

JDBC Basics-about Rowmapper,resultset

Generic classpublic class Generic {public void MethodOne (T) {}public void Methodtwo (list) {}}A declared generic class represents a new data type that is not known when it is created, so it is declared using the T placeholder to declare the data

IOS Tabbar background, upper right corner number, Tabbar Get method Summary

Tabbar the color When selectedTabbarcontroller.tabbar.tintcolor=[uicolor whitecolor];upper right corner numberYou can add a lable to change the size of the Origin.Use NOTIFICATION/KVO to change the number above[email protected] "";Tabbaritem Get

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