"Original" Android device, how to root, execute adb shell, view the database information in the device, etc.

(i) First step: rootUse Baidu one key root and other apps, a key can be root, step slightlyTwo1. Implementationadb Shell su Get root Permission ls view current directoryCD data/datalsSelected Com.tencent.cm as an exampleCD

PKI fundamentals and experiments based on Cisco IOS

We know that the transmission of plaintext data over the network is very insecure, and to realize the security of data transmission, the following aspects need to be considered:Privacy: Data privacy is the encryption of data, even if the data is

Android Visual spec-spacing specification and text spec unit conversion (DIP, SP, px)

http://blog.csdn.net/shimiso/article/details/298260731, Dip and pxWhen the Android engineer writes the page, the margin value is in dip, and the visual designer usually controls the margin value through the PX, what is the difference between

Move to Web Grooming

Meta Basics H5 Page window automatically adjusts to device width and prevents users from zooming the pageIgnore numbers in a page as phone numbersIgnore the recognition of email addresses in the Android platformWhen the site is added to the home

Android User Interface---Drag and drop (Drag and Drop) (ii)

Drag and drop event listeners and callback methodsThe View object can be used either to implement a drag-and-drop event listener that implements the View.ondraglistener interface, or to receive a drag event using the Ondragevent (Dragevent)

Analysis of Android4.0-fragment Framework implementation

After repeated study and comparison, individuals feel that learning knowledge with problems is the most effective way of learning, so the text on the way to ask questions to tell the fragment framework implementation way. 1. What is

Kidney Fruit mobile App Store switch area (no Visa or MasterCard required)

August on the Kidney fruit official website bought a touch6, sometimes need to change the area to download the app outside the wall, but each country must enter Visa or MasterCard ... I finally found one today. No credit card number: canada!!!Method

iOS app data storage method (archive)

iOS app data storage method (archive)A simple explanationIn the use of plist for data storage and reading, only applicable to some of the system's own common types to use, and must first get the path relative trouble; preferences (keep everything

Nagios monitors the number of AP clients

This week has been busy with the company's wireless network, and other technicians to install Wlc,ap,ise, configure the CA, switch, ha and so on. There are some problems with this process, such as the previous WLC was not configured with agressive

iOS Code Coverage test Tool

Based on lcov-1.11: Codecoverage4iosRead Catalogue Environment preparation Xcode project configuration Build and install programs Collect Code Coverage Filter results Merge multiple coverage.info? into coverage report:

The difference between Android parcelable and serializable

let's introduce to you today The roles, efficiencies, distinctions and choices of parcelable and Serializable, and the introduction to Serializable are advanced knowledge of Java serialization. 1. functionSerializable 's role is to save the object's

iOS Development Ui-uiwindow Introduction

First, Brief introductionUIWindow is a special kind of uiview that usually has only one uiwindow in an app.After the iOS program starts, the first view control created is UIWindow, then the controller's view is created, the controller's view is

Unity android down DLL hot update one (core idea)

We all know that a hot update is the first choice is Ulua this plug-in, in fact, unity can use DLL hot update, if you really do not want to use LUA to write logic, 0.0 see Dll+assetbundle How to implement the hot update. After you have finished

IOS Network Basics

/*------------------------------------Network Fundamentals: 1. Binary data stream--------------------------------*/ Client: Mobile devices (handheld devices such as mobile phones/ipad).The client is usually front-end/foreground and so on.

iOS Development Arc Memory Management technology Essentials

Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/flyFreeZn/p/4264220.htmlThis article comes from my personal arc learning note, which aims to summarize the key points of the Automatic Reference counting, automatic reference counting technology for iOS

How to get SHA1 Certificate fingerprint data in Android Studio

Baidu Map development time to apply for key, need to provide SHA1 certificate fingerprint dataEclipseView directly in Eclipse: Android---Preferance, Windows---> under Default debug KeyStoreAndroid Studio If you are using the

ios-local push and remote push, common three-party push and common test methods, push the implementation and the rationale of the detailed (reprinted from Xue Silver 492199045@qq.com)

What is message pushTo give a common example, our mobile phone often pop up some information, such as QQ information, information, and so on, this is the common message push.For example:Type of message push: Display a banner at the top of

Mobile Internet terminal Touch event, Touchstart, Touchend, Touchmove great article

reproduced Please specify: reproduced from the Web front-end development (www.css119.com)-focus on common web front-end development issues, the latest web front-end development technology (WebApp Development, mobile site development), The best web

createelement () Create element appendchild () add element

The Document.createelement () method, syntax, and usage of the Javascript window object.1. MethodsCreates a new HTML element object and can return an element object, the newly created element object, with the specified label name.2. GrammarThe

Happybks teaches you to write Java annotations (1)--classification, operation mechanism, scope and concept summary of annotations

This is something that has become commonplace in our programming life. A method that overrides a parent class, applying the programming routines in spring, MyBatis, writing JUnit test functions, and so on. You will find that as a Java coder, you are

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