Android Hand Tour release Weapon spectrum

OrderIn the spring of 2013, with the company into the hand-travel distribution industry so far, witnessed the entire industry experienced prosperity, struggle, shuffle, quiet the whole process. By the year of the Hundred Games, hundreds of releases,

Interpreting Android's Fragment

This document is translated from Android official documentation, combined with your own tests, organized as follows.OverviewFragment represents a behavior or part of the UI in activity. We can use multiple fragments in one activity or reuse a

"Reading Notes" ios-header file Import-@class considerations

One, there are two different ways to import header files: Use quotation marks or use angle brackets, for example, #import and #import "Tire.h". The statement with angle brackets is used to import the system header file, The quoted statement

Android Learning Series (v) data transfer between activity

Preface: We have mastered the basic use of activity in the first place, but that is done in the same activity. So how do we do this if we want to interact with data between different Activity? So now we're still using the example of a demo login to

"Reading Notes" ios-header file Import-@class considerations

One, there are two different ways to import header files: Use quotation marks or use angle brackets, for example, #import and #import "Tire.h". The statement with angle brackets is used to import the system header file, The quoted statement

"We all love Paul Hegarty" Stanford IOS8 public class personal note Popover Segue

In the previous speech we looked at a demo, using modal, but in fact, if you want to consider the iphone and ipad devices, the default modal will be filled with the screen, and PopOver can occupy only a small piece of the screen, Before we talked

Accompany the application, accompany the son to find humanity

Beginning in 2015, more and more consultation app began to go online, have ushered in their first batch of users, at the same time, also ushered in a large number of capital, some well-known diagnostic app can even be a single round to obtain more

android-How to replace the transparent color of a PNG image with white

rt,android-How to replace the transparent color of a PNG image with whitePerformance consumption: 138*138 pixels, 15Kb-size PNG operation, 2 milliseconds, still acceptable privatevoidreplaceTransparent2White(Bitmap sourceBitmap) { long

Ios_json string to Dictionary, dictionary to JSON string

JSON conversion issues are often encountered during development. Take a note of your own code below:#pragma mark-json Operation/** * Convert formatted JSON-formatted string into dictionary * * @param jsonstring jsonstring JSON-formatted string * *

iOS development--development Combat & Version Control SVN and git usage explained

version control svn and git usage explainedthe actual development of the company, in the celestial use more or SVN, because SVN is centralized, in the celestial work you understand! -----------------svn-----------------One: The most common basic

Android--The simplest rotating menu in history to achieve results

Reprint Please specify source: of the physical reasons, the previous few days did not update the blog, then, today we come together to achieve a very cool rotation menu effect bar. In

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note 43 protecting nsnotification memory Security

In the previous demo, I explained the use of nsnotification, Nsnotification is implemented using Nsoperationqueue, so using nsnotification inevitably falls into memory problems, For example, the following scenario: Prepare two scenes in storyboard.

IOS5 ARC Study notes: strong, weak, etc.

IOS5 added new knowledge, that is, arc, in fact, I do not really like it, because I used to manage the memory. But learning is still necessary.In the development process of iOS, the definition of attributes is often related to retain, assign, copy,

[Ios]received Memory Warning

Reference: memory available to each app under the iphone is limited, and if an app uses more than 20M of memory, the system sends a warning message to the app. Apple's system engineers suggest

Android SDK+ECLIPSE+ADT+CDT+NDK development environment built under windows 7

Android SDK+ECLIPSE+ADT+CDT+NDK development environment built under windows 7These days have been working on the Android SDK C + + platform build, despite previous successes in Windows XP, because there was no useful record, spent a lot of wronged

APP Naver Line 5.3 Add new Features-"True Delete"

Line was getting more and more popular in recent years. Lots of peope use line, so do "Suspects". That's why we've had to keep an in the it if any new features added. I just browse line Engineers ' Blog (

Keychain in iOS implements the UUID device unique identifier encountered problem

Cut the crap and put it in the chase:Recently in the study to achieve the acquisition device unique identifier, through various aspects of research, found that the use of Apple's official recommended keychain is quite good.Apple provides an example

Nagios monitors MySQL read-write ratio r/w

#!/usr/bin/python2.7# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-from optparse import  Optionparserimport commands,sys,jastme,refrom datetime import datetime "" "     Nagios plugin to report the mysql R/W Ratio     author jastme "" "Parser = optionparser (usage="%prog -w  

Android Learning experience (A)---DEX file structure Analysis (1)

I am on the blog to publish some of my Android learning experience, I hope that everyone can help.This article tells us about the structural parsing of the Android executable, Dex.Reference Leb128 data type Android learning experience (5)---dex data

iOS development--practical technology OC Chapter &? Invocation Brief Introduction

Invocation Brief Introductionmethod one: run-time method:(here in the previous article timer of several methods said: WWW.CNBLOGS.COM/ICOCOS/P/4694581.HTML)1: Create a Signature:Nsmethodsignature *singature = [nsmethodsignature

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