Android Series fragment (i)----fragment loaded into activity

? "declaration"Welcome reprint, but please keep the original source of the article →_→Life One number: Source: information: [Email protected]BodyThe

[Go] The most popular Android components Daquan

Directory (?) [+]Directory (?) [-] The most popular Android components encyclopedia UI components Class Library Game engine Android HTML5 App The most popular Android components encyclopediaPlease visit my website for

Nsthread (main thread, child thread) in iOS

#import"AppDelegate.h"@interface appdelegate () {Nsinteger _totaltickests;} @property (nonatomic, retain) Nslock*Lock; @end @implementation appdelegate- (void) Task1 {NSLog (@"Current thread:%@, whether it is the main thread:%d", [Nsthread

IOS9 error message information is a third-party library that is introduced that does not contain bitcode

Run the project with Xcode 7 on the Real Machine (IOS 9) and find that the project compiles. The following error has been reported:LD: '/users/**/framework/sdks/polymerpay/library/mobstat/lib**sdk.a (**FORSDK.O) ' does not contain bitcode. You must

Android NDK Notes

Gorgeous Split-line ******************************************************** ******NDK Development Steps1. Create a project2. Create a JNI directory3. Writing the Nativejava layer method4. Generating JNI header files(1) Writing javanative code(2)

Mobile platform definition of META tags

One, the META tag is divided into two parts: HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description information (name).1. The Content-type value of the Http-equiv property (displays the setting of the character set)Description: Sets the character

Mobile-side replication, PC-side replication

Mobile phone side belongs to the advanced browser-native JS replication is also supported mobile-side replication.First, click the code to copy the contents of the text box (1)www.qzpcw.comcopy " onclick= "Jscopy ()" >Second, click the code to copy

Android NDK generated so file flow-ecplice

1: Generate JNI DirectoryFirst of all, on the internet, most blogs write this: Open the console, go to the project directory, runJavah-classpath bin/classes-d JNI com.example.hellojni.MainAcitivityI just want to ask, did you run the code yourself?

Android custom RadioButton style text color changes with selected state

The main is to write a color selectorBuild a folder in Res/name colorRes/color/color_radiobutton.xml1 selectorxmlns:android= "Http://"> 2 Itemandroid:state_checked= "true"Android:color=

Android-Multiple fragment switches are not re-instantiated

Problem:You need to switch fragment in your project, you can replace fragment with the Replace () method: public void Switchcontent (Fragment Fragment) {if (mcontent ! = fragment) {mcontent = Fragment Mfragmentman.begintransaction ()

[Ext] The XMPP protocol-based Android IM system

Transferred from: done a chat social software based on XMPP protocol, summed up a bit. Sent out.Based on the open source XMPP im Protocol, the C/S architecture is designed to connect

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note 19 to add gestures to the demo

In this word we will apply the knowledge learned to the demo to add gesture recognition, first add a zoom function, followed by adding a drag function, so that the villain's expression can be changed with our fingers.First, to add a recognizer for

[Gradle] is applicable for argument types

Error:is applicable for argument types: (org.eclipse.jetty.server.Request)It is obvious that this error is not caused by a static method, it is better to change to a static method,There is an unexpected error (type=internal Server error, status=500).

The Apply method of JavaScript function and the call method

First, the function is a pointer to a function object, and the name of the functions is a pointers to functions. Then in the function body, there will be a scope, that is the this keyword. The This keyword refers to the scope of the function run,

Recent reflections on the Cat and cat learning iOS

In fact, a long time ago to write a point, although the cat is still a student, but on self-study, cats feel their level can also-note, I am not a big God, I just a small vegetable cat ...First of all, let's say a little bit about yourself, I cat,

Data application of Telecom people: Sales Guide system

Wen/fan soft legend brother (ID:frbiaoge)In 2014, China Telecom began to carry out a comprehensive reform, in the basic Business field, launched the " small contract and inverted Triangle Service support system", the purpose is to build a first-line

Android canvas morph, move, rotate

public class testview extends view {    private bitmap  mbitmap = null;    private bitmap nbitmap = null;     private float scalex = 1.0f;    private float  scaleY = 1.0f;    private float step = 0.0001f;         public testview

Android Serialization Vulnerability--cve-2015-3525


In 2014, Jann Horn found an Android right to exploit the vulnerability, which allowed malicious applications to power from normal app permissions to system user execution commands, vulnerability information and POC see (1]. The vulnerability stems

Specific explanations for Android:viewpager extensions-navigation viewpagerindicator (with image caching, loading images asynchronously)

We've used Viewpager to do that. GitHub has a viewpager extension and a richer navigation style. This open source project Viewpagerindicator. Very useful, but the sample is relatively simple, the actual use is very not extended. For example, image

Android for cool SVG animation effects

SVG is a very popular image file format, SVG strictly speaking should be an open standard vector graphics language, using SVG format we can directly use the code to depict the image, you can use any word processing tool to open the SVG image, by

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