Camera pictures, pictures on the computer, text in Word, computer screen, mobile screen, camera screen display size Everything's all figured out!

Camera pictures, pictures on the computer, text in Word, computer screen, mobile screen, camera screen display size Everything's all figured out!First, the picture.xxdpi= points DotX is the actual size of the picture, simple point, we only calculate

Android Performance optimization

According to the hierarchy structure of Android, performance optimization is also layered, this article will be application, Framework, Native, kernel each layer to summarize, each layer will mainly from the performance optimization of the basic

"Reading notes" iOS network-http-url percent code

Code:-(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; Additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. URL percent-coded //url encoding encodes &, question marks, and other punctuation marks. nsstring *[email protected]

Eclipse replaces ndk-gdb Breakpoint debugging Android NDK program

An overview:Eclipse Debugging the NDK program is not difficult, but the environment is difficult to build. Installing eclipse alone has a lot of problems, and it's really a big mistake not to make it too small to keep it. On the Internet, there are

Ios-sqlite3 and Fmdb use

1 sqlite31> The syntax of SQLiteManagement tools: NavicatData type{Text fieldInteger numberReal floating pointBolb binary allows complete data storage, such as photos}DDL (structure definition CREATE ALTER DROP){CREATEThe name of the CREATE table

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note persistence persistent

This session describes four ways to persist data in iOS:ArchivingSqliteFile SystemCore DataBefore we use the result nsusrdefaults, which is a persistence technique for small data volumes, the four ways to do this are for large data

ios:quartz2d drawing (displaying a picture drawn on a pdf)

QUART2D can be used to draw images to a PDF or to read and display images from a PDF. Before using this method, there is also a way to read the image displayed on the PDF, that is, using the UIWebView Page view Control-(void) Loadrequest:

"Learning Summary" relationship between OS X, iOS, iOS SDK, Xcode

A few basic concepts:OS X: The operating system that belongs to the desktop PC level (Imac,macpro, etc.) corresponding to the installationIOS: The operating system that belongs to the mobile device level (IPHONE,IPAD, etc.) corresponding to the

3 Ways to pack your Android multi-channel package

Ext.: Automation Tour-Generate channel packsZhihu2014-06-13 10:06OverviewEach time a new version is issued, the Android client will be distributed to various application markets, such as pea pods,

IOS: The use of multithreading technology GCD


Use of GCD:1. Types of Queues1.1 Primary queue: Mian queue, Main thread queues, which are responsible for the operation of a more UI. is a serial queue. 1.2 system default parallel queue: Global queue, sorted by priority. 1.3 Custom Queues: You can

ios-Data storage methods

1 How data is stored in iOS1> storage of small data, in the original path overlay storage Plist (can only store nsarray\nsdictionary)Preference (Preferences \nsuserdefaults)Nscoding (Nskeyedarchiver\nskeyedunarchiver) 2> storing large volumes of

Leetcode oj:happy Number (Joy)

Write an algorithm to determine if a number is "happy".A happy number is a number defined by the following process:starting with any positive integer and replace the number by the Sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the

iOS face questions

How much does object-c inherit? What's the substitute for nothing?All classes in cocoa are subclasses of NSObjectMulti-inheritance is implemented here using the protocol principal agent.You do not have to consider the concept of a cumbersome

ios:quartz2d Drawing (drawing shadows for graphics)

Quartz2d can either draw the original shape or draw a shadow to the original.Some of the parameters you need when drawing shadows: Context, shadow offset, shadow blur factorNote: Before drawing shadow processing for a drawing, the context needs to

Android's Build.gradle API manual

Problem: For developers who use Gradle to configure Java, they can find specific properties of how to build.gradle files in GRADLE_HOME/DOCS/DSL.But for developers who develop Android, they cannot develop the official "Gradle".So you need to find

iOS about file operations get file size

 Category: Apple IPhone2012-06-28 11:31 4664 people read reviews (0) favorite reports iOS Language Manager Test CC Language Implementation#include "Sys/stat.h"-(Long Long) Filesizeatpath: (nsstring*) filepath{struct STAT st;if (Lstat ([FilePath

End Photo Browser app iOS source

Development Environment: Swift 1.2. Xcode 6.3(i) General Description 1. This framework has the OC version, this time is mainly to draw the OC version of all bugs and deficiencies, while listening to the feedback and voice of a large number of users,

iOS Development Note--swift Syntax basics

Underlying data type The types of Swift are proposed on the basis of C and objective-c, int is integer, double and float are floating-point types; bool is boolean; string is a string. Swift also has two useful collection types, array and

iOS uiimage Zoom

To scale uiimage to a specified size size:-(UIImage *) scaletosize: (UIImage *) img size: (cgsize) size{Create a bitmap contextand set it to the context that is currently being usedUigraphicsbeginimagecontext (size);Draw a picture that changes

Mobile Image Upload Method

Mobile Image Upload MethodImplement effect file Download Http:// Implementation stepsone, hidden second, Create the Upload button third, Binding

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