IOS-->> Add links to Uitextview

Now it's easier to add your own Twitter account on iOS, now you can add a link to a nsattributedstring and then invoke a custom action when it's clicked. First, create a nsattributedstring and then add a nslinkattributename attribute to it, see the

Android Studio shortcut keys

Rename: Shift + F6Delete a single line: CTRL + XAndroid Studio is Google's Android development tool based on IntelliJ idea, a bit like Eclipse adt,android Studio that provides integrated Android development tools for development and debugging, based

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cells

iOS Development UI Chapter-a brief introduction to the use of static cellsFirst, the realization of the effect and descriptionDescription: Observe the above display effect, you can find the entire interface is a tableview to show, the above data are

IOS WebView The answer to the question you need

UIWebView you can load and display a Web page for a URL, or you can display a local HTML-based page or some Web page:A. Load URL WebView = [[UIWebView alloc] Initwithframe:cgrectmake (0, 44, 320, 400)]; nsstring *path = @"";

Basics of Android Basics tutorial--2.4.11 autocompletetextview (AutoComplete text box) basic use

Basics of Android Basics tutorial--2.4.11 autocompletetextview (AutoComplete text box) basic usetags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialIntroduction to this section: This section continues to learn the controls for

Web tools to quickly improve Android development efficiency

With Google's vast support, native tools for the easy development of Android programs abound. In fact, the scope of Android development is not small, some web tools can sometimes bring a multiplier effect. Some are not even available to some native

iOS Picture Slimming Summary

ObjectiveRecently, a small program was written in the company to slim down the images in an iOS app, reducing the size of the app and decreasing the amount of traffic the user downloads.Slimming is done in a website specifically designed to slim

Customize iOS navigation bar background, title and Back button text color---reproduced from gyz413977349

Under IOS7, the default navigation bar background, color is like this, then we have to customize, if you just change the background and color, the code is very simple, do not need a very complex custom view to replace LeftbaritemChange the

3-redundancy protocol-hsrp Configuration on Cisco IOS

In this section we'll do a HSRP configuration to understand the issue better. To does this we'll use the below the topology [t ' PLD]. At the end ofthis article, you'll find the GNS3 Configuration Lab of this lesson.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:/

iOS comprehensive face question 1

1. What is the difference between #import and # include, @class? What's the difference between #import<> and #import?1> #import和 # include can contain the contents of a file completely, #import能防止同一个文件被包含多次The 2> @class simply declares a class name

Js apply () use detailed

Reprinted from: Apply Method DetailedI saw in the beginning of the JavaScript function apply and call, very vague, see also do not understand, recently saw some articles on the Web on the

Android transforms an entity class class into a JSON string

/*** Convert entity classes to JSON string objects Note that this method requires a third-party Gson jar Package* @param obj Object* @return Map*/Private String ToJson (Object Obj,int method) {TODO auto-generated Method Stubif (method==1) {field is

IOS Launch-China IOS/MAC Development Blog List

Blog Address RSS Address Onev ' s Den Http:// House of the Broken ship Http:// Nshipster Http://

"Elegant Code" in the magic of JavaScript, apply, call, bind

This article is really difficult to write, because there are numerous articles on the Internet. coincidence is a few days ago to see the teacher Ruan an article of a sentence:"For me, blogging is primarily a knowledge management tool, followed by a

iOS Development--Combat summary &32 64-bit change

32-bit L 64-bit changeAfter all, still come. Apple has issued an ultimatum to support the 64-bit:As we announced in October, beginning February 1, new IOS apps submitted to the APP Store must include 64-bit support and is built with the IOS 8 SDK.

iOS Learning notes-data persistence

First, sand box The sandbox directory is a data security policy, and many systems use sandbox design.The principle of sandboxed directory design is that you can only allow your own applications to access the directory and not allow other apps

Android game development Research frame animation implementation

 1. The principle frame of animationThe animation frame of the frame is animated by its name, and the picture is the frame animation. Frame animation and our childhood to see the principle of the cartoon is the same, in the same area high-speed

JavaScript uses the function apply to extend the Environment object

JavaScript uses the function apply to extend the Environment object The Apply method of invoking the constructor object is passed as a parameter through the instance object.So that the instance object is executed as an environment object in

How do I learn about Android development and what basics do I need to learn?

with the popularity of smartphones, many large and small developers now need to have a client on the phone, here is a strong magnetic field, thenmany friends who want to learn Android will have a question, that is: how to learn Android (android),

IOS Tabbar background, upper right corner number, Tabbar Get method Summary

Tabbar the color When selectedTabbarcontroller.tabbar.tintcolor=[uicolor whitecolor];upper right corner numberYou can add a lable to change the size of the Origin.Use NOTIFICATION/KVO to change the number above[email protected] "";Tabbaritem Get

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