App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and paths

App Design Sketch Tutorials (04)-Pens and pathsSketch is a vector software, lift the vector software, then we will certainly think of various paths, think of the path, there are nodes, think of the node, there is a Bezier curve, and then there will

iOS Development--Project Combat Summary & Data Persistence analysis

Data Persistence analysis plist file (attribute list) Preference (preference setting) Nskeyedarchiver (archive) SQLite 3 CoreData What do you do when you store large chunks of data?You have many options, such as:

Analysis of the implementation of Android4.0-fragment framework (I.)

  Directory (?) [+]After repeated study and comparison, individuals feel that learning knowledge with problems is the most effective way of learning, so the text on the way to ask questions to tell the fragment framework implementation way.1. What

Android111 calling C code in Java

Mainactivity:Package Com.itheima.helloworld1;import android.os.bundle;import;import Android.view.View; Import Android.widget.Toast; Public classMainactivity extends Activity {Static{ //load the packaged so class

Add tag design in app

App design add tag design summary during video/image/Text Publishingtags, mainly to the user upload content to add tags, such tags mainly have a few functions:1. Easy to find similar tag friends, improve product social properties;2. Easy to

Android Development Tutorial: Understanding Intent and intent Filter

In the Android Help documentation, intent is introduced as an intent are an abstract description of a operation to be performed, meaning a intent is the abstraction of an upcoming operation, in Tent's literal sense is "intent", and the three other

Xamarin.iOS:iOS Layout gotchas Redux (reprint)

Original address: Layout Gotchas ReduxSince my last Post on IOS layout Gotchas I had encountered a few more basic Layout mistakes that can leads to bugs and BRI Ttle code. Some of

JavaScript and OC Interaction in iOS

In the development of iOS many times we will deal with UIWebView, many domestic applications are now using UIWebView hybrid programming technology, the most common is the public number of content pages. Some time ago in the public platform related

"Android" system.exit (0) Exit program

Many Android applications exit the program with two consecutive clicks of the return key, with the following code:Private LongExittime = 0; @Override Public BooleanOnKeyDown (intKeyCode, KeyEvent event) { if(KeyCode = = Keyevent.keycode_back &&

Android requests Internet Data via HTTP POST

@Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); Findviewbyid (R.ID.BTN). Setonclicklistener (NewOnclicklistener () {@Override Public voidOnClick (View

Web front-end and mobile development---html tag learning and special symbols

Before learning HTML tags, let's review the browser's process of requesting a server:1. Enter the URL in the browser's address bar2. The browser sends a request to the server, the server receives the request and processes3. The server passes the

iOS development Date Time format character description

When developing iOS programs, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the time format to the format you want, which we can do with the NSDateFormatter class.For example:Instantiate a NSDateFormatter object nsdateformatter *dateformatter =

How mobile reports get the current location

1. DescriptionFor most employees of the enterprise, because of the fixed position of their work, there can be many ways to clock in to check in to ensure that the employee to work on time and normal, but for frequent travel, to the customer site

Android Basics Getting Started Tutorial--10.12 Sensor Special (3)--acceleration-gyroscope sensor

Android Basics Getting Started Tutorial--10.12 Sensor Special (3)--Accelerometer/gyroscope sensortags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialIntroduction to this section: This section continues to buckle the sensors in

Jquery-append add Element Click Invalid

For a long time without using jquery, when doing the project encountered a small problem is that the page load after the Append element is able to execute the Click event, after the Web page loading is complete, again append element does not perform

iOS Performance optimizations

Instruments has recently been used to analyze the performance of the entire application. Discover a lot of interesting points, as well as performance optimizations and some techniques for analyzing performance consumption. Summary below.Instruments

Android Basics Getting Started Tutorial--10.11 sensor Special (2)--direction sensor

Android Basics Getting Started Tutorial--10.11 sensor Special (2)--direction sensortags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialIntroduction to this section: In the previous section we learned about some of the basic

IOS simple get current geographic coordinates

IOS Get current geographic coordinates iOS Gets the current geographic coordinates, a few simple lines of code, but if you do not understand at first, there will also be some problems. 1. The library to be used to import the location: Corelocation.

Message,messagequeue,looper,handler in Android + example

A few key concepts1, MessageQueue: is a data structure, see the name of righteousness, is a message queue, the place to store messages. Each thread can have a maximum of one MessageQueue data structure.When a thread is created, its MessageQueue is

Introduction to the Multi-threading--GCD for iOS development


Introduction to Multi-threading--GCD for iOS developmentFirst, Brief introduction1. GCD (Grand Central Dispatch) can be translated as "Hub Scheduler". Pure C language, and provides very powerful functions.2, GCD has what advantage;GCD is Apple's

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