Learn to make iOS program the next day: Create subdirectories, change project names, modify splash screen, modify class prefixes, create new startup controllers, modify app icons

Iv. Create the appropriate catalogue according to the actual situationDelete the system default partial file Viewcontroller.h,viewcontroller.m,main.storyboard, Launchscreen.xibCatalogs are created according to the situation, and everyone will be

iOS Common development Resources collation

Line--Expert pay consultationMiscellaneous App release Checklist-ios app Publishing list. HeyFocus-helps you focus on one task. Objective Cloud-objective C App cloud service. Thermal-core data editor. Big Papoo-an

Android Network Request Get/post Tool class: Netutil

package com.net.util;import java.io.IOException;import java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException;import java.util.List;import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;import org.apache.http.HttpStatus;import org.apache.http.NameValuePair;import

[Turn]ios hybrid APP implementation principle and performance monitoring

Transferred from: http://www.cocoachina.com/ios/20151118/14270.htmlImplementation principle and performance monitoring of IOS hybrid APP2015-11-18 11:39 Edit: Lansekuangtu Category: iOS development Source: Cocoachina 1 2571 iOS principles hybrid App

IOS Wkwebview iOS9 does not display with settings useragent (user agent)

The project running on iOS9 needs to be configured in the Info.plist file to include the following information,APP Transport Security SettingsAllow arbitrary Loads = YESNSAppTransportSecurity NSAllowsArbitraryLoads true/>Set useragent (user

A little learning to develop mobile phone mixed mode app-environment building

Android App Test articleConfiguring the JDK EnvironmentHttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.htmlInstall Jdk-8u5-windows-x64.exe,Configuring Environment variablesJava_home = C:\Program

Nagios Install Pnp4nagios Plugin

Naigos Install Pnp4nagios Drawing PluginOriginal address: http://www.cnblogs.com/caoguo/p/5022230.html[[Email protected]~]# Yum install-y rrdtool perl-rrdtool perl-time-Hires[[email protected] src]# wget

LoadRunner 11 failed in Win7 recording "The recording of the application is terminated by Windows due to window Data Execution prevention Feature

The following issues were encountered during the recording process:Check out how to enable, Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows 10/8/7 (http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ Disable-data-execution-prevention)Disable Data Execution

Using Uialertcontroller in iOS 8

When using the Action form (action sheet) in iOS8, I found that uiactionsheet on Xcode crossed a line, prompting: " UIAlertView is deprecated. Use UIAlertController  witha preferredStyle of UIAlertControllerStyleAlert instead."Originally in the IOS8,

Nagios plug-in Nagiosql installation configuration

Nagios plug-in Nagiosql installation configuration# nagiosql Install[[email protected]~]# Yum install-y libssh2 libssh-Devel[[email protected]~]# cd/usr/local/Src[[email protected] src]# wget http://pecl.php.net/get/ssh2-0.12.tgz[Email protected]

IOS 8 Auto Layout Interface Series 5-Self content dimension constraints, modify constraints, layout animations

 First of all thanks to the support of many netizens, recently I was really too much, so did not write too much. But to see everyone's feedback and evaluation, I still have to insist on squeezing out time to share my experience. If you have any

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief Introduction

First, Brief introductionUIWindow is a special kind of uiview that usually has only one uiwindow in an app.After the iOS program starts, the first view control created is UIWindow, then the controller's view is created, the controller's view is

IOS-Multithreading-GCD-First knowledge


1. What is GCDA. Full name is the Grand Center DispatchB. Pure C language, which provides a very large number of powerful functions2. Advantages of GCDA. gcd is Apple's solution for multi-core parallel computingB. GCD will automatically take

iOS Development UI Chapter-ios Application Data Storage (archive)

A simple explanationIn the use of plist for data storage and reading, only applicable to some of the system's own common types to use, and must first get the path relative trouble; preferences (keep everything under the same folder and primarily

Android Get sdcard Info

LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"Xmlns:tools= "Http://schemas.android.com/tools"Android:id= "@+id/linearlayout1"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Match_parent"android:orientation=

How to realize the function of the circle of friends in the app seven quick implementation pull-up load friends circle function--arrow buckle technology Arrownock

How to realize the function of the circle of friends in the app seven quick implementation pull-up to load the Friends circle functionLogic Analysis:Take out the last piece of data in the cache postlist postlistA. If the lastpost exists, the data in

2015-12-03ios Class Summary

I. ①int age = 20As on the INT naming convention, int (uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, underscores ) = ()/The contents of parentheses must start with a letterWhen there are multiple words in a variable name, the first word is lowercase,

Some of the third-party libraries and controls common to iOS

Network communication1, ASIHTTPRequest This is a classic old library, fully functional and powerful, but has stopped updating for a long time (iOS5.0 stopped updating, but I recently see this project on GitHub new changes). There are a few minor

The beginning IOS8 programming with Swift Chinese translation-2

Audience reader saysThis books is written-beginners without any prior programming experience and those the book was written for beginners who want to learn swift language but have not had any development experience before Stakeholderswho want to

iOS memory management mechanism

OverviewWe know that in the process of running the program to create a large number of objects, similar to other high-level languages, in the ObjC object when stored in the heap, the system does not automatically free the memory in the heap (note

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