My batis mapper.xml in dynamic SQL using the Trim label if End scenario

The trim tag is somewhat similar to the replace effect.Trim PropertyPrefix: Prefixes overwrite and increase their contentsSuffix: suffixes overwrite and increase their contentsPrefixoverrides: Criteria for judging prefixesSuffixoverrides: The

"Turn" Pro Android Learning Note (72): HTTP Service (6): HttpURLConnection

Directory (?) [-] How Http get is used Basic Small Example Use of cookies redirect A small example of HTTP post Basic Small Example The article reproduced only for non-commercial nature, and

"Go" Android click on an empty area, hide Input Method soft keyboard

Original URL: times, when we use the application, there will be an input method soft keyboard pop-up problem, usually, we will let the user click the Return button or the next step to hide the soft

"Turn" Pro Android Learning note (six or seven): HTTP service (1): HTTP GET

Directory (?) [-] HTTP Get Small Example Simple Small Example An exception occurred networkonmainthreadexception Processing through Strictmode URL with key-value pairs Andriod apps can take advantage of

"Math Pocket Elf" app's third spring plan----Development Diary (first day 12.7~ tenth day 12.16)

"Math Pocket Elf" the third spring plan----the first day ofProject Progress:Basic completion of a small game, the game has: randomly generated formulas, to determine the right and wrong function.    Provides a good atmosphere for players with light

"Original" Lightweight instant messaging technology Mobileimsdk:android Client Development Guide

Disclaimer: MOBILEIMSDK currently for personal maintenance of the original open source project, has been compiled some information, hope to the needs of people useful. If you want to communicate with the author, see the article at the bottom of the

Implementation of the iOS avatar effect (border, shadow, clickable)

Objective: To achieve an image with three-dimensional effectTwo:Third, the composition of the introduction:1, a uiimageview (used to display photos)2. Calayer (shadow effect to show the background)3, gesture (click on the photo to respond, you can

Absolute layout and relative layout of iOS development (screen fit)

There are also absolute and relative positioning in the UI design of iOS, and the absolute positioning and relative positioning of our web front ends are different but similar. Here's a combination of two small demos to learn about the absolute

Apple Notification Center service--ancs "Turn"

Apple Notification Center ServiceTransferred from: 22ND, 2014 | COMMENTSnoun explanation and agreement Apple Notification Center Service is referred to as ANCS. Publisher of ANCS

"Reprint" Android app architecture

Note: This blog post is reproduced in Http:// article describes the author of the article in the development of Android applications for several years, experienced 2 architectural changes, the

Invoke Jni in Android, referencetable overflow (max=1024) appears

Ext.: in the Android Monitoring project, when the call. So library decoding, the long run time will be reported referencetable overflow (max=1024) error. And then search on the Internet, the

Android's simple encryption –MD5 encryption

In Android, you need to encrypt various kinds of data, such as the data encryption of user's SMS backup, password encryption of user account login and encryption which is applied to the server connection to pass important data, which is very

Message push Baidu Cloud push Android integration and use method

These two days due to the project needs, research a bit of Baidu Cloud push, originally this matter how much work, but registered Baidu developer account creation application make me egg pain chrysanthemum tight a good burst, these things did not

Build Android Automated packaging publishing workflow based on Travis CI (supports GitHub release and

Recently paid to buy Travis Ci,travis CI is interesting, not by project or user, but by the work process, such as the initial version is $129/month, a total of 2 work processes. In the case of a few projects, in addition to running unit testing, it

Demand analysis of small alarm clock in mobile phone

Android Phone small Alarm ClockIn daily life work, there are often important things or schedules, and the alarm clock, as a tool to remind people, becomes an indispensable part of many people's lives.The software includes the functions of alarm

ios-Push Notification detailed

This is a compiled article from's iOS development tutorial, and the author also provides video tutorials. This article will lead developers to explore the depths of iOS push notifications and learn how to configure iOS push notifications

Your First ASP 5 application on a MAC

Your First ASP 5 application on a MACby Daniel Roth, Steve Smith, Rick AndersonASP. 5 is cross-platform; You can develop and run web apps on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. This article would show you what to write your first ASP. 5 application on a

"Original" (iOS development) highlighted and selected two kinds of button state principle explore share

First, the following common sense: In short, the button has a click, non-click 2 States, click on the system will automatically invoke the method of setting the button highlighting state (sethighlighted:), non-click as normal state (normal). We can

Android Book Program

one of the most feared is that there is no direction! 1. Wedge:I contacted Andrjoid Development also has more than a year, during the independent development of an outsourcing company five or six projects. Although not Daniel, but think small has

IOS Library File Authoring

A production using a static libraryiOS static library a file authoring processwords 345 Read 5120 comments 7 likes 1. New Cocoa Touch Static Library projectNew Project 2. Parameter settings for Xcode "Build Active Architecture only" is

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