The similarities and differences between Web front-end development and iOS terminal development [go]

Untitled Note similarities and differences between Web front-end development and iOS terminal development2014-12-22have been doing front-end development before graduation, after graduating to do iOS development,

Apps from the original tools to the current entertainment, app development has actually experienced what

This article reprinted to Guilin Rui Tuo official website www.ruituo.netTo learn more, please add qq:3167750573Reprint Please specify!We all know, about the beginning of around 2010, followed by the advent of smart phones in domestic shopping malls

Understanding of the call () method in JavaScript (and comparing the Apply method)

Call Usefulness: Assign all properties and methods of B to target object A dynamically, noting that a does not have these properties and methods in itself!The call syntax is: (THISOBJ,ARG1,ARG2,ARG3)Explanation: Thisobj is the target object

Drawing mechanism for iOS

The iOS view mechanism, referring to the iOS view box can be drawn by DrawRect itself, each view of the layer (Calayer) is like a view of the projection, in fact, we can also manipulate it to customize a view, such as a translucent rounded

Android Load Network GIF pictures

GIF-enabled ImageView, using the open source framework on GitHub, project address GIF is a network image, this library does not support loading a URL directly, but provides a gifdrawable class that

[Android Custom Controls] Android Custom Controls

To develop a custom control: 1, understand how view works  2, write subclass 3 Inheriting from view, add attribute  4 for custom view class, draw control  5, respond to User message  6, customize callback function     A, view structure principle the

Sina App Engine (SAE) Introductory Tutorial (6)-Memcache use

Memcache is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system that can be used to store data in a variety of formats, including images, videos, files, and database retrieval results, by maintaining a unified, huge hash table in memory. The

COCOS2DX using Iconv transcoding (win32,ios,android)

First put the environment: Win7, NDK r8e, libiconv-1.14, CygwinOne WIN32 environment configurationThe cocos2d-x comes with a iconv library on the Win32 and can be used with just a few configurations.1 Introducing Header FilesProperties,

Android Monkey full parameters (including hidden parameters) parameters are as follows:Note: The command in the following example is the Windows CMD Command window running environment, the parameters listed on the foreign official website are not all

How to get rid of the title bar in Android apps

Transfer from I firmly believe that writing a technical blog is a great help to yourself, blogging to give yourself a chance to learn and think.There are three ways to get rid of the

Soap-xml request (Integrated Ctrip API under iOS app)

Using Ctrip as an example: Ctrip Alliance air tickets, tickets Alliance id:278639 site id:739462 Key key:be57b925-e8ce-4aa2-ac8e-3ee4bbbb686f Http:// First , when using the

ANDROID Pad Version Number phone version number what is the difference between the source code?

ANDROID Pad Version Number phone version number what is the difference between the source code?Direct the frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml inside the false Change to False false ANDROID Pad Version Number phone version number what

Android Notes (63) animation in Android-Frame by box animation (Frame-by-frame animation)

Just like in a movie, play a ready-to-prepare picture to achieve the animated effect.Frames-by-frame animations need to use the Animationdrawable class, which is used primarily to create a frame-by-frames animation, and then we set the animation to

iOS development-use storyboard for interface jump and value transfer

Apple officially recommends that we use storyboard to build all the UI, and storyboard is a very mature tool. Using storyboard to build all the interface, we can quickly build a complex interface, which means that we can save a lot of time. We can

Android Service Summary

1, start a service through the StartService method. The service cannot start itself. If you start an activity in a service, you must declare a new task for activity tasks. Services started by the StartService method do not die with the demise of the

My batis mapper.xml in dynamic SQL using the Trim label if End scenario

The trim tag is somewhat similar to the replace effect.Trim PropertyPrefix: Prefixes overwrite and increase their contentsSuffix: suffixes overwrite and increase their contentsPrefixoverrides: Criteria for judging prefixesSuffixoverrides: The

Android Hawk database GitHub open Source project

Android Hawk database GitHub open Source projectHawk is a very handy database. The operational database requires only one line of code and can store any data type.GitHub Address: Https:// is a simple key-value

Android ListView drop-down refresh feature implementation

The first thing to know is that the refresh has three states,1 is the drop-down.2 is release refresh3 is refreshingAnother important thing is the callback interface, which is what the outside world needs to do when it is being refreshed.Then the

Using the Android log tool Logcat

AndroidThe Log tool class in is log (ANDROID.UTIL.LOG), which provides several ways for us to print the log.1. LOG.V ()This method is used to print the most trivial, least meaningful log information. The corresponding level verbose, isThe lowest

Using Protobuf on iOS Android devices (using dll Mode) your project can run in. Net 2.0 subset mode, See the methods in this Post.Address: you can only run Under. Net 2.0, you will continue to look

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