Knowledge Association from the Android handler internal class to the WeakReference

Handler: General usage:The handler is used to process and get a message from the queue MessageQueue. Generally we want to rewrite Handler's handlemessage (Message msg) {} method to handle, for example, the following code:public class Mainactivity

Basic use of iOS multi-thread GCD


Basic ideas for using GCD development Basic idea: Put the task (action) in the queue to executeTask using block definitionThe queue is responsible for scheduling the thread on which the task executes and the specific execution timeQueues are

Appche Server port Conflict resolution in IIS server and XAMPP

Today, when we started the Appche in xampp, I found that I could not get up before. Think of the most recently configured system that comes with an IIS server that takes up the port of Appche.(The default port numbers for both Appche and IIS are: 80;

iOS Runtime (2)

Forwarding: Blog Park programming Little WengOC is a run-time language that determines the type of an object only when the program is running, and invokes methods corresponding to the object of the class. The runtime mechanism allows us to

Android interview, the principle and use of intentservice

In Android development, we may encounter such a business need, a task is divided into several sub-tasks, sub-tasks executed sequentially, after the completion of all subtasks, the task is only successful. Then, it is possible to do this with a few

Android an improved Okhttp package library

I. OverviewBefore writing an Android Okhttp full parsing is the time to understand the okhttp, in fact, mainly as a okhttp of the popularity of the article, of course, the inside is also a simple package of tools, did not expect to pay attention to

Encapsulation of the Android HTTP request access interface

In the HTTP request to access the interface, the use of some other people encapsulated class, but used to use, always not accustomed to, and sometimes problems, but also to find reasons, in short, all kinds of trouble, so I based on their actual

iOS Memory Management Retain,assign,copy,strong,weak

iOS objects are inherited from NSObject, which has a method: Retaincount, memory reference count. Reference counting is used in many techniques: COM components under window, multi-threaded semaphores, read and write locks, and thought alike.(General:

A good Android app starts with a project

1. Project StructureThe current MVP model is becoming more and more popular. is used by default.If the project is relatively small: App--application Activity Fragment presenter, etc. top-level parent class Config--api, constant table,

Go: iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD Introduction


Ext.:, Brief introduction1. What is GCD?The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages of

Summarize the new features of IOS6,IOS7

Summarize the new features of IOS6,IOS7Time 2014-02-01 23:07:48 CSDN BlogOriginal iOS DevelopmentIOS6 new FeaturesEvery time the iOS big version of the update, will bring some new things,

Handling crash flashback errors in Android

Handle crash flashback exception in AndroidAs we all know, now install Android system mobile phone version and devices vary widely, in the emulator running a good program installed on a phone may crash, developers can not buy all the equipment to

Detailed iOS file System file directory read and write operations-standby

iphone file reading and writing system operation tutorial is the content of this article, for a run in the iphone app, it can only access some of its own root directory files (so-called sandbox). Once an app is posted on the iphone, it has the

The countdown implementation in Android

------You need to work hard, you are not qualified to rest-----Anroid in the countdown implementation: In this first described the younger brother understand, and then add the finishing. Excuse me 1. Timer and TimerTaskpublic

The life cycle of view in Android

See also: Category Methods Description Creation Constructors There is a form of the constructor that was called when the view was

iOS all common certificates, appid,provisioning profiles configuration instructions and production graphics tutorial

Overview:Apple's certificate complex lock, production management is quite troublesome, today decided to reset a game project all the certificates, did so many times or feel very tangled, simply directly recorded down, you and I he check all

Mobile picture operation (i)--upload

Uploading we are generally using the "input[type=file" control. When you use this control, you authorize the Web page and the server to access the corresponding files, you can get the file object.Friendship hint in, in the Android phone WebView, is

Android special characters

In the project to display special symbols in the string.xml, such as the @ colon, and so on, Direct write certainly Not. Only consider using ASCII code for display:@ No. & #064;: No. & #058;Spaces & #160; In the layout file attention (%s)

Open source Monitoring solution Nagios+cacti+pnp4nagios+nconf+ndoutils+nagvis (eight) nconf Installation

NCONF provides a web interface to manage the Nagios configuration, which puts the Nagios configuration file into the database, the user makes the appropriate modifications and clicks on the build profile, and Nconf writes the configuration to the

Ios-app submit the listing process (novice must see!) March 1, 2016 Latest Version)

Summary of their own experience, the wrong words please leave a message, the first time to Change.Let's say a few steps on Iosapp shelves (see detailed steps):Create a certificate Request fileSign in to the Apple Developer Center to generate a

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