Application/x-www-form-urlencoded of iOS development; charset=utf-8

Originally used to be application/json this format, do iOS commonly used network request framework afnetworking, the default is also Application/json, not long ago encountered this acceptance format problem, according to various statements on the

How to get a higher keyword ranking for new apps

A recent study found that almost 63% of mobile apps are found through the App Store search. This also means that the App Store search is the most common way for users to discover and download applications. Therefore, it is important for app

Android Network Programming (i) HTTP protocol principle

PrefaceThis article is the beginning of this series, as a mobile developer, the development of the application will inevitably have access to the network, although now there are many open source libraries to help us to easily access the network, but

"Android Basics" Activity startup mode and full parsing of intent Flags and stacks

in the process of Android development, intent is our most commonly used Android mechanism for in-process or inter-process communication. Intent is mainly used in 2 scenarios: initiating intent, broadcastingIts underlying implementation principle is

MATLAB Programming Example (1) Moving average

MATLAB digital signal processing operations, write their own program to send up. Welcome to Exchange ~QQ Wu 979064   First is any point moving average: Main program: MOV_AVERAGE_MAIN.M (Run) function: MOV_AVERAGE.M   (multi-point moving average)  ///

Android adb command plot

have done so long development and management, in the command is always self-seeing, often ignoring the sharing process on its command, so now a little bit of time on its command of the relevant operation to a simple literacy, but also the system

Android Studio Release to Jcenter

1. PrefaceEmbrace open source, love open source, open the code we think is good to gihtub, publish our library to Jcenter\mevan and so on.2. Preparation Work 2.1 Preparation Apply for Warehouse Account Make a signature file for it. JKs

Go to capture a packet on your Android smartphone

How do I capture a packet on my Android smartphone?This article by csdn-蚍蜉 Shake Pine "Homepage: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/HOWEVERPF" original, reprint please indicate the source!The current Android system is becoming more and more popular, whether for

Android Learning Excellent information

This article goes from Stormzhang Teacher's blog: Http:// of all thanks to Stromzhang teacher's selfless sharing, let the lost Android novice to find the direction of the forward,

iOS Debugging-breakpoint debugging and dynamic output

In the process of developing the app, we need to revise and optimize our code repeatedly, especially when the program bug, need to quickly find out the cause of the error, make changes to ensure the correct execution of the program.Breakpoint

"Turn" Android Settag

ObjectiveFirst we need to know what the Settag method is, and the SDK is interpreted asTagsUnlike IDs, tags is not used to identify views. Tags is essentially an extra piece of information that can is associated with a view. They is most often used

Development of Android 2048 (one) initialization interface from scratch

Self-study Android more than one months, has been working outside the fragmented to see something. Feel often use of things have some understanding, but a beginning to write code always out of various wonderful problems. It still feels like the code

In-depth analysis of the runtime mechanism of iOS development

This article focuses on the runtime mechanisms that are primarily involved in OC development:Run-time work:Runtime work in OC: The design pattern of the OC language determines that the program can be postponed from compile and link to runtime

[Android] smartimageview& common open Source code

Search the Open source framework Android-smarty-imageviewon GitHub, download the zipped package, and copy the Web Image Viewer layout we wrote earlier. Unzip the data in the download package, find the Java Source code Copy to our project, we can see

IOS settings Picture ImageView rounded--crop the picture

Previously set picture fillet always set ImageView to a circle, and then set Masktobounds to Yes, in fact, this processing is very expensive performance, the picture after the comparison card, it is best to cut the picture after the display; Here is

Android's OnLayout, layout method explained

The OnLayout method is the layout method of the ViewGroup neutron view, which is used to place the child view. Placing the child view is simple, just rewrite the OnLayout method, and then get an instance of the child view, and call the layout method

Apply to convert an array into a parameter list

Apply can convert an array by default to a list of arguments ([param1,param2,param3] to PARAM1,PARAM2,PARAM3) This is if we use a program to implement each item of the array, to replace the list of parameters.1.math.max gets the largest item in the

How to locate your phone/computer

There are four main methods: according to the accuracy of high and low, followed by GPS positioning, WiFi location, base station positioning, IP location. In fact, if there is offline data in the local, that does not network can also be located, see

Get Mobile Info

Some commonly used mobile phone information access methods:[[Nsprocessinfo ProcessInfo] hostName]//globallyuniquestring Unique identifier, each call will be different, can be used as some temporary cache file name [[Nsprocessinfo ProcessInfo]

"Android" 0 lines of code to achieve any shape picture Display--android-anyshape

ObjectiveIn Android development, we often encounter scenes that need to display images in some special shapes, such as rounded rectangles, circles, and so On. There are a number of options for how to draw such shapes, such as custom controls

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