ios-publish app to App Store step (CN)

Let's say a few steps on Iosapp shelves (see detailed steps):1. Create a certificate Request file2. Log in to the Apple Developer Center to generate a publisher certificate (download it to double click)3. Set the AppID (to use the bundle ID, it is

How Android performance optimization avoids overdraw

What is Overdraw? Overdraw is over-drawn, Refers to a frame of time (16.67ms) pixels are drawn multiple times, in theory, one pixel is best to draw once at a time, but because the overlapping layout causes some pixels to be drawn multiple times,

TCP Wrapper Special Use

For more information, see: Usefulness and usageThere is no host configured in Hosts.allow,hosts.deny, SSH to my system, I want to record his actions, in order to use for query

IOS Universal links (Universal link)

Brief introductionWhat is universal links (universal link)?This is a feature of iOS9, and if your app supports universal links, then it's easy to launch the app via a traditional HTTP link (if your app is already installed on your iOS device, no

Android log Print class Logutils, able to navigate to the class name, method name, and number of rows where the error occurred and save the log file

Android log Print class Logutils, able to navigate to the class name, method name, and number of rows where the error occurred and save the log file In development, we often use print log to debug our application. In Java we often use Method

IOS Development-Multi-threaded


The front in the "Bison Eye of the iOS development multithreading is this (ii)" In the article finished multi-threaded NSThread , it is not difficult to find this way of multi-threaded implementation is very complex, in order to simplify the

Des and MD5 encryption schemes in iOS

02 The encryption algorithm used in the project, because there is a lot of trouble in the middle of adapting to the Android version.MD5 algorithm and DES algorithm are common two kinds of encryption algorithms.MD5:MD5 is an irreversible

Ios-the creation and use of static libraries

In daily project development, whether for the purpose of business communication for two company projects or to reduce project compilation time, sometimes we will package the private content of the project into a static library, or package a few

Top AppStore Game < don't step on the white block > source analysis and download (i)

AppStore and Android Market conditionsSomehow the red gameReally inexplicable, the author under this game two times. The first time in the Pea pod list to see this game, the name is strange, download down to try, did not think there is anything new,

Web Mobile FAQ

A black background appears when the button is clicked.  Workaround:. class {-webkit-tap-highlight-color:rgba (0,0,0,0);}. class {-webkit-appearance:none;-webkit-tap-highlight-color:transparent;}  Second, the Pseudo-class in iOS: Active

Developing Android programs with Visual Studio 2015

Operating system: Win 7 64-bitIde:visual Studio 2015Sdk:installer_r24.3.3-windowsInstallation Prerequisites:Edit the Hosts file (available for download in the attachment) because networking updates and registrations are needed during installationThe

Android custom Controls--the implementation of a pull-down refresh

When we use the ListView , in many cases we need to use the drop-down refresh feature. To understand the underlying implementation of the drop-down refresh, I implemented the effect by customizing the ListView control. The basic principle of

iOS Memory management methods

Organize some memory management methods to avoid date format conversionsIf you want to NSDateFormatter work with many date formats, you should be careful to wait. As mentioned earlier, Reuse NSDateFormatters is a good practice at any time.If you can

Application/x-www-form-urlencoded of iOS development; charset=utf-8

Originally used to be application/json this format, do iOS commonly used network request framework afnetworking, the default is also Application/json, not long ago encountered this acceptance format problem, according to various statements on the

How to get a higher keyword ranking for new apps

A recent study found that almost 63% of mobile apps are found through the App Store search. This also means that the App Store search is the most common way for users to discover and download applications. Therefore, it is important for app

IOS Getter and Setter registration Xibcell

How to initialize the cell's Xib[TableView registernib:[uinib nibwithnibname:@ "Lxmiddlecell" Bundle:nil] forcellreuseidentifier:@ "LXmiddleCell"];Lxmiddlecell *cell = [[Lxmiddlecell alloc]initwithstyle:uitableviewcellstyledefault reuseIdentifier:@ "

MATLAB Programming Example (1) Moving average

MATLAB digital signal processing operations, write their own program to send up. Welcome to Exchange ~QQ Wu 979064   First is any point moving average: Main program: MOV_AVERAGE_MAIN.M (Run) function: MOV_AVERAGE.M   (multi-point moving average)  ///

IOS essay tips weak self print current class row number, multi-person development automatically adapt PCH address, get device UID information

$ (srcroot)/prefixheader.pch Auto-fit PCH Address__weak __block typeof (self) weakself = self;__weak typeof (self) weakself = self;#define DN_DEBUG_LOG (FMT, ...){NSLog (@ "%s [line%d]" FMT), __pretty_function__, __line__, #

How IOS adds a click event to the TableView blank without affecting some of the button's events in the cell

If you create a tableview and return a cell with only a few rows, not enough to fill the screen, and then you add a gesture on the tableview you created, how do you make the cell's click event not conflict with the Click event of the gesture? In

iOS Debugging-breakpoint debugging and dynamic output

In the process of developing the app, we need to revise and optimize our code repeatedly, especially when the program bug, need to quickly find out the cause of the error, make changes to ensure the correct execution of the program.Breakpoint

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