Calculate exponential smoothing and moving averages using Excel

Exponential Smoothing MethodThe original number data is as follows:Click Data--Data analysisSelect exponential SmoothingBest-in- one smoothingSince the area we selected was b1:b22, the first cell "steel output" was used as a sign, so we should tick

Android EditText text Change monitoring

 Monitor EditText text changes need to add a Addtextchangelistener listener to the EditText controlEdittext.addtextchangelistener (Textwatcher); The textwatcher here is a Textwatcher object,Textwatcher is an interface that has three abstract methods,

Java/android Design Patterns Learning notes (i)---singleton mode

Some time ago the company some colleagues in the discussion of the singleton mode (I am the most slag of one, are not plugged in the mouth t__t), this mode uses the frequency is very high, may be many people most familiar with the design pattern, of

iOS Learning note 43-swift (iii) class

First, Swift's classAs an object-oriented language, classes are also a very important type of swift, so let's look at a simple classa class in//swift can not inherit from any other base class, so this class is itself a base classClass Person

Animated GIF display for iOS app under Mac

Brief introductionIn general, we do a demo, hoping to show the effect to others, but static does not show some animation effect, so generally produced into GIF animated diagram will be conducive to display, this article tells the whole process of

[Android] Fragment Full Analysis

1. OverviewFragment is a behavior or part of the user interface in activity. The main support is to dynamically and flexibly combine or exchange UI components on a large screen, by splitting the activity's layout into several fragment that can edit

Two-dimensional Code and album recognition in iOS generated QR code

IOS uses cidetector scan album QR Code, native scan native scan After iOS7, avfoundation let us finally use the native scan for scanning code (QR code and barcode can be) avfoundation allows us to get the input stream and output stream from the

Android Learning Route

First Stage: Java Object-oriented programming1.Java basic data types and expressions, branching loops.Use of 2.String and stringbuffer, regular expressions.3. Object-oriented abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, classes and objects,

Security and access control in Android

Android is a multi-process system in which the application (or part of the system) runs in its own process. The security between the system and the application is enforced at the process level through the Linux facilities (tools, functions), such as

Android Ground station-mavlink parsing part of the source code

Mavlink is a lightweight communication protocol that is mainly used for communication between terminals and small unmanned vehicles. Because of its versatility, mavlink can be translated into a variety of languages for the code to be used in a

Android's hottest rapid development framework Xutils

Github: Introduction Xutils contains a lot of useful Android tools. Originally derived from the Afinal framework, Xutils has been heavily refactored to allow the xutils to support large

IOS: Time formatting (standard time to timestamp, timestamp to standard time, timestamp to date)

Create a new NSString (time) classification, creating a conversion of class method implementation times. h file#import @interface nsstring (kjtime)// Timestamp---> Time + (NSString *) Transtotime: (NSString *) Timsp; // Timestamp ---> Date +

25 Tips and tricks for enhancing iOS app performance-Intermediate

25 tips and tricks for enhancing iOS app performance-IntermediateTags: iOS performance optimized memory management2013-12-13 10:55 738 people read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:iphone Development Advanced SeriesThis article

Android Official Docs app components (Intents and Intent Filters)

The Android application framework encourages developers to reuse components as they develop their applications, and this article explains how to build applications using components and how to connect components with intent.If you want to read the

Android Performance Optimization Performance Tips

If you really want to work hard, the worst outcome of your life is just bloomer. Original link: OverviewThis document contains some small optimization optimizations

25 Tips and tricks for enhancing the performance of iOS Apps (intermediate) (3)

25 Tips and tricks for enhancing the performance of iOS Apps (intermediate) (3) 2013-04-16 14:42 broken ship House beyondvincentfont Size:T | T This article collects 25 tips and tricks for improving program performance into 3 different levels:

Detailed tutorials for Android. 9.png Picture Write Chat dialog box

The recent learning of Android is not good and then saw the use of. 9.png Write the dialog box where, but the book is too simple to write a feeling to make and the book is not the same and then go to all kinds of Baidu feel online about this thing

iOS Performance Tuning Summary

IntroductionSpeaking of performance tuning, I wanted to say a lot, but the boring language doesn't express my emphasis on performance tuning, so I'm going to give you an inappropriate

Android Automated test tools

Recently completed the project, need to test, the pit father is the company recruit two months, have no test, so choose other path, found on the Internet a test method, that is, Monkey command line, through this command, select the application of

iOS Development UI Chapter-infinite Carousel (recycle)

iOS Development UI Chapter-infinite Carousel (recycle)Reprint: Infinite Carousel1. Brief descriptionIn development, it is often necessary to automate the carousel of ads or some images, which is

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