Android MediaPlayer State Machine

Control over the playback of audio/video files and streams is managed through a state machine. Displays aMediaPlayerThe object is supported by the playback control operation driven by the life cycle and state. Ellipse representsMediaPlayerThe state

Android dynamically loading installed and not installed APK resources

It is useful to dynamically load installed and not installed APK resources in Android development, which can be used to implement skin-changing functions and so on. Today we will study.First create a new project Plugpicinstall, we need to go to the

iOS to button binding call function

The button is first bound to the header file and the implementation file in the Xib file. Add the following code to the new method you created:UIWebView*callwebview =[[uiwebview alloc] init]; nsurl *telurl =[nsurl urlwithstring:@ "tel:12345"];

Android WebView (iii) webviewclient

WebView Self-loading sub-pagesBy default, when you click the Hyperlink button on a page loaded by WebView, you start the system's own browser to load the new page. If you want to get webview to load itself,You need to add the following

"Turn" profiling of ROP attacks on Android

IntroductionROP (return-oriented programming), or "return-oriented programming technology". The core idea is to find a suitable instruction fragment (gadget) in the existing function in the whole process space, and to splice each gadget through a

How do I bind an Android Click Event-Jump to another page and implement the close function?

One, click the button to jump to another page.Eg: implementation from one page click to jump to another page1, first in a layout file (. XML), a jump button (ID btn1) was painted: Android:id= "@+id/btn1"Android:layout_width=

The way to learn Android

2015.4.7Official Android Training Tutorial: know: A great God's recommendation. is still staying in just read the "first line of code" stage, ashamed.

Android Property Animation complete parsing (top), basic usage of initial knowledge property animation

Reprint Please specify source:'s cool to have some animations on your phone, so the Android system gives us two ways to animate at the very beginning, frame-wise (frame-by-frame animation)

iOS Development Database Fmdb

IOSDatabase of developmentFMDB  1.IntroductionRequirements: If you need to save a large amount of complex data, use a database, such as a compliance test projectCommonly used databases:(1) Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2008, SMB uses more(2) Oracle is

Xfermode Simple usage in Android

First, when writing this blog, I need to explain that I am referring to the inspiration from that blog post:detailed setxfermode of paint (Xfermode xfermode)Secondly, when writing this blog post, you can not avoid complaining AH. Most of the other

Mobile drop-down refresh, Iscroll.js usage (reprint)

Sharing is the best way to spread and learn knowledge"Author": Kicking the Front"Source":"Disclaimer": All post headings Add (share) to the collection of outstanding articles from others, while the rest are

Android SQLite Quick Start Tutorial

SQLite is the Android platform software development will be used in the database products, as a lightweight database, SQLite design goal is embedded, and has been used in many embedded products, it occupies a very low resource, in embedded devices,

Some summary of the iOS development Certificate (useful)

Today, there is a problem, specifically, I have the local key to the inside of all the various things emptied, the result of various unforeseen problems. It took the afternoon to repeat the test and finally straighten out some of the issues in the

iOS Web data download and JSON parsing

Introduction to iOS Web data download and JSON parsing  In this paper, I will show you how iOS uses nsurlconnection to download data from the Web, how to parse the downloaded Jsson data format, and how to display a download display of data and

Two scenarios for reading and writing configuration files (app. Config and web. config are common)

The first method: using MS existing ConfigurationManager to read and writeUsing System.configuration;namespace zwj.tems.common{Public abstract class ConfigHelper {private Confighelp ER () {}/////Get configuration values/////// public static string

Exception handling: exception-mapping elements

exception-mapping element: Configuring declarative exception handling for the current actionThere are 2 attributes in the exception-mapping elementException: Specifies the type of exception that needs to be captured. The full class name of the

iOS test, remote push certificate

Program Upload:Preparatory workCertificate creation Process1: Certificate: The certificate is used to sign our application, only the signed application can guarantee that his source is trustworthy, and the code is complete and unmodified.The process

Leap year test illegal input handling simple Android app 20150406

In the course of software testing, the teacher introduced the leap year test. Leap year test is designed to detect whether a year is a leap, calculated as four years a leap, a century does not leap, 400 years again leap. Use Android to achieve this

Android 5..x OTA Update Official document (vii, build device)

We create an instance of the device by calling the Make_device () function in recovery_ui.cpp , as follows:Class Tardisdevice:public Device { //... all the above methods ...};D evice* Make_device () { return new TARDISDE Vice

Android App Optimizer (6) tool Chapter

This article introduces several tools for performance analysis on Android, all from the SDK, each strong enough for everyone to analyze and use.First, say TraceView.This tool in the SDK documentation is a bit more casual and probably says something

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