Android MediaPlayer State Machine

Control over the playback of audio/video files and streams is managed through a state machine. Displays aMediaPlayerThe object is supported by the playback control operation driven by the life cycle and state. Ellipse representsMediaPlayerThe state

Android dynamically loading installed and not installed APK resources

It is useful to dynamically load installed and not installed APK resources in Android development, which can be used to implement skin-changing functions and so on. Today we will study.First create a new project Plugpicinstall, we need to go to the

Nagios configuration File Brief Introduction

After Nagios is installed, the default configuration file is in the/USR/LOCAL/NAGIOS/ETC directory:1,cgi.cfg: For Define a configuration file for CGI authentication properties[[email protected]_ etc]# grep  ^[^#[:space:]] cgi.cfgmain_config_file=/

Sync, update, download Android Source & SDK from the domestic mirror station

Download the android source from China mirrorsPreviously all from Google's site download synchronized updates, but now has a domestic mirror site is much betterHelp Https://

The third part of Android advanced-in-depth understanding of handler

Handler related instructions:New Handler, it's bound to the thread/message queue of the thread that's creating it-- forSimilarly, there is a class:Android.osclass Handlerthreadclass for new thread that has a looper. The looper can then is used to

Android reverse dynamic debug So library jni_onload function-----based on IDA implementation

I've seen my Love crack forum a summary of the experience of Android ' reverse dynamic debugging, the post is well written, on the android shelling and cracking very helpful, before our teacher in class also talked about the method of centralized

Data download for iOS development basics

1 Data downloadBrief introduction:(1) In this paper, the author will bring you some basic knowledge of the network, nsurlconnection the way to download data from the network, and how to use the synchronization, asynchronous download display pictures

Regular verification mobile phone number (Unicom, telecom, mobile phone number), does not include the landline number, as a member login (regular verification) WinForm

public static class Regxcheck {///// Regular expression Verification is mobile number ///// Phone number required for verification // public static bool Checktelnum (String telnum) { //Telecom

Android Development Experience Record

First, code specificationThe main purpose of a specification is to keep the code written by different developers consistent and easy for others to see. In addition, for individuals, can also play a role to make themselves look comfortable.1. Basic*

Mobile frame-control sub-container sliding screen frame-fullpage.js

Control sub-container methodThe method is to show only one of the child elements, the other hidden, the slide screen hides the current element, and displays the next sibling element of the current element ~The fullpage framework is used here, and

Mobile frame-control of the parent container's sliding-screen frame-slip.js

There are generally 2 ways to design a sliding screen frame Control Parent Container Method Control sub-container method This is the control of the parent container methodSwipe the page up or down by controlling the value of the

Android instance-Mobile security Defender (27)-Read Contact number

First, the goal1, the "26" introduced the method of reading contacts to the project;2. Select the contact entry to be read, and automatically fill in the text box with its number (pass the data between the activity by means of intent).Second, the

Android screen adaptation

Android screen adaptationOfficial address: Recommendations on layout adaptation1, do not use absolute Layout 2, try to use match_parent instead of fill_parent. 3, can use the weight

Android Wi-Fi basic operation

From the user's point of view, Android Wi-Fi module from bottom up can be viewed as Layer 5: Hardware driver, Wpa_suppplicant,jni,wifi api,wifisettings application.1.wpa_supplicant is an open source library, which is the basis for the Android to

How do I bind an Android Click Event-Jump to another page and implement the close function?

One, click the button to jump to another page.Eg: implementation from one page click to jump to another page1, first in a layout file (. XML), a jump button (ID btn1) was painted: Android:id= "@+id/btn1"Android:layout_width=

The override ToString () method in Android resolves the list display problem (why would you want to override ToString?). )

Today, in the study of the problem encountered:Only the return value of the string ToString () method is shown in the list, and I want the name of the list item, so adding the following method to the class of the data unit solves the

iOS Development Learning Note 004

In-processBinary 0 1 composition, seal 2 in 1Octal 0~7 composition, 8 in 1Decimal 0~9 composition, 10 in 1Hex 0~15 Composition, 16 in 1printf outputs in a different binary formThe memory address form of the variableVariables are stored in memory

Use indexes in Android database queries-dramatically increase database operation speed

Reference: Introduction to Database IndexingRecall the steps of the dictionary in Childhood, the concept of index and dictionary directory is consistent. The dictionary directory allows us

Android Property Animation complete parsing (top), basic usage of initial knowledge property animation

Reprint Please specify source:'s cool to have some animations on your phone, so the Android system gives us two ways to animate at the very beginning, frame-wise (frame-by-frame animation)

iOS learning-deep copy and shallow copy

main.m//deep copy with light copy////Created by on 15/4/10.//Copyright (c) 2015 Apple. All rights reserved.//#import #import "Student.h" #import "GoodStudent.h" int main (int ARGC, const char * argv[]) {@autoreleasepool {/* *

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