Info.plist, PCH, and four objects (UIApplication, Uiapplicationdelegate, UIWindow, Uiviewcontroller)

directory of this document 1. Program configuration file Info.plist, global header file PCH 2. Application Object UIApplication Introduction 3.UIApplicationDelegate Introduction, program start-up process 4.UIWindow objects 5.

Android-studio the use of the process encountered problems, continued in ...

1. Rendering problems Missing styles Display errors when designing the interface layout:[Plain]View Plaincopy Rendering problems missing styles. is the correct theme chosen for  this layout?     use the theme combo box above the layout to  

Imitation apple notifications are displayed in the upper right corner of the icon

You may see this article when you encounter such a need, through a search. But I'm sorry, I don't have any good solutions at the moment. The question was raised by occasional mention by my colleague.At present, I see the millet in more than 4.4 of

iOS Issue summary: 2015-1-9 iOS call system texting and calling function

IOS call system texting and calling functioniOS phone Smsinterface Internet classLet's start by introducing one of the simplest methods:Call Call function[[Uiapplicationsharedapplication] Openurl:[nsurl urlwithstring:@ "tel://10086"];Call to send

How to view Android source code under Eclipse

1. View the Android source code:(1) First to download the installation source code, online there are many places can be under, Baidu "Android source code download on line", here to pay attention to the version, such as I use here is the version of 4.

"Miles Journey--windows App development" file operation--read file

In the previous section we learned about data binding, because I personally am more satisfied with the previous one, at least relative to the previous ones (I also know that the previous write is too bad, will continue to revise, blog also like

Android file read/write

There are two ways to read and write Android files one is to txt file as resource file on or res/asset raw files can be passed r.raw.filename obtained, asset files can be passed assetmanager am = getassets (); ( "

Go: definition of meta tag on mobile platform

Here are some examples and explanations of the markings.One, the META tag is divided into two parts: HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description information (name).1. The Content-type value of the Http-equiv property (displays the

Uploading files to the server using the HTTP protocol in Android

First we need to send the data using the HTTP protocol, we need to know the HTTP send upload file to the server when the header fields are required to have the relevant configuration, seeThis is a request to upload a file to the server using the

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note view

A view is a subclass of UIView in iOS that identifies a rectangular area on the screen, defines a coordinate system space to draw, and handles the manipulation of the touch.View is hierarchical, a view can have only one superview, but there can be

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note 8 String, Type Conversion, assertions

The difficulty in handling strings is the indexing of strings and other issues such as creating strings, and how to create substrings of a string.Strings are made up of Unicode, you don't think of substrings of Unicode strings as Unicode characters,

iOS development uses UIWebView to display multiple documents

Display multiple documents using UIWebViewIn addition to the HTML content,UIWebView can also display several types of documentsInclude the following types· Excel (. xls)· Keynote (.· Numbers (.· Pages (.· PDF (. pdf)·

The ability to open the app market in Android

Many Android apps have a feature that scores for us, that is, click to open the relevant app in the app market details page.In fact, this feature is very simple to implement.Open the App details page try {Intent i = new Intent (Intent _view) ;

Android APK self-protection technology-encryption APK

After a busy week and finally having time to write something, we continue to introduce another way for Android APK to prevent anti-compilation technology. Top two we talked about Shell technology ( and

Music resource management and playback on the Android platform

Android platform based on the Linux and Open Mobile Alliance (OHA) system, through the Chinese Mobile Innovation Research and development, designed to have a new unique user interface, enhanced browser capabilities and WAP compatibility, optimize

Android APK anti-compilation technology third-encryption

After a busy week and finally having time to write something, we continue to introduce another way for Android APK to prevent anti-compilation technology. Top two we talked about Shell technology ( and

Android uses Adt-bundle to easily build Android development environment and Hello World under Linux

This article and "Android" using Adt-bundle in Windows easy to build Android development environment and Hello World (click to open the link) is a sister article, but this operation replaced by Linux. Take Ubuntu as an example. is still the same as

Mobile Gesture Library Hammerjs 2.0.4 Official document translation (EXT)

Hammerjs is an excellent, lightweight touchscreen device gesture library that has now been updated to version 2.04, with the 1.0 version somewhat Tianrang, after all, rewriting the event name and adding a number of methods that allow simultaneous

"Android" uses Adt-bundle to easily build Android development environment with Hello World under windows

The Android development environment is available in three different ways, Jdk+sdk+eclipse+adt, Jdk+adt-bundle, and Jdk+android Studio.Do not use Jdk+sdk+eclipse+adt this way, not to say what is too complicated, because the Guo Jia network you

Android Uncaughtexceptionhandler, capturing errors

Recently, in a project, you need to do something when the program crash and errors cause the program to run, and find a wayThread.setdefaultuncaughtexceptionhandler (new Uncaughtexceptionhandler () {// Set a handlerpublic

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