Cocos2d-x "Thunder War"-The elf moves with the finger, you point where I go!

Lin Bingwen Evankaka Original works. Reprint please specify the source Http:// order to realize the airplane game, the person's finger presses the airplane, can drag the plane to move around, here realizes when your finger

Samsung and Apple

In the buy Samsung mobile phone S4, with the new start soon after, the evil thief will S4 to steal. Although the distance to lose the phone is 3 days a year, but, I still want to curse the thief born out of children, children also have no fart

Android passes class objects via Intent

The intent transitive class object in Android provides two ways of passing an object by implementing the Serializable interface, and one is passing an object by implementing the Parcelable interface.The object required to be passed must implement

Mobile Web Resource Grooming

End of 2013 contact Mobile, simple summary, first understand the problem of mobile web Equipment replacement fast-low-end machine legacy problems, high-end machine brings new challenges Browser vendors are not unified--more

Javascript:apply method

1. Where is the difference between apply and call?2. Under what circumstances use apply, and under what circumstances call3. Other clever uses of apply (generally under what circumstances you can use apply)I first looked at the definition of apply

IOS Development Notes-Basic UI (7) Tom Cat (Uiimageview's sequence frame animation, picture loading, method refactoring, Bundle picture footage)

Use Uiimageview, UIButton to achieve a comprehensive small case---tom CatMemories: Uiimageview from Uiview,uiview from Uiresponder,uibutton from Uicontrol,uicontrol from UIViewSee the implementation alone, code implementation is actually relatively

Android Studio builds a JNI development environment

Disclaimer: articles refer to blogs from csdn Sodino step:1. Add native Interface Note that the native interface and System.loadlibrary () are well written, and there is nothing special about it. step:2. Execute build->make Pr ojec t

Android 14: Confusing and anti-compilation

ConfuseAndroid Studio:Just add the compile option for release in the Buildtypes in Build.gradle (Module:app), as follows: buildTypes { release { true proguardFiles

Android Basic notes (ii)

Related Concepts of testing Unit Tests in Android Introduction of the Diary Cat Login case Save the data to the SD card Several common directories in Android Get the size and free space of your SD card The concept of file

"Go" afinal to operate the Android database SQLite

Today to introduce you to the next #afinal# to operate the Android database SQLite.#afinal # is an ORM, IOC rapid development framework that contains four functions: the ID binding and event binding of the space, the display of the network image

Variable assignment for iOS instance class failed

Multiple encounters with similar problems are currently only found in the cause, in this record. When you find the solution, add it again.Problem Description:Declare Class A, Class B, main class M.Declare an array of variables in Class A

IOS Bulk Pack--shell scripts

Because the company has the need of bulk packaging, but the channel number is not the same, online search, there are roughly two ways: a) from the source program all channels of the IPA package, the idea is to use a script loop to carry out the

Dynamic Languages & iOS programs-Lua basics

Often see some games can change something without appstore, such as adding functionality.This is actually done by downloading the script. The common script is JS and Lua.Individuals are more familiar with Lua.Lua is still a bull, the interpreter is

Ways to get SHA1 or MD5 in Android Studio

Ways to get SHA1 or MD5 in Http:// turns out to get SHA1 or MD5 in Eclipse, which can be found on the IDE interface.After switching to Android studio, how do I see it? I didn't find it for

Unity64 Astarpath pathfinding Failure Bug resolution IOS64 Il2cpp-bad date/time format in the zip file

Move the game project to IOS64 above and there is a bug that the auto pathfinding is invalid, there is a hint Astarpath exception in the Xcode console,Bad date/time format in the zip fileIn the code query that is astarpath in the initialization,

"Go" Android source code compilation make error handling--good

Original URL: Source download: official download or reference Android source download modeAndroid compiled version: platform_version=4.0.1 (latest Android 4.0.1)OS operating system platform:

Introduction and simple use of the iOS development multithreaded article---GCD


Introduction to 1.GCD: The Grand Central Dispatch abbreviation (GCD) is the technology developed by Apple to optimize applications that support multi-core processors and other symmetric multi-processing systems. This is based on the thread pool

"Go" ubuntu11.10 64bit environment Android compilation error

Original URL: 1:Note: External/protobuf/java/src/main/java/com/google/protobuf/ is using an unchecked or unsafe operation.Note: To learn more, recompile

Simple data Persistence Save (sharedpreferences) for Android small function implementation

To save some simple configurations, iOS-like Nsuserdefault and COCOS2DX ccuserdefault,android provide sharedpreferences.A layoutLook first:Open the Main.xml to modify the contents as follows: Two definition stringsOpen Strings.xml Add content

iOS Program boot boot sample

SummaryThis chapter describes the iOS development process during the first launch of the program boot example, the main use of the Uiscrollview as a guide interface, using the Nsuserdefaults phase key value to determine whether the program first

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