Sync request, asynchronous request, get request, POST request for iOS

1, the synchronization request can request data from the Internet, once the synchronization request is sent, the program will stop the user interaction until the server returns the data to complete before the next operation,2, the asynchronous

The Observer pattern for source code parsing of Android design patterns

The Observer pattern for source code parsing of Android design patterns This article is an analysis of the observer pattern in the source parsing of Android design patternAndroid System version: 2.3Analyst: Mr.simple, analysis Status: Not

Talk about Android-support-v4, 7, 13.

ANDROID-SUPPORT-V4: This package is designed to take care of 1.6 and later, this package is the most widely used,Eclipse New project, the default with the . When you open a . class file, There is no anti-compile plugin underEclipse that cannot be

ios-gets the URL and title and HTML for the current page

This article reprinted to (strong,nonatomic) UIWebView *webview; @property (strong,nonatomic) NSString *currenturl;@property (strong,nonatomic) NSString *currenttitle;@property

Android Phone uniquely identifies IMSI

Android apps are becoming more and more, and the server is becoming more and more strict with the user rights management used by the app, such as using Request_token tokens to controlServer-based APIs, and the complexity of server management users

Mobile-HTML5 Resource collation

Directory Meta Basics H5 page window automatically adjusts to device width and prevents users from zooming the page Ignore numbers in a page as phone numbers Ignore the recognition of email addresses in the Android

iOS class Add method, attribute learning notes

First, add a method to the class at run timeWe first define a emptyclass, inherit NSObject, and have no own method, then define a function. Here, the Obj-c method is a C function that requires at least two parameters (Self,_cmd), and the function

Security Dog Suit Cloud Android version V2.0 release statistics analysis and Security Protection report

February 11, 2015, Security dog clothing cloud Android version V2.0 Gorgeous debut, has also been on the shelves of the major mobile phone application market, while the user friends can go to the official website

Mobile phone terminal design based on Han-ao Sinox Internet of Things operating system

Recently wrote a program, similar to the stock monitoring program, the emergence of abnormal immediately notice, put in the home run, network monitoring, the emergence of abnormal information when the information sent to the mobile phone, the mobile

Google's official Design guide for Android (top)

Android Design Specifications Time 2015.3.2 Version V1.0 Translation Yang Peng Finishing Zhakai This article is my company a Daniel before the company colleague translation of the Android Google official design

Loadrunner+android module to capture and debug the local server

In order to test the functionality of the Android software server, some client operations need to be reproduced to facilitate the discovery of functional issues and performance issues. It is also convenient for the client to debug breakpoints with

Android Activity Lifecycle-don't just use the OnCreate method

Should know: Android activity refined out OnCreate, OnStart, Onresume, OnPause, OnStop, Ondesdroy 6 ways to let the application to overload, which asked why? Click to view Android activity why refine the OnCreate, OnStart, Onresume?This shows only backend How to select the right database product

One of the frequently asked questions in the development of app backend is: where is the data placed? Mysql? Redis Mongodb?    Now that there are so many good open source database products, how to choose the right data according to the business

Ch1:android Digital imaging:formats Concepts and optimization

Android Digital Image formats:lossless versus lossy gif is not recommended on Androd OS, cause is lossless , it doesn ' t away image data to achieve better compression results. JEPG is lossy digial image file format. It'll thorws

iOS Development Network Chapter-nsurlconnection Basic use

Http:// Development Network Chapter-nsurlconnection Basic useFirst, the common class of Nsurlconnection(1) Nsurl: Request Address(2) Nsurlrequest: Encapsulates a request to save all data sent to the

iOS Development-get requests, post requests, synchronous requests, and asynchronous requests

the Get and post in the header are two ways of requesting, synchronous and asynchronous are implementations, and get methods are synchronous and asynchronous, and there are two kinds of post. A little bit of web knowledge, to get and post should not

"Go" file Syntax specification

Original URL: file Syntax files Syntax specification  introduction: Introduction:------------- this Document Describes the syntax of build

Differences between raw and assets folders in the #Android

Here is what I get from my experience by tidying up the Internet.The same point of raw and assetsThey will be copied to the APK in their entirety, without being compiled into binary form like other resource files.Different points of raw and assets

"Go" file Syntax specification ( files)

Original URL: File OverviewThe file is used to tell the NDK how to compile the system and how the source code should be compiled. To be more precise, the document is

Create an Android emulator and open it in cmd

Because you must run the appropriate emulator or connect to the real machine before running Monkeyrunner, Monkeyrunner cannot connect to the device, there are two ways to run the emulator: 1, execute simulator 2 through Eclipse, invoke simulator in

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