[IOS Animation]-calayer drawing efficiency

Drawing Unnecessary efficiency considerations are often the root of the evils of performance problems. --william Allan Wulf In the 12th chapter, "Curvature of velocity" we learn how to use instruments to diagnose core animation

Socket common processing in iOS

001    /* send tcp transport data packet */     002    void    003    tcp_data_send ( Nsoutputstream *os, void *data, int length)     004     {    005        int sent,  total = 0;    006        while  ( Total  0)      023        {    024             

Learning the Swift language of iOS

A long time have not come to this familiar and unfamiliar place, think about already two or three months, but I believe that will often come, because the busy study has passed, the rest is to good review of the good, well familiar with the knowledge

Android Development Help Docs doc Open slow solve _python article

Fix Android help document open slowThe Netizen said is because the doc directory in the HTML file contains access to Google js fileAndIt is true that this has been checked.Since these two lines of script need to access Google online, it is obvious

IOS time Format time Conversion Big Summary

Instantiate a NSDateFormatter objectNSDateFormatter *dateformatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];Set the time format, where you can set the format you want[Dateformatter setdateformat:@ "Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"];Use [NSDate Date] to get the current

ios-c_day12___ Memory

2015.2.3Memory. Text: Executable program. Data: is divided into read-only data segments, as well as readable writable data segments, read-only data segments hold constants such as: "Hello World" readable data can be initialized global variables and

Reduce the size of your iOS app

This article was translated from: reducing the size of my AppQ: How can I make my program install a little bit smaller, so that the program downloads and installs faster?A: This article collects some tips for reducing the size of the program

IOS Project Problem Summary

Item?? Problems encountered in the project* Code Specification Question * item?? Let's learn before you start. First, pick up the mouth, write to the mouth? Document paintingFlow chart1, IOS UTF-8 encoding (when the post upload, the Chinese

Android intent two ways to pass objects in Android serializable,parcelable

Note: This article is adapted from the Android_tutor article, the original address: http://blog.csdn.net/android_tutor/article/details/5740845There are two ways to pass in Android, one is serializable and the other is parcelable.Serializable is

Android official Getting Started document [16] Creating a fragment code snippet

Android official Getting Started document [16] Creating a Fragment code snippet Creating a FragmentCreate a fragment code snippetThis lesson teaches1.Create a Fragment Class2.Add a Fragment to an Activity using XMLYou should also read? FragmentsThis

Android official Getting Started document [17] building a flexible UI

Android official Getting Started document [17] building a flexible UIBuilding a flexible UIBuild a flexible UIThis lesson teaches1.Add a Fragment to the Activity at Runtime2.Replace one Fragment with anotherYou should also read? Fragments?

Overview of the iOS dictionary

Groups the objects in a list, using key-value pairs in groupsThe Nsdictionary nsmutabledictionary class creates a list of objects with keys.If you need to add or remove objects to the dictionary, use Nsmutabledictionary1 Creation of the dictionary

10 days to learn Android-the third day

Original: 10 days to learn Android-the third dayAfter the second day of study, we correctly call the Baidu Weather API, the weather information displayed to the interface, to do this step, our work is completed 1%, the remaining 99% of the work will

Android data storage--sqlite instances, determine whether tables exist in the database

This article mainly records how to determine the existence of tables in the database in Android Sqlitedatabase and the basic operation of testing the Sqlitedatabase database. For a detailed description of SQLite, you can view the reproduced Android

Questions about percent signs in Android resource files

When editing Strings.xml, suggest that the% compilation does not pass.http://aa.cc.com/dd?g=%rasdfOr here is the integral%1s integral, proportion%2s %Prompt for the following errorMultiple annotations found at the line:-error:multiple substitutions

Invoke Jni in Android

How to use JNI in Android (GO)First look at the Android platform Frame diagram: (Online theft)    You can see that the Android upper application and Applicationframework are written in Java,The underlying system and the use of a large number of

Learning the Swift language of iOS

         A long time have not come to this familiar and unfamiliar place, think about already two or three months, but I believe that will often come, because the busy study has passed, the rest is to good review of the good, well familiar with the

Android invalidate () Auto clear screen, screen refresh

Invalidate () is used to refresh the view and must be working in the UI thread. For example, when you modify the display of a view, call invalidate () to see the redrawn interface. Invalidate () is called to pop the old view from the main UI thread

Android Slidingmenu Property Description

Slidingmenu Introduction:Slidingmenu is a relatively new setup interface or configuration interface effect, in the main interface left or right slide display settings interface, can easily do a variety of operations. There are a lot of applications

Android is confusing the code

The previous blog post has written about the apk of the method, the result is really shocking, their hard-working code, the result is so easily by the ulterior motives of the people to steal, crying no place to cry. What should we do in the face of

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